January transfer targets for Arsenal to replace Coquelin

Stubborn is a word that Arsenal fans have often used to describe our long serving manager so it was no great surprise to hear Arsene Wenger talking about his belief that there is enough strength in depth in the Arsenal squad to be able to cope with the injury picked up by Francis Coquelin at the weekend.

Despite his words though, I believe that the boss has finally realised how important it is for the Gunners to have a player like Coquelin, one that supplies the strength and steel to balance out the silky skills and trickery of other Arsenal midfield stars like Mesut Ozil and Santi Cazorla.

A report in the Daily Mail claims that Arsenal are already drawing up a list of possible transfer targets that could fill the Coquelin shaped hole in the centre of our team and although I doubt whether the paper really does have this sort of insider knowledge, it would make sense for the manager and his scouting team to be as prepared as possible before the winter transfer window opens in just over a month.

When that does happen, we are likely to have a much better idea of when Coquelin is likely to be able to play again and if he is close to a comeback then Wenger might well keep his powder dry. But the weeks between now and then may also give the Gunners a stark reminder of how much we need some battling qualities in central midfield. So if Arsenal really struggle without the injured Frenchman then Wenger may well do what many Arsenal fans feel he should have done in the summer transfer window and sign another defensive midfielder to cover for and compete with Coquelin.

And with Arsenal apparently sitting on a huge cash reserve of something like £200 million, it is not as if Wenger needs to worry about the funds to finance the transfer of a top quality player although he could always try to make a little more by trying his hand at the slots on sites like Prime Slots or SlotSpinners, although if our luck with injuries is anything to go by he might as well not bother.

If, as I hope he does, Wenger decides to actually use the transfer window this time, there are a number of good options out there, with some early favourites in the rumour mill being the Sporting Lisbon and Portugal star William Carvalho and the Bayer Leverkusen and Germany star Lars Bender.

Both have been heavily linked with us before but I do not think Wenger really believed we needed a player like that until Coquelin’s return from a loan spell showed how much better Arsenal are with him. So will the Arsenal boss change his ways and splash the cash in January and if he does, who would you like him to sign?

Updated: November 24, 2015 — 5:08 pm


  1. If we are going to buy to replace Coquelin, we need to make room, and we may as well sell the Coq.

    #WarChest #DeadWood #IvanKnowsBest

    1. Flamini, Arteta and Rosickey comes to mind

  2. Carvalho: only with a discount, 20m max
    Bender: will we finally have serious interest in him? with Kramer there Leverkusen might sell him for the right offer. Good experience, captains his team, GERMAN!

    Jorginho: good target, Napoli might be willing to sell too
    Krychowiak: should’ve bid in summer, idk if Sevilla would sell now

    Wanyama: good for Soton level, but is he really what we need? Might be the most realistic target.
    Kouyate: West Ham won’t sell, but would be a good signing for us, very versatile aswell.

    Personally I think we should go for the shock and try to sign Casemiro of RM, basically a Brazilian edition of Coquelin.

    1. Casemiro has shown his value to RM team, so I doubt that. He will be a readymade replacement for Modric.

  3. Wenger won’t buy a DM unless he is under £10 mil
    He may sign one on loan ala Kim Kallstrom

    I think Wenger is happy with Arteta, Flamini Chambers and Bielik, even if the fans arent

    We should accept by now how stubborn Wenger is about not spending big defensively baby please

  4. us fans just will not learn, Wenger aint going to buy because hes too stubborn. Walcott and potentially rosicky are new signings in january bla bla bla same old story.

  5. The only place that you will see Wenger signing a player in the up and coming January transfer window,
    Is in your dreams!

  6. Somebody plz help me with math…

    If we win tonight…and bayern also beat olympiakos…

    then,We beat olympiakos 3-2 at greece…who would go through…I think we will because we will have better goal difference than olympiakos…

    Plz correct me if i’m wrong

    1. Right now we are on a goal difference of -4. If I can remember Olympiacos has a 0 goal difference. Therefore we shall need Bayern to hit Leverkusen 4 goals and above as we win today with any margin. Then we can beat Olympiacos 3-2 and we go through.

      1. Ahem ahem…
        (1) we need to win today.
        (2) olympiakos need to lose today.
        (3) we then need to defeat olympiakos by a margin of at least 2 goals. When equal points, the head to head record is considered.
        # even if it comes to goal diff., bayern don’t need to hit them 4 or more. If we win today and later even by 1 goal, our goal diff. Will be -2. If olympiakos lose today and later even by 1 goal their GD will be -2 as well.

        1. What if our head to head will be equal i.e. 3-2…and we have better goal difference…then what…

  7. Wenger isn’t going to buy anyone. Chambers will be the DM until coquelin returns.

    If we lose tonight we will be in the europa league for the first time in 16 years?? how wenger is not in the hot seat i will never know.

  8. We won’t bring in any new players in January because Wenger will say we have Wilshire coming back and Arteta’s injury is supposedly a short one.
    There is no point talking about transfers in January. It won’t happen.

  9. is this the same wenger we are talking about? as far as i know he will never ever buy a ready made DM, he would rather buy an attacking one and convert to a CDM.

    1. Hahaha Spot on

  10. Team sheet

    Giroud/ Sanchez Ozil Campbell/Cazorla The Flame/ Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin / Cech

  11. Why not Ogenyi Onazi of lazio, he is workaholic, aggressive and jst the right kind of player we need.

  12. KickAssFan______I-was-abducted

    Be realistic, guys,we are even likely not to make Europa.

  13. @Admin. Why is my comment being deleted?

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