Jesus and Zinchenko doubtful for Arsenal’s visit to Leeds on Sunday

Like everyone else in the League, we are going into an invedible month where we play every single 3/4 days, and there is the clear and obvious danger of fatigue and injuries setting in, and for Arsenal our treatment list was pretty bad before the glut even started.

We luckily got a few of our players back during the funeral and international break, but one of those, Oleks Zinchenko, looks like he is still suffering the aftereffects and is unlikely to be available for tomorrows game at Leeds. Arteta was asked if he was still on the unavailable list: “I think so.” he replied. “With Oleks, I don’t know, he has not been on the pitch yet. So we have to be a little bit calm.”

Well, we certainly hope that he regains some fitness before we play PSV on Thursday, as we will need to rest as many first teamers as possible but still get the three points needed to guarantee top spot in the Group Table.

But we still have Kieran Tierney and perhaps Tomiyasu to cover that spot, but a lot more worrying news is that Gabriel Jesus is also a doubt after getting concussed in last weeks physical encounter with Liverpool. Arteta said in the pre-match presser when asked if Jesus was recovered: “I don’t know, obviously he has some discomfort after the game against Liverpool and that’s why we decided not to bring him in [to Norway], so let’s see how he is tomorrow and Saturday.”

This would be a big blow for Arsenal if he misses the game, but we at least have Nketiah in reserve. If we lost both of them we could be in serious trouble.

Unless, of course, maybe this is just Arteta playing Wenger-style mind games!


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  1. I don’t think we’d have won against Liverpool without Jesus’ combative performance and abilities. Losing him would be a big blow, as Nketiah had spent a lot of energy in Norway and might be too tired to deal with Leeds’ CBs

    Martinelli has been trained to excel in LW position, but he might have to be ready to play CF again if both Jesus and Nketiah are unavailable. The last option is Smith-Rowe who’s unfortunately injured

    1. There’s ABSOLUTELY no cause for concern in all of the matches leading up to the World Cup break, Jesus or no Jesus, Zinc or no Zinc! Arsenal has enough in her armory to win every of the matches including that on the Bridge! The squad depth is CERTAINLY that good… excepting a glut of unfortunate injuries.
      Playing every 3/4 days is what players of top teams excel at, and Arsenal presently is a top team. Doubtless. This is the perfect window for substantial playtime to the entire squad, without which we won’t meaningfully deepen squad quality.
      Come on you gunners!!!

      1. CF is the most important part of an unstable team’s spine. Remember about our inconsistency before Jesus came last season

        1. @GAI, YOU are not permitted to tag as ‘UNSTABLE’ a team that’s shown great character in every match played thus far in the season… ALL, including the unfortunate loss at the Old Trafford.
          No one will deride high-riding Gunners that’s attracted rave reviews for her displays and results.
          The process Arteta is overseeing is the building of a TEAM, not the assembling of ‘stars.’ DOUBTLESS, JESUS IS A MAJOR, MAJOR PIECE IN THE PRESENT SETUP but he is not alone… And even of greater importance is the freshly minted positivity and steely grit pervading the dressing room… and not forgetting the refired fan base!
          Funny how, many fans still dread to repose faith in a team that’s evidently turned a major bend in her evolution…🤣 Truth is, ARSENAL, TODAY, WILL BLOW MOST EPL TEAMS AWAY, with Jesus or with no Jesus!!! Always better with Jesus, though…👌
          To directly assuage your worries about the CF role… there is one Mr Eddie Nketiah, and another Mr. Gabriel Martinelli in the squad!😅
          This team is not lacking in depth and quality, neither is it short on BELIEF! Let the fans also join the groove 😎

    2. GAI
      Why such negatively recently from your good self
      He did plat
      We did win and we will never know if we would or would not have beaten pool with GJ in or out of the team
      Be positive fellow
      there are times when it feels you are carrying the weight of expectation for all of us.
      Live for the moment
      We are top and the first 9 games have been good despite 1 loss

      It’s a squad game so we have to entrust MA picks the correct team for them game

      1. I’m just being realistic after watching our inconsistency without him last season and Nketiah’s performance in EL games. I hope he’s okay though

        1. 10 scintillating performances gone into a new season and a top of the log position, yet you remain stuck and fixated on a patch of bad form from a season that ended some 5 months back!🤔😕😒
          And that to you is the exact definition of REALISM?!!!
          GJ is not the sole tree that makes the present Arsenal forest! Even many old players have greatly stepped up their games, not to mention new additions like Zinc FV and WS!
          There’s so much transformation taking place all at once at the moment, way beyond mere addition of quality personnel… even the atmosphere and the attitude is recharged!
          I encourage you to detach from your old blues and to join the new groovy train… STOP BEING SO DEPRESSINGLY PESSIMISTIC! 🙃

    3. Leeds is definitely NOT Liverpool. We should have the depth and ability to beat Leeds easily, even without GJ.

  2. I think Jesus will be fine to start..
    Arteta can substitute him around 60-65 min if we are comfortably ahead by at least 2 goals

  3. I do not make light of head injuries, and correctly so. But to suggest Jesus is a “doubt” because he was head injured last Sunday, AND THEN PLAYED ON, reeks of rumour for rumours sake to me .

    And NOTHING whatever to do with truth.

    I may be wrong, though in this case I am prepared to bet I won’t be!

    1. Having recently watched the heartbreaking documentary on England rugby player Steve Thompson, I hope you are right JF.

      If Jesus was concussed last week during the game and Arsenal medics allowed him to play on then club would have much to answer to and should be held to account.

  4. Arteta has had his Gunners team centreforwards setup in the last summer transfer window when Arsenal did not sign a new top quality 3rd striker. But makes Gabriel Jesus his main starting striker. But if he doesn’t start againsr Leeds today due to whatever reason he has, Eddie Nkethia who is Arsenal no.2 striker henceforth takes over to start for Arsenal.
    So therefore, since no any reports have suggested that Nkethia isn’t available for selection for Arsenal today for their Elland Road match but available. Then, he takes over from GJ to start the match as the Gunners centreforward in their away match to Leeds United in the Epl today. But if GJ can’t start the match due to his none-availability. But it all depends if Arteta as being opined is not playing a mind game on GJ.
    Nevertheless, peradventure if Nkethia does start the match, I think and believe his starting being his first in the Epl for his team this season will motivate him to step it up considerably in the game for Arsenal to win the match with his contributions to it.

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