Jens Lehmann buying “The Invincibles” brand is a perfect example of doing things “The Arsenal Way”

Jens Lehmann is the kind of character our young dressing room has been missing in the two decades since Arsenal were last Champions.

I often refer to the Gunners recent lack of mentality, missing a leader who would demand certain standards and not tolerate anything else.

Yet by his own admission he had a temper and wouldn’t be afraid to argue with his colleagues. He reminds me of someone who has friends at work but wouldn’t feel the need to socialise outside of his job.

He wouldn’t be the first member of a squad who you would imagine organising a weekend barbecue.

Maybe I’m being unfair but, in an industry, where you meet a lot of acquaintances, I don’t picture Mr Lehmann as being the admin in WhatsApp groups.

He wasn’t exactly shy in telling the world he didn’t think Almunia was good enough to replace him with the Spaniard at one point believing his teammate ‘hated me’.

For similar reasons, it’s well known in Germany he clashed with Oliver Kahn, both giving the media plenty of material on one another.

Yet since 2022 our former keeper has in fact been looking after his ex-teammates. Even though he’s not in regular contact with all of them, everyone now living in various parts of the world, the 54-year-old has made a business decision that benefits all players and staff from the class of 2004.

Realising the anniversary of the ‘Invincibles’ was on the horizon, the German paid 30,000 pounds to have all branding rights to that name.

Having retired in 2011 he had zero obligation to include anyone else, contacting 28 players and 12 nonplaying staff simply because he felt it was the right thing to do.

The majority of those are now stakeholders in a company that will be set up to listen to any projects, realising that the name  Invincibles’ will be popular this season as it marks 20 years since we last won the title.

As Martin Keown confirmed on Talk Sport, the keeper has included the whole squad in his plan because he’s not being motivated by money.

The majority of Arsenal’s most famous ever team don’t need to be looked after financially but it’s more a moral issue.

Lehmann can now legally prevent any company from making money off or even calling themselves the ‘Invincibles’ without his permission. Ironically that includes Arsenal themselves.

When it was pointed out that his old employers continue to sell merchandise using his ‘property’ this was his response,

“The lady in the shop said it sells like gold dust! It’s something we haven’t discussed yet. If the shareholders say we have to do something, yeah, we may have to do something.”

This was said with a grin because again he’s not being driven by making cash. His principles don’t mind Arsenal making money on the Invincibles brand but why should any outsiders who had nothing to do with the achievement?

If money is to be made off one of the most successful teams of all time, shouldn’t that go to those responsible for it?

Lehmann checked with the other stakeholders, and they all agreed. That includes Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Campbell and of course Mr Wenger. The Manager was always proud of the team spirit and togetherness he created in 2003-04 and is said to be emotional by the togetherness shown in making this group decision.

It’s a great tribute to what made that side so special that even when living their own lives, they can show this closeness and respect for one another to have a duty of care over their legacy.

The long-term goal is that any profit made can go to Charity, hence the need to have a company set up who can listen to offers.

It’s believed various invitations exist to make a documentary on the ‘Invincibles’, the team of 2003-04 have been invited to participate in exhibition matches and be at the Emirates on the final day of this campaign.

Even if Lehmann authorised one friendly abroad that’s life changing for whichever charity he chooses to donate too.

It’s interesting that so many legends have not felt the need to give the Kroenke Family the heads up, our owners unaware they were losing the rights to a label associated with our greatest period.

Yet Stan Kroenke didn’t give Gooners a heads up when he was going to take us away from the Premier League. The same man who lied to his players, saying pay cuts would save jobs during COVID. He slashed the wage bill and still signed off on 55 redundancies in the pandemic.

So, if I had a choice on who safeguards the name, I rather it be protected by those who care about it the most.

It’s not just a name. It’s a word that makes us immortal. 4 syllables that separate us from our peers. 11 letters that will live forever.

Growing up it was my escape, my comfort blanket. I’m glad it’s in safe hands.

Herbert Chapman once paid out of his own money for the Highbury entrance to be decked out with marble. The idea being he wanted visitors to understand that this was a club who did things the right way.

Our reputation would be doing things the ‘Arsenal Way‘. Arsenal were the club who did things with class.

Mr Wenger was proud of this and warned before he left that we were in danger of losing those values.

Players caring about the name long after they left North London.

Sensitive about how history is told when they don’t even live in England anyone.

Considering others when they could have just made a fortune for themselves.

Thinking how that can benefit those in need, that’s class … that’s the Arsenal Way.

A lot of people wouldn’t think that way.

Well done, Jens Lehmann



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Let’s celebrate The Invincibles!

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  1. How fitting it will be to lift the trophy this season with the invincibles in attendance, a homage kit, and 20 years to the mark!

    I will celebrate that for a week straight!

  2. I certainly agree with the sentiments of this venture but am doubly surprised Arsenal allowed this to happen. I’m also not sure how this affects merchandising with the Invincibles branding already out there, some of which I have myself. Does this mean that Just Arsenal can’t refer to the Invincibles without permission from the rights owners? I think Arsenal once tried to patent the word Gooner and does anyone know if they succeeded? Anyway, good luck to Jens and his company.

    1. Yes GB, the club did copyright the word Gooner. Amazing really, when they tried to ban the original Gooners.

  3. What a wonderfully mature and excellent piece. Well done Dan!!!!!

    When people do things for the RIGHT reason , they make friends everywhere, as Lehmann demostrates.

    DAN RECOGNISES THAT and set it our marvellously. Respect DAN!!!

    BTW, I anticipate no problems between Lehmanns consortium and our club. That wont happen!

  4. I believe the club are also involved with this and were perfectly OK with Jen’s idea.

    Just to remind ecertibr, it’s being said that The Invincibles, along with Mr Wenger will be at the Everton game.
    I’m hoping Ashley Cole will be there and, of course, the club will recognise Reyes, the only Invincible not with us anymore.
    I will be there and, if it’s not fully televised, will try and give a picture of what will be a tremendous reception – andwe’re presented with the PL as well… WOW!!
    At the Emirates now and just watching “Arsenal Croatia” being interviewed… Worldwide Support The Arsenal Way!!

  5. Interesting HOW a piece that is “apparently” posted on May 5th, TODAY THEREFORE, has several posts,including one of my own, that were written and posted YESTERDAY!!.

    As the late PAUL DANIELS used to say, “and thats magic”!

    1. It’s not magic Jon, it is ME moving the post back to the top for discussion after our total concentration on the game yesterday. As Basil Brush wouldn’t say “Just like that!”

      1. I wouldnt fret Pat. I always notice things and have an off beat way of describing them, at times.
        No insult intendedvand I realisie this has been done before and I was simply in one of my twelveyears old child moods!!
        I notice all sorts of things about practically EVERYTHING inlife, in particular how hypocritical all we humans are by our own common nature. Which provides endless scope for teasing and also sending up my OWN hypocrisy.

        Not only in football either by any means and my Sue has to put up with my “humour” every day of her frustrating life.

  6. I wonder if Preston North End will be allowed to use the term ‘Invincble’, seeing as they were the first team to go unbeaten during a season ?

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