January the KEY to Arsenal Premier League hopes?

There may have been a few international games recently, but I am sure that most of us Arsenal fans cannot wait for the Gunners to get back into action. Even with the Copa America, the Women’s World Cup and the Euro under 21 tournament, life for a football fan is a bit of a sad place right now.

So the release of the Premier League fixtures for next season was a welcome bit of a taster for the serious action ahead of us. We still have the changes in ours and our rival clubs’ playing staff to be sorted out in the summer transfer window and the draw for the Champions League groups could play a big part, as can any number of things like injury problems.

Even so, you can look at our league fixtures and identify potentially easy and hard parts of the season. For me, it looks as though January could be crucial for Arsenal. Assuming we are top or at least close to the top by then, the festive fixtures always play a big role in the destination of the BPL trophy and ours include the visit of Man City and the trip to Southampton, but look at January.

We kick off 2016 with a nice home tie with Newcastle but then we head to Liverpool before our bogey game away to Stoke. After that Jose Mourinho brings Chelsea to the Emirates and these three games look like they could make or break our title challenge.

Do you think we will need to have built a gap at the top by then?

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  1. Jamie carragher acuses gary Lineker for a Tough earLy LiverpooL fixtures………..He (Jamie Carragher) must be a Drunk Lizard

  2. Next season, the league will be closer than the one just gone.
    Arsenal will be with the pack, it is January where our injury list is packed with our bigger players.
    Should we get through the Christmas period, and buy well, I’m confident we’ll get through January with the likes of Chelsea and City.

  3. I expect the title race to be decided in April, so that’s the key month to our Premier League hopes rather than mid-season. January could definitely break us as it seems to be the hardest month. Then again, there’s no possible CL games in January and I don’t really expect us to run far in the League Cup.

  4. Chelsea expect to win.
    Man U are demanding
    their team win.
    Pelegrini is facing the sack what ever City does.
    This is Wenger’s last chance.
    4 into one trophy doesn’t go.
    Heads are gonna roll in June 🙂
    The best Manager will win
    but who will that be?

    1. Yah mon… every things gonna be alright, we gonna get up stand up, stand up for the fight.

  5. For me the beginning of the season is the most crucial, because winning is a habit, let’s build a momentum like chelsh!t do this last season. They won the league in the 1st half of the season. We were the best team of 2015 but it was too late. Build a gap in the 1st half and try to maintain it in the 2nd half of the season.

  6. Dangote is worth more than our 2majority shareholders we need a oil billioaire owner to be able to win bidding wars.If you dont want him to buy arsenal you are a racist go to hell!

  7. No excuses will be accepatable for failing to win major trophy next season,It will be Wenger last chance to deliver or face the wrath of AOBs.The fate of wenger is on fans not mgt

  8. after we bought sanchez last czon, i said here the best we can do is a third n you guys literally sacrificed me…but we all saw what happened nxt…same same old story again n again n again
    i dont think arsene will buy a striker so as not to defy “giroud, walcot n core”
    if we finnish 3rd nxt czon, i will be more than satisfied cz thats what i expect..manure will obviously be stronger, so will chelsea n city…i know everyone is in dreamworld right now but wait till reallity hits us on tough matchdays …thats the time everyone realises that we are still a distance behind.
    rmba we only beat one top four team last czon man city which is no surprise to me since we’ve beaten city so i dont get this talk of challenging for the title nxt czon without adequate additions..
    NB..forget about having an injury free czon my friends…injuries are part of the game n will be there not only nxt czon but even the czons after just like they were there last czon n the czon before last czon

  9. I like what muda said. A good start and sustaining the good start to the very end of the season can guaranteed us winning titles. But this guarantee is premised on the Boss to internally reshufle his attack-line to conform with domestic regularization of his strikers. And reinforcing his weak areas of left back, 2nd DM and right wing.

  10. one thing i know is that when wenger finally leaves the club, we will not be like man utd or barca after pep left….WE WILL WIN TITLES
    mark those words gooners…we will be kings again

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