Jens Lehman loves English football, they punch each other and no one gets punished

Jens Lehman reflects on his early thoughts of English football

Jens Lehman has given a hilarious account of his early impression of English football as well as picking out a Man Utd jersey he liked, for its style.

The German was one of Arsenal’s most important players in the early 2000s as they battled with Manchester United for superiority in English football.

The Goalie was an “invincible” and recalls one of the games that Arsenal played for Manchester United.

If the Gunners had lost that game, they won’t have played 49 games unbeaten, however, Manchester United had a late penalty to win the game and Ruud van Nistelrooy missed the vital spot-kick and the Gunners drew the game.

“I remember Martin (Keown) jumping on him (Van Nistelrooy)” Lehmann told BT Sport’s What I Wore.

“But it was my first big game in England and I was calling home because nobody had been booked after that game. I was calling home and said: ‘English football is fantastic! People punch each other, push each other around, swear at each other and nobody is getting punished.’

“Four days later I think three of ours have seen the red card or been suspended, so it was different then.”

He was then asked to select his favourite kits from a number of iconic kits that had been won in the Premier League over the years.

“I like one shirt,” Lehmann said when picking up a 1998 AC Milan home shirt.

“It comes in line with our (Arsenal Invincibles shirt).

“But, I have to say it. I like that shirt as well,” as he lifts the United home shirt from the same season. “I can’t say that, but from a style. Just for style.”

Lehman played an important role as Arsenal won the Premier League unbeaten that season and the German would have been delighted that Liverpool didn’t break their record after Watford beat Jurgen Klopp’s side 3-0 recently.


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