Jesus and Nketiah partnership is a boost for this Arsenal man

Arsenal started their pre-season in an emphatic fashion, as they came from two goals down to surmount an amazing comeback.

An exceptional debut from former Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus helped Arsenal cruise past Bundesliga 2 side Nurnberg, as they won 5-3.

The first half didn’t have much to offer from the Gunners standpoint. Only a handful of chances came their way as they never really kicked into a proper gear.

But second half substitutions ensured a win in Germany, before the team continue their pre-season prep in the United States of America.

One of the things that Nurnberg didn’t look prepared for was the Arsenal front-two formation. The partnership between Eddie Nketiah and Gabriel Jesus was almost telepathic at times.

Manager Mikel Arteta has hardly used two center forwards since he took over as the head coach in December 2019.

With last night’s display for everyone to see, it is certainly something that the Spaniard can revisit in the upcoming season.

The Nketiah-Jesus partnership is not only fun for the Arsenal fans to watch, but it can also prove to be invaluable for Folarin Balogun.

The 21-year-old wasn’t deemed ready for first team action last season, as he was sent out on loan for the second half of the campaign.

With six months of senior football under his belt, we might just see a totally different Balogun this season.

If Arteta sticks to the front two formation, every now and then, it would mean than Balogun would be a back-up center forward and not a third-choice, which would be the case if the Arsenal manager sticks with only one center-forward.

The American must seize this opportunity and impress Arteta and his staff that he’s ready for some serious action in the upcoming season.

And what’s a better stage than the pre-season?

Yash Bisht

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  1. I hope we dont make the same mistake with Balogun as we made with Nketiah. Eddie missed too many years by not loaning him and being on the bench. I hope we loan Balogun out for the next 2 years so he can be really ready when he returns

  2. Every couple years Arsenal always stumbled upon on a goal God.

    Jesus will be our new goal God and am not saying it because of his exploits yesterday, I have been saying it before he actually sign on the dotted lines. the way we plays will aid him greatly.

    The gaffer should be commended for wrapping up this one many moons ago, Jesus knows he will be very successful at Arsenal too, his only concern was who will be joining with him, the gaffer didn’t had to do much for Jesus to join us.

    Signing Jesus reminds me of a time I herd big Sam on a rant, he was saying club like Arsenal will always be successful because before a single ball is kick to start a season they already knows one players in their camp will score over twenty goals

  3. I hope we keep Balogun and would have preferred we kept Mike Biereth. I hope we don’t buy another expensive striker ever. They are not worth it. 50m Laca 60m Auba and 72m Pepe did not even get us top 4. Martinelli 7mill and 7mill Marquinos will be fine. Eddie and Balogun will be good . In fact I think all player transfers should be a maximum of 10mill. Every club should have exactly the same salary cap each season. 20k p/w should be the maximum for any PL player.

    1. fairfa, I agrew with your take on maximum transfer fees and I also want max salary caps too at a far lower rate than currently.

      However your regular penchant for our barely tried, or even completely untried, youth kids to be our saviours, gets little else than scorn from me

      It is extremely foolhardy and not a mature view, IMO!

    2. Auba was actually a fairly big success.

      Anyway, I’d be all for arsenal imposing their own salary cap (or a much lower one, if there is one already), but it would have to be somewhat competitive – it probably shouldn’t be much above what we’re reportedly paying “value” Eddie Nketiah, though.

      One thing I’d wonder about is: if we limited our transfer spending to 10m per player and our wages to 20k pw, what would happen with all the additional money we’re clearly making? It would only be going to shareholders or the kroenke family? (I’m not entirely clear on how it works as I’m sure you can tell).

    1. I think what fairfan has said is what should happen it would make the game a level playing field. But unfortunately we don’t live in that world and his Idealism though welcome will never happen can people like money far too much

  4. Balogun should go on loan to accelerate his development. He will be ready for next campaign not this year. he is likely not to have playing tme if he stays.

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