Jens Lehmann has his say on potential takeover including his former teammates involvement

Jens Lehmann has admitted that it would be great to have some of his former Arsenal teammates as a part of the club’s ownership structure.

The former Gunners’ goalkeeper was reacting to news that Daniel Ek will include some former Arsenal players on his board when he takes over the club.

The Swede is the latest billionaire to signify an interest in ending Stan Kroenke’s ownership of the Gunners.

The Americans have no intention of selling, but Ek believes he can get the team by adding some former players to his bid.

One desire of Arsenal’s fans has been having some representation at the board level.

Ek seems to understand that and his plan might just make him the ideal owner.

Lehmann, however, admits that he doesn’t know if Kroenke would want to sell the club, but he thinks the idea of having players as part of the board is a good one.

‘It would be fantastic to have my former teammates working for Arsenal again because they’re all great guys,’ Lehmann told Sky Sports News.

‘But I don’t know if the Kroenke family actually wants to sell Arsenal. From my encounters with Josh Kroenke [Arsenal director], he’s a very nice guy and he was very interested to lead Arsenal to a brighter future.’ 

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