Jesus to earn 200k a week at Arsenal and decision expected soon

The continuing saga of the Gabriel Jesus to Arsenal transfer seems to be getting much closer to an endgame as the Star has revealed that the Brazilian hitman, who scred again for his country in this week’s 5-1 win over South Korea, will increase his wages from £110,000-a-week to £200,000-a-week if he accepts Arsenal’s offer.

There are supposed 5 other offers to be considered as well, but with no further evidence to tell us which clubs are involved then we have to assume that the Gunners are the hot favourites to get his signature in the bag.

Jesus himself hinted that he would be making a decision very soon when he told the media: “I’m looking to see what’s best for me and above all, for my career. From Tuesday, we’ll see what is the best.”

I am sure Arteta would like to get the deal signed and sealed quickly so that he doesn’t go into the pre-season with just Eddie Nketiah and Folarin Balogun as his only recgnised strikers.

It would also give a big boost to Arsenal fans who are expecting Jesus to be the first of many new arrivals at the club, knowing that we have all the extra games in the Europa league this season..

Sam P

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  1. He’s on 91k a week ATM
    Unfortunately we have to over pay now to get the players in because of failure of not getting top 4

  2. Love this lad more especial his pattern of playing and his ablity of scoring goals… Arteta should get him now at all cost, delaying is dangerous

  3. If this is true, let assume he’s joining us for money then and nothing else. Not that we have trophy or CL to offer him.
    After all this is what some writer used to say.
    Just like partey, left AM after winning the league to join us and earned up to 200k plus.

  4. anyways, I think he’s good, an upgrade on laca especially when it comes to scoring goals, get Tielemans too fast then I’d like zinchenko too and a winger as good or effective as Saka, maybe Raphina or Richarlison. then maybe we can compete for top 3.

  5. A hard working forward he might be but an exciting goal scorer he is not…In fact he’s probably the equivalent of Eddie in a few years time.
    He’s been playing for one of the most free-scoring clubs in Europe yet only managed 13 goals in 41 appearances this season and more than a third of them in one match.
    If he was available for around £30m and a salary of no more than £125k per week then I would suggest that he could be a good stop-gap.
    We paid a ridiculous sum of money for Pepe because he was available for a fee that could be spread over a number of years when a better alternative in Zaha would have cost more…initially at least…This as we now know was the wrong decision.If better more free-scoring alternatives to Jesus are available then the Club need to consider them and not get pressed into buying Jesus and watch him become Lacazette mark 2…as this will not do enough to help Arsenal compete in the way that this Club should be!!

    But whatever it is ,I thought from the moment this rumour appeared – and said so at the time – that it is one of the tiny few rumours that WOULD come true AND I STAND BY THAT.

    And why? Cos it made perfect sense to a deep thinker like me.

    I NEVER accept the constant irritating, day in day out rumours, that so infect this site as having ANY credence at all, until I have thought then through deeply myself . It is akin to being force fed meals a dozen or more times a day but you can only eat a very few.

    I’ll gladly eat this one , no matter what his salary, though I hope and pray we do not ONCE AGAIN, go overboard!!

    1. “Seems a lot too much salary ” did i read on an earlier thread Jon Fox you are a profesional writer . We’re lucky you wrote this otherwise we would have a 1000 word whinge by a certain jon fox claiming yr an idiot lol

        1. I wouldnt call you jealous jon , but you can be childish on occasion and often tedious. Self reflection can be cathartic cant it?

    2. If true not really Jon,I read 190k/week but even 200k/week it is basically what Laca was earning(180k/week).

  7. First of all, The Star? Really? Trash media paper reporting stories that are so thin you could tear it with a slight breeze!

    Secondly, I’m sure the Kronke family won’t be making the mistake of over paying silly wages on players any more! If we have pay silly money for anyone to come to Arsenal we have a much bigger problem than we realise! But, I do suppose that Arsenal are not as attractive as many other clubs when it comes to competing for silverware. For that reason we are having to shift the goal posts in order to get the players we need. As much as MA is trying to sell the project, it’s still not as enticing when you are still in early building stages.

  8. I think he’s coming in but not as our main cf. I think he will take the lf position if we sign Scamacca and maybe cf/lf if we get Gnabry. Two forwards are incoming it just depends who’s happy playing Europa league. I would prefer a combination of Gnabry and Jesus as both only have a year on there deals. The money saved from this can be used to buy Madderson instead of Tielemans. Get a back up left back and cdm and we can get top 3.

  9. His wage would be around 150-180k but even if it’s 200k i don’t mind,all i hope is we don’t gift shitty 55 million considering the fact that he’s got one yr left on his contract.

  10. Am tired if reading arsenal stories.
    I only want to read,;- signed. Then, I believe. We are too dull in the transfer market. Same on the pitch.
    Can we move faster both ends?
    Newcastle match is a case study. Completely outplayed for 90m+

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