Jens Lehmann reveals how Arsenal made a mistake with Unai Emery

Arsenal has had two permanent managers in the last two years, this comes after the club kept faith with Arsene Wenger for more than 20 years.

The Frenchman oversaw several changes at the club and it was hard to let him leave eventually, well, for some it was.

It was obvious by the time that Wenger was set to leave that the next manager had a lot of work to do.

The club turned their attention to former PSG boss, Unai Emery with the Spaniard considered a better fit than Mikel Arteta at the time.

He had a good start before ending the campaign by taking the Gunners to the Europa League final.

However, he lost to Chelsea and also failed to help the Gunners get back into the Premier League top four.

He was sacked last year and replaced with Arteta and Jens Lehmann has revealed that making him the club’s manager was not ideal because he wasn’t good enough for the club.

“I was there as an assistant coach two years ago but then Arsene has left and they have changed the whole managerial team and I think they made a mistake by choosing the wrong guys,” Lehmann told Stadium Astro.

“The people at the top sometimes don’t know what I know about football and they didn’t experience how to win things. So it’s not easy for them.

“I think he wanted to bring his own staff who couldn’t even speak English.

“Then a guy like me, who was a player for them, I think he just didn’t want us.

“I think it was a big present to him that he was picked as a manager for Arsenal because I think he was not good, not good enough because he had this lingual problem.

“He may have some good ideas in Spanish but he never came across as being transferrable to English football.”

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  1. Very true legend Lehmann … Emery was not good enough for the team like Arsenal.. Arsenal need a Coach who has known Arsenal for years and played there eg Arteta

  2. In hindsight Emery was an awful appointment and many people will tell yo so but in reality he was perfect for Arsenal. He just didn’t do a very good job, end of.

  3. Exactly what went wrong…Can’t replace Wenger like that, just as Sir Alex,.

    Man U kept him around for that, help make transition from such a monument and history maker for a club.

    Then indeed, since Captain Wenger left the Arsenal ship he built, it is no more Captain to manage the crew and ship.

    We sinked to middle table club in less than 18 months.

    I disagree with language, Ancelotti won with Real and uses translators ages.

    It is going to take a top coach and manager, Wenger was both, a general manager overseeing every aspect, the present and future.

    If Emery was not good enough, how can Arteta with no head coach experience fill Wenger’s shoes?

    Lot of people do not get this because not from football.

    As Kroenke, we been ingrates to Wenger. I feel ashamed when see how Man U treats their Prof!

  4. The only mistake that Arsenal made is by signing him. Atleast Emery signed good players, which are better than his standards

  5. The mistake Arsenal made was keeping Wenger way too long. He cost them millions in lost transfers and when he should of sold Ozil he paid him a ridiculously high salary costing more millions. Five years ago Guardiola and Klopp were both available and cheap Arsenal bring in Emery and even he stayed too long. I have confidence in Arteta because Pep did.

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