Jens Lehmann makes bold claim about the Invincibles and Liverpool – he is not wrong

Jens Lehman claims that Arsenal’s invincibles would have beaten this Liverpool side.

Liverpool is on course to win the Premier League this season 30 years after their last title win, but the Reds could do it in style as they have lost none and drawn just one of their league games this season.

The Reds have not lost a league game in more than 40 matches and they are edging closer to the title with 12 games left.

This Liverpool side has broken all kinds of records along the way but Lehman claims that the invincible side he played in would have beaten Jurgen Klopp’s class of 2020.

Lehmann admitted that Liverpool is a great team and that the Reds are having a fine season, however, he added that they are playing in a Premier League that is less competitive than when he was playing and when they went the entire season unbeaten.

“I think our Arsenal team would have beaten this Liverpool team,” Lehmann said as quoted by The Sun.

“Not easily, but we would have won because we had more individual class than what Liverpool have.

“It’s very hard to compare but when I look at the individual quality we had and the pace we had, then I think we would have had the edge.”

“I would say the Premier League is not as strong as it once was and teams are beaten before they even play Liverpool,” he added.

“I don’t want to take something away from their success because they obviously have a great team. The fact they have only drawn one game so far makes the achievement even more special.

“We drew 12 games but many of those were after we had clinched the title and we didn’t think about going unbeaten until after we had clinched the title at White Hart Lane.”

Personally, I do believe the invincibles were the better side and Liverpool have yet to go unbeaten so it is a bit premature to debate it now, however, if Jurgen Klopp’s men do go unbeaten it will certainly be one of the great talking points in football for years to come.


  1. as much as it is a great fit to go unbeaten i think , the truth is Liverpool are as good as the invincibles of arsenal when you consider the periods. today football is played with lots of defensive tactics and its harder for a team to win unlike then, so i think Liverpool have done well. my worry is that the players will be stretched in trying to achieve it and this might affect them not only as the season ends but even next season. those players wont play at the same fitness levels because of the demands of their coach.

  2. This Liverpool side is the best in England and Europe. They’ve reached the last 2 Champions League finals, and might yet make it 3 CL finals in a row. The invincibles flopped in Europe. I think you have to give this Liverpool the clear edge. They get more league points and will win a lot more silverware.

    1. What would you rather…smash Tottenham in the next game but lose to Liverpool who go on to win the league unbeaten, OR lose to Tottenham through a last minute goal but smash Liverpool and stop their unbeaten run, saving Arsenal’s record….?

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