Jesus is “one step away” from Arsenal and we can now concentrate on new priority

So after literally months of negotiations with Man City, the Gunners have finally agreed a £45 million price for Gabriel Jesus, and now it only remains to dot the i’s and cross the t’s on his personal terms before the move is done and dusted.

So now Edu and Arteta can concentrate on the next target on the list, and according to Fabrizio Romano the Gunners new priority is Raphinha from Leeds United, who has been pulling up trees in his two seasons in the Premier League.

Speaking on his YouTube channel yesterday, Romano said: “Gabriel Jesus, after a long negotiation, Arsenal have been very good in reaching an agreement – a full verbal agreement, it’s not signed yet. He’s one step away from joining Arsenal.”

Speaking about Arsenal’s reported interest in Raphinha, he said: “It seems really unlikely for Barcelona to match the price tag that Leeds are asking – £65 million, this is the price tag.

“Arsenal’s opening bid has been turned down, but Arsenal are still working on Raphinha. It’s not only Gabriel Jesus, it’s also Raphinha on Arsenal’s list.

“So, they are trying and pushing and trying to find a solution. I expect them to push & push again next week.”

Romano also said last week that “Arteta is in love with Raphinha” and despite interest from other big clubs, I think that Arsenal could be become even more appealing to the winger as our Brazilian contingent grows every week, it seems.

As far as I’m concerned, Raphinha would be the icing on the cake in this excellent transfer window, as long as Pepe is moved on as soon as possible…


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The Transfer Show – Is Raphinha on the verge of joining Arteta’s project?

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  1. Raphinha yes, but not for 65 million. 40 million max. He’s very good but there are other good wingers too, for less.

    1. Agreed. We’ve also got Saka, Hutchinson and Marquinhos for the RW role

      We’re collecting fancy diminutive attackers, while Crystal Palace are signing physically powerful players like our ex-player Malcolm Ebiowei to bully us in our first game next season

      Jesus’ hold-up play isn’t bad and he could remind Arteta about how Man City’s front line ticks, but I hope we won’t be clueless when we can’t score from open play. The brutal games in Newcastle and against Palace last season should’ve warned our coaches about our physical weaknesses

        1. I bet we’d sell Pepe, since he’s so marketable. I’m just afraid Arsenal got some big offers for Saka too

          1. That obvious but we aint getting that much for him and if Pepe wasn’t in Artetas thoughts, no one is actually replacing him. He was only a benchwarmer under Arteta.

            1. @reggie,incase you don’t know arteta needs two competitors per position just like that of man city NOT a reliant first choice and a redundant back PEPE is the one leaving not SAKA.

          2. Reports are that there’s been zero interest in Pepe from other clubs :/

            He may be stuck on the books for a while and his wages make it strange to sign someone for £65m when there’s so much cover in that position already.

      1. Who are they going to bully in the team? Gabriel or White or Saliba or Xhaka or partey? All these players I mentioned can’t be bullied by anyone. This is not basketball. City have been winning the league with very small players so that your theory is dead on arrival. It’s alright to have tall players but it’s not a quarantee for success. Stoke and burnley use to have them, where are they now? If you play possession based football, you don’t need 11 6footers . You complement that with mobility. No matter how may beast Crystal palace buy, at the end of the season, they would still finish below our small players. So don’t sound as if all our players are small and not physical.

        1. Saka’s assessment about our games in Newcastle was spot on. Our attackers/ midfielders lost most duels and second balls there, because they weren’t as aggressive as the Magpies

          Jean-Phillippe Mateta also bullied our CBs at Selhurst Park Stadium, by holding them off, outpacing them and beating them in aerial duels. Benteke also did it at the Emirates last year

          Man City’s system is much more stable than ours, hence EPL trophy using highly technical diminutive players. But they still have De Bruyne/ Rodri/ Dias/ Stone/ Walker/ Ake/ Laporte/ Cancelo who’re no pushovers and they still added Haaland to diversify their attacking methods next season

          We shouldn’t fully rely on the players’ technicalities and we’d better be more pragmatic

            1. I somewhat agree. The premiership has always be know for it’s fast pace and aggression. We’ve seen season in and season out how physicality and underhand tactics have been used to nullify a teams progress. Clear fouls, obvious obstructions all being allowed by referees in the name of ‘keeping the game flowing’. I don’t think it’s necessarily the lack of stature in terms of height which will be our bugbear but our inability to cope with the aggression and tenacity of physically overpowering teams.

              The nature of our players have got to change and they have to, at times, be prepared to forgo their pretty football for a bit of a physical battle, where required. That or have such ability to move the ball at least twice the speed at which they do with the utmost precision. A lot of people ie other clubs, pundits etc still see us having a sof underbelly, a timid and almost gentlemanly nature and we do. Some seasons ago it was mainly the likes of Stoke, Bolton, Blackburn that new how to ruffle our feathers nowadays it’s Liverpool, Spurs, Palace, Newcastle, Brentford et al and no doubt Forest will looking to join the list.

              Hopefully, with the acquisition of the new players, added to that our current lot. Arteta will also emabark on a new playing ethos combined of strength, determination and skill!

              1. LtDan, Your point about moving the ball at speed is critical and THAT is what makes the key difference between REALLY TOP teams and also rans. While we have second rate trundlers of the ball without any discernible pace at all, like XHAKA and ELNENY in thtteam , then no wondr we are too slow But context tells us that to have the talewnt to move rthe ball QUICKLY and regularly so, means having top quality techni cal playrs , eg Foden Saka Salah etc Height and power , all othe rthings being equal, ARE an added advantage .
                But most of all, the quality all successful teams MOST need is technique on the ball and moving it with great speed. CONTEXT!

        2. I hundred percent agree with you mate. Football is not all about being physically big and strong. Yes it requires some elements of physicality but your winning is not dependent on it.

          Players like Messi isn’t that physically strong yet he is one of the best football players to ever exist.

          The most important thing is getting the right players that have what it takes to keep the ball rolling and eventually put it at the back of the oppositions’ net and at the same time preventing it from being put at back of your own net, simple.

          That philosophy of physicality in football is gradually fading away.

      2. As long as we have physical presence from the DM to the DF, we are good,

        I just hope our signings are very skillful and fast enough to shuffle.

    2. Name them please. And give us their stats that made them cheaper and better. And while at it, tell us how quickly you know they would adapt to epl.

  2. Our pursuit of Raphinha is puzzling to me. Jesus and vieira are coming in positions that we need reinforcement. Lisandro martinez covers LB, LCB and DM while hickey covers LB but wingers is one position we dont need an immediate and expensive fix. Maybe Martinelli replacement as he switches to number 9 role rotating with jesus.

    That being said having jealously watching Liverpool/Mcity depth in attack, i sure am welcoming the addition of a good talent like raphinha.

    ST Jesus, Martinelli, nketiah
    Rw saka, raphinha
    Lw ESR, Martinelli(when not at st), vieira( can play there), Marquinhos

    1. Puzzles me too.

      Good shout on Martinelli as possible versatile striker.

      Not sure Marquinhos will be available though, haven’t they said he’ll be going out on loan?

  3. I’m pleased that we’re likely to get Jesus as I’m convinced he’ll be good for us, but not sure about Raphinha who hasn’t left much of an impression as I can’t remember ever having seen him play. The one who did make an impression though was Djed Spence who still has not yet completed his move to Spurs as they haven’t yet agreed a price with Middlesbrough. We could still gazump them on that deal or live to regret.

    1. It means you don’t watch Premier league. You kind of follow championship games that’s why Jed Spence is your CR7. Raphinha can’t make an impression on you by watching championship football. Besides, Spence doesn’t fit the kind of character Arteta is trying to bring to the club.

      1. Actually I watch every single Arsenal game on a streaming service and have in the past had a season ticket for the first three seasons at the Emirates. Only seen Spence twice in Forrest cup games and he was the best player on the pitch each time (as a wing back) and if Spurs are after him he must be good. Sure I’ve seen Raphinha but he impressed me so much that I cannot remember a thing about him. And since you mention Championship, yes I’ve been to a few Bristol City games as they are within easy distance of where I now live. Not really a great experience TBH.

    2. Spence has attitude issues and is one of those that throws his arms up in the air if things don’t go his way. We already have Norton-Cuffy and Ruell Walters, we do not need Spence.

  4. A real DM would be nice at some stage….but lets sign more attackers when our real issue is getting the ball up to them effectively.

      1. @Reggie
        I agree. All of these new signings mean zero, if our coach hasn’t learned new tactics as well as the art of man management…IJS

  5. I agree with Ackshay (above) and It seems to me that we are steadily becoming the London Brazil. I DO rate RAPHINHA, as he is clearly a talent .

    But is he what we really MOST NEED? I THINK NOT!


  6. If it’s one thing I give Arteta credit for, it is the fact that he is trying to build a complete team with atleast 2 good enough players for each position. By getting Jesus and Raphinha it would leave arsenal short in only the defensive midfield area. If he can get a solid partner for Partey then the team in my opinion will be a very competitive team and balanced team. If everyone perform and arteta have the right tactics, then the team should be force this season to any opponent. Come on gunners, sign Raphinha!!

  7. I want us to target Patrick Schick to come in as a plan B striker. He is 6’3 and can score for fun.

    1. He looks a good option to me – he’s not really a proper target man though? I’d thought he was quite similar to jesus actually, just taller – basically has really good close control, movement and finishing, but not a big presence physically. Happy to be corrected here – this is just my vague impression

  8. I personally see no point in paying £60+ million for Raphinha. That’s way to much money. Gnabry would be a better bet. An ex-Gooner who scored 4 goals away to the Spuds! What more could you ask for?
    However. We do need to tie down a deal for Lisandro Martinez. He’s one heck of a talented CB, LB and CM player. Gifted on the ball and tackles hard.

    1. I think we are getting sentimental when it comes onto Gnabry. He was at arsenal already and we let him go, let’s just move on and try a new player. Just my opinion.

    2. The transfer window just opened and fans are already moaning it’s early in the window and arsenal are sorting they attacking targets first also word is we’re looking at fofana I would imagine arteta is well aware partey won’t last the entire season so he’s gonna need quality cover with a physical presence

  9. If all those player come that is Raphinha and Jesus then the team will have mostly Portuguese and English speakers in the team. Not bad when it comes onto communicating in matches.

  10. We will continue to put crosses in to no-one with that forward line. We need a plan B striker. Patrik Schick is the guy.

  11. I’m not the biggest Jesus fan though an (expensive) upgrade .. and to be honest martinelli nketiah Jesus and saka are obviously not in the same league as city and pools attacking options now or of Spurs and Chelsea for that matter .. man utd is still unclear where they are heading … but expect strengthening … surely the priority is a quality strong ball holding midfielder who can support partey … the fact that arteta can’t say xhaka is excess to requirements continues to haunt progress of team in my books

  12. Raphinia will be a great signing if arsenal can get it done he would add quality and depth to the squad because Pepe has to go now 72 million wasted in my opinion lisandro martinez next then tielmsns and all off a sudden you have a very good squad there

    1. What makes you think Raphinha is a better player than Pepe?

      In what way is Raphinha an upgrade on Pepe, to warrant us spending 65m pounds on him?

      Rather than waste 65m pounds on a player we don’t need, why not spend 50m pounds on Ruben Neves, and 25m pounds on Telesman. Those two players are needed in midfield.

      Our Central and defensive midfield positions need new faces.

      I stopped trusting Arteta the moment he decided not to buy or make a loan deal in January.

      In January, Spurs made two loan deals. They got champions league football in return

      In January, Arteta gave Roma AMN(a versatile guy who can play DM, LB and RB)

      In January, Arteta released Calum Chambers(A better and more composed right back than Cedric)

      In January, Arteta sold Aubameyang to Barca and could not find a replacement for him. Not even a loan signing.

      Arteta was naive and arrogant at the same time.

      Those decisions would have handed him a sack in other clubs that are serious about winning trophies.

      If we had kept those 3 players, we would have made top4.

      Arteta Kept Pepe on the bench all season. It wasn’t Pepe’s fault. Arteta is to blame.

      Arteta should realize that this is Arsenal. We are not man city that can afford to buy Grealish for 100m pounds and put him on the bench. Arteta has ego issues.

      It is the job of a manager to get the best out of his players. Especially players the club invested heavily in.

      1. @Skills1000 You made some very good points which I agree with. I thought it was a big risk at the time, he gambled and just fell short. Arteta is still learning and it was to our cost during the January window.

        That said I like what he is doing, which is building a squad with the competition for places. I’d like us to get a tall physical striker in so that we can mix things up.

        We need cover for Tierney and Thomas Partey. The funny thing is I think Ainsley Maitland-Niles could help solve both of these, but he is suffering personally outside of football and professionally. Bad management by the club, manager, and player’s agent to send him to Roma.

        I think AMN outbursts could have been handled better by Arteta and he could have made a difference toward the end of last season, rather than sitting on the bench at Roma. There is a coldness about Arteta which he will need to learn to turn off at times.

        I am looking forward to this new season, and I am with Arteta for the duration so long as he doesn’t do that false number nine rubbish again!

  13. I think arteta wants martinez as cover for Gabriel and partey not so much Tierney from my understanding martinez is far more of a midfielder/Defender than a Defender/Midfielder so he would be perfect cover for partey but could fill in for Tierney also if needed the perfect player needed for this squad but its looking very promising so far hope edu keeps at it nice work he’s doing

  14. Raphinha is the one we really need & according to history is the one deal Arsenal will mess up. I sorry to sound negative just experience. I really dont understand why Arsenal fans make a fuss of how much we paying for players that will improve our team right now we need to build, if he cost 50-60 mil lets pay it & get on with work. The problem we have is not selling our unwanted players we rather rip up contracts & let them leave for free

    1. Raphinas first choice is Barca but we have made it nearly impossible for them to sign him, with what we have offered. It wont be straightforward but i cant see how Leeds can sell him for less to Barca but like us with Saliba, if you have a player that wants another team, it makes things difficult.

      1. Sky Sports are predicting an improve bid for Raphina, i think Arsenal will put in the bid next Friday that how we do business, slow & without any real believe.
        Maybe they just trying to keep Arsenal fans off their backs just to say we did put in a offer but was rejected there always a target we miss transfer windows.

        Im excited anyway atleast i can dream for a while

  15. Arteta is making the right moves in the market. Building a team to his own liking. All I know is that we will be very dangerous come the new season. Up the Gunners.

    1. With Raphina,Jesus and Viera all in yes i agree we will be dangerous. So lets hope the deals get done for the last 2.

  16. Not sure why we dont prioritize a partner for Partey over going after Raphinha. This is such a giant hole in our squad. Surely we cannot go into next season wtih Xhaka/Partey/Elneny/Lokonga and expect to fight for UCL?

    1. That’s the worry, although it’s been suggested that Martinez is more of a midfielder than defender, so if he’s being recruited primarily for that role, that could be good news.

      Thta’s why he seems a much higher priority than Raph to my mind.

    2. I don’t think Arteta is looking at a partner for Partey. I think he is looking at going 433 with 2 creative players (odegaard and Vieira) either side of a DM like Martinez.

    3. I agree with you RSH

      Raphinha is not what we need at the moment.

      Some fans just want another winger who can do one or two leg overs and has flair.

      Liverpool bought Diaz in January. Top quality player.

      Why are people saying we need Raphinha when we have not addressed the central and defensive midfield roles.

      There are players like Ruben Neves and Telesman. Two players that would improve our midfield.

      Imagine if we have these two players in the squad?

      In that way, if Partey gets injured, we still have that quality in midfield.

      Central and Defensive midfield






      Attacking Midfield


      Gabriel Jesus

      Sell Xhaka, Torrera, Guendouzi, AMN, Bellerin, Cedric. Loan out Tavares.

  17. There is still a long way to go before the transfer window closes…..There will be more players coming in…..!

  18. I don’t think Arteta is looking at a partner for Partey. I think he is looking at going 433 with 2 creative players (odegaard and Vieira) either side of a DM like Martinez.

    1. I’m sure you’re right, but we would still need some back up for Partey. Not sure if Lakonga is up to it, but Partey is not likely to last a whole season uninjured.

  19. I’m really happy about welcoming Gabriel Jesus to Emirates

    Because I know he can do just like Van p..

  20. Enough of Raphinha and pulling up trees. My icing on the cake would be more athleticism and steel in our midfield, plus a tall striker… to put away crosses into the box. This is the main lesson learned late last season when we choked – losing three critical games.

    Call me a dreamer, but my two ideal candidates – to complement Jesus and Vieira – are Vicor Osimhen and Seko Fofana. Time to go big (including big, strong players) or go home.

  21. Some time the best form of defense is to attack.

    I for one could never opposed to the signing of a effective work horse attacking player like Raphinha, he will definitely take our side to another level.

    As armchair managers we can only wait to be proven wrong again like Ramsdale did to us

  22. Moan, moan and moan about past decisions and ignore how the coach is trying to address them. Rome was not built in a day. A little patience is needed. Remember last summer purchases & how they proceed most wrong. If one can’t see anything positive on what is happening then 🤷

    1. I totally agree with you. I think Arteta is doing really well. Need to mature more in his handling of players like AMN, Guendouzi, etc, but as much as I liked Pierre, Arteta did well to move him on, even though it left us short. Unfortunately, the fans and the media want everything super quick these days. After we purchase the six-player in last summer’s transfer window the fans and press were hammering the team. Arsenal needed stability and a direction which is what Arteta is trying to deliver.

  23. Arsenal should go all out for Martinez. A very versatile defender. Can fill up for Partey and our CBs like Fernandinho does for City

  24. Its ok if Raphinha comes in along with Jesus, both talented players who would improve the squad. But the most important part is central midfield, where we need a partner to Partey and Partey himself does not last the entire season fit and also Arteta must stop playing Xhaka regularly, use him only as a sub or in Cup games. Another important position to be filled is LB, where I think Lessandro Martinez would be a great addition.

    1. I disagree. Zinchenko can play LB and CM (for Man City and Ukraine). I would rather see him come in. I like Neves as a DM as well. Those 2 signings will improve our defence and midfield (we won’t have to resort to Tavares and Elneny & co again).

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