Jesus signing shows that Arsenal can still attract top players

There’s no doubting the Arsenal pull!

Despite not playing in the Champions League since 2017. Despite being a “banter” club in the recent past.

Despite being not a club which guarantees trophies, Arsenal have still the upper hand on many other clubs, when it comes to attracting players.

And Gabriel Jesus’s signing from Premier League champions Man City is yet another testament that the Emirates Stadium is still considered a great place to play by the players of the highest pedigree.

The City man was a subject of interest from a number of big boys across Europe such as Juventus, Chelsea and Tottenham to name a few.

Even though Mikel Arteta might have played a big role in acquiring the 25-year-old, there is still a factor of putting on the iconic red and white jersey that goes through the minds of the players.

Why would a player, who’s used to winning things in his current club, want to move to a somewhat struggling side?

That’s where Arsenal and Arteta’s project come in. The Spaniard is building an exciting young team (the youngest in the league) and I’m pretty sure that other clubs would be worried and jealous of it.

However, it’s not a time to rest on our laurels. There are still some positions that need an upgrade.

If we are able to acquire our targets before the transfer window shuts down in less than two months’ time, the club would be placing themselves in a very good position for near future success.

I can’t wait for the next season to get underway!

Yash Bisht

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  1. It’s a decent transfer. Now a quality LB, an aggressive CM and a solid DM and we will give Tottenham a good fight for 4th. If we get a goal scoring RW we will surely be in the UCL!

    1. I think we’ll only get one more Midfielder and that not being a DM as long as Partey is here (who isn’t a DM though).

      LB Grimaldo/Raum
      CM Tielemans
      RW Gnabry

      That’s would be actually quite a team. I wonder if we could loan Weghorst from Burnley? He’s already said he won’t play Championship and also stated he’s available for a loan.

      1. Both YT and SG would be great additions but
        honestly don’t see either joining this window.

        Raum would be fantastic but IMWO is to
        good to be a rotational player.

    2. This work?


      Cost around 100M pounds.

  2. I beleive is a very good player and a great signing for us but let’s see how good he really is amongst our sprinkle of not so good players.
    Coming from city where every one chipped in with goals to a team who only a few chipped in is a bit different.
    Being the main man from being part of a great team will be interesting
    We definitely create enough chance with no end product so hopefully he can be at the end of it all to put the ball away in the back of the net
    Will be disappointed if he doesnt end up with 20 plus for us in his first season barring being injury free

  3. For the life of me, why are we not looking at Wilfred Ndidi at Leicester?? The guy has been posting incredible stats for the last 3 seasons at least. Ball recovery, interception, tackling etc, all in a team with a midfield of supposedly lesser caliber than Arsenal. He is available locally, probably cheap too and actually made the likes of Tielemans look good going forward. Maybe I am missing something the scouts can already see. Otherwise seems like a no-brainer to me to atleast try and attempt to scoop up tested and good players that will let our forwards express themselves more freely, from the league.

  4. Jesus might’ve chosen Arsenal because of the salary and people at the Emirates

    Similarly, Lisandro Martinez would likely choose Man United because of Ten Hag. So I believe Arsenal have got another option, which could be Tielemans

    1. Gai, we need a deputy for Thieney than Y.Tielemans. We can still go for Man.City Ukraine player who can also play in midfield IMO that’s more important now. Our present midfielders are expected to step up. May be this would be Pepe’s season if he is not sold or replaced.

      1. Sylva, I also like Zinchenko’s versatility, but I think he’d only come if Xhaka leaves. If we don’t sign a new LB, we can still play Nuno Tavares and Joel Lopez

  5. Yet another far too brief and undevelopred piece. The writer -for whatever reason- chose to ignore the obvious comment , which neede to be made, that Jesus had closely worked with MA for ove rthree highly successful and admirable years at City. And that is is therfore no surpricse that he would wish to renew that workingreationship with MA and us.
    That does not negate the writers correct contention that Arsenal is a big enough club to attract top players from wherever .

    BUT, the important point about Jesus and MA NEEDED to be made, but was omitted from this TOO BRIEF and undeveloped article.
    If you are prepared to write an article, then I SAY WRITE IT FULLY, AND DO NOT SIMPLY TOSS OUT A FAR TOO SIMPLE PIECE!

              1. Admin Pat. Jon has beaten you without even throwing a punch! How? See how you wrote the word ‘although’! It was simply awful. Therefore Jon wins this round.

                  1. 😂

                    When Al l’s said and done it’s the message rather than the syntax that counts most!

    1. Jon Fox, you are guilty of oversimplification of the transfer market and players mindset. Jesus signing for Arsenal may have been in part due to past relationship with MA, but it certainly does not lessen the fact that Jesus is a TOP PLAYER who will walk into the starting line up of many top teams in Europe that are currently doing far better than Arsenal and perhaps in the CL too. By logic, he doesnt need MA to reassure himself of starting games at any chosen top club in need of a proven number 9. So yeah the author made his damn point alright, which is Arsenal is still a big enough club to attract top talents. He chose to focus on that and he passed his message. Now before you go off shooting from the hips in your next response, ,remember that there are other big factors at play here for a player like Jesus making similar switch: a familiar league, some success in that same league, world cup year, players from same country, official #9 guaranteed position on offer, player’s personal selfish reasons, agents influence, family, one-upping city and Guardiola, competing with his supposedly better replacement in the same league and the need to prove himself, and whatever other motivating factors that has zero to do with MA.

      1. Jesus knows Arteta but he came because he was promised a central striker role, something the other clubs didnt. In fact, i have been told he is guaranteed to be the central striker. Plus it isn’t something i am latching onto, i posted it weeks ago and i am confident that that is a massive reason he came. I think Jesus is a great talent but as a number 9?

    2. U dare not criticise Jon fox, the boss will come for u. Like the writers can’t defend themselves

  6. There is still time to create a side that will challenge. There are some rumours that we may go after Sergej Milenkovic-Savic. If that is true we will have outdone the N17 Imposters who got Bissouma. Bissouma is good…..Savic is better. Class player. Live in hope.

    1. Disagree about Bissouma but MSM would be a statement. I have been told, we are not his preferred destination, so lets see what develops.

        1. Reggie…..MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is for Arthritis. May be better than SMS for a couple of our players. You know who I mean…..the one who is sooooo sloooow.

  7. The term top player is thrown around way too much. Haaland is a top player, VVD is a top player etc. etc

    Is Jesus good, absolutely…would I rank him as a top player, no but with the potential to become one.

    1. I disagree with that narrative. I think both players you mentioned are world class, just like Salla, kdb, etc, Messi and Ronaldo are in a class of theirs, but Jesus is a top player

      1. Top means highest/uppermost, in English anyway. There is nothing above top, so in terms of English the best players in the world are top players.

        So how do you define a top player then?

        1. See it different . You can be in the top tier of achievers in a class at school, doesn’t make you the very best.

          Top can be used in a context meaning a higher echelon than those below (I.e average, above average..). You can call someone a top bloke if they do you a favour – doesn’t mean you really think they are the pinnacle of the male sex;)

          World Class for me isn’t a few players (ronaldo/messi) imo since they are just freaks of nature. World class for me are players that consistently perform and win with their national and or league team over a sustained period of seasons and that have a skill set, abilities or talents that go beyond the majority of players.

          So, from best to worst :

          World Class
          Top player
          Average (I was going to call this Xhaka-esque)
          Donkey (some may argue Xhaka should be here;)

          1. AOT
            I am absolutely appalled that you ompared our xhaka to a donkey
            I beleive Mr fox said the same thing many moons ago and I said I would write in on behalf of the donkey association and complain that the donkeys are far more agile, faster and have a better footballing brain then xhaka
            Please refrain from putting the donkeys in the same bracket as xhaka 😃

        2. @PJ-SA I think there a name that is above top player. WORLD CLASS. I have heard this word several times.

  8. It’s about money.. If you are ready to pay the going Fee and wages then you are more likely to attract players..

    That’s why Chelsea hijacked the Raphinha sage, they were willing to pay the selling club’s asking fee. But even with them willing to pay the £60 million and in the CL Raphinha is still not that bothered joining them but instead want to go to Barcelona.

    That’s why United are nearly hijacking’s the Lisandro Martinez signing, they are willing to pay more than us hence why they are now favourites to get him ahead of us..

    We still have the pull but have bigger competition. It just used to be United and us. But now we have United, Chelsea, Liverpool, City and even Spurs.. So more competitors with less talent to go around..

    That’s why even during Wengers time we never got the big hype players that all the other big clubs were after. We have always got the Jesus type of lower tier talent that had the bigger club wanted to get rid (Ozil, Sanchez, Mkhitaryan, etc).
    We were never willing to pay the going rates the top top sought after talent, hence even our own self made best players ended up moving to those bigger clubs due to them being offered more money and a chance to win big trophies..

    1. Your second paragraph is why the writer is right. Despite having money Chelsea still fail to convince the player. Atm Chelsea should be the favourite if all transfers are based on financial power because Chelsea has more money than Barca atm

      1. But Barcelona and Madrid are a different breed of attraction. Not one single club in the world is as attractive to players as Madrid and Barcelona. That’s like Messi and C.Ronaldo, they were in a league of their own..
        So Raphinha wanting to go to Barcelona instead of Chelsea or Chelsea is different..

        But take those 2 Spanish clubs out, then that leaves the rest of us.. If you are willing to outbid others and pay more wages then you have a bigger advantage on your rivals..

        Look at Sanchez, he was nailed on to move to City but then Mourinho’s Man United offered him ridiculous wages, I think Pep came out and said he was out of the running, all because he was not willing to offer £400,000 a week that Man United were willing to offer Sanchez..

  9. I’d say he joined Arsenal mainly because the club could guarantee him the most minutes in a World Cup year.

    Sure, Arteta was another reason for him to join, maybe even his project, but I’d say it was 75% minutes and 25% Mikel/Project.

    1. Well said and there are quite a few young Portuguese speaking players in out team that may have helped too.

    2. First team football and the reported £250,000 a week he is rumoured to be on.
      Lets be honest, I don’t see any club in the EPL paying Jesus £250,000 a week apart from us.. He hit the jackpot, couldn’t believe his luck..

      I think he could have gone to West Ham, Leicester, Newcastle etc if it was mainly about first team football.

  10. Funny thing with some Arsenal fans, a player gets signed they talk bad, another team sign same player and they say; we bottled this signing. It’s getting exhausting to be honest. That is actually the reason people refer to arsenal fans as worst fanbase. What exactly do we want?
    People are praising city for signing haaland, calling him world class andwhat not but let me tell you one thing though, bundesliga is different from premier league. Sancho was tearing it in Germany but in England he was made ordinary. Jesus is proven and he’s a hard worker. Im happy with this signing. Arsenal should go and get wan bissaka whom is great at defending to cover tomiyasu and he’ll come cheap too. Get belloti from Torino who is a monster of old fashion no 9 and won’t demand much playing time and he’s a free agent. Still 28 and at his peak. Then get ndidi from Leicester instead of tieleman and push partey forward a little. Get Martinez as a lb and this window will be a success. Sell
    Bellerin,torreira,AMN,Mari. Loan Tavares,Latino,Azeez,Norton cuffy. And call it a nice window.

  11. Top (@PJ-SA:) signing!

    He is young and undoubtedly very talent with PL experience and will only get better IF coached right.

    Let’s not stop there huh Gaspar!

  12. Good try Yash, and we really need him to be one of the buys of the season. But I have to qualify your enthusiasm. How important was Jesus to Pep at City, will he be missed at all? and how badly did other clubs really want him? Was it a case that other clubs thought they could get better for that asking price?

  13. Gabriel Jesus came mainly because of his past connection with Arteta at City and found working with MA comfortable and to his strengths. That said, the Arsenal brand is still very strong globally to attract good players and long may it continue. With the addition of a quality midfielder and a LB we are good to go next season. I still think the signings of Martinez and Dybala, as and when they happen, will be key signings.

  14. Jesus is a very good player but he’s definitely not a player of highest pedigree. Someone like Haaland or Mbappe is.

  15. I see Jesus filling a similar role at Arsenal as Lacazette, not a prolific goal scorer but someone who can link and set up openings for the likes of Martinellii, Saka and Nketien. Hopefully the addition of Viera will give Arsenal a more ambitious game plan; Smith Rowe being played in the right position with less reliance on Xhaka, but boy do we need Tielemans. Things might then look up, otherwise we are going to compete with Chelsea and ManU. for that allusive fourth spot, with Newcastle as a possible dark horse.

  16. So when they sign fir Arsenal they are top player but when they don’t they are average? lol!, who said Jesus is a top player? A bench warmer and ordinary stats till now does not make him top player. Can you name the Europe’s elite after him?

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