Joao Cancelo? Guardiola won’t allow Arsenal to buy ANY Man City player again

A few days ago, there were reports that hinted that Arsenal was interested in Joao Cancelo. They stated that Barcelona was unwilling to pay £40 million to make the loan deal for the Portuguese international permanent. Arsenal apparently did not have a problem with that price tag, and months after failing to recruit him, they are interested in closing the deal in the summer.

Oleksander Zinchenko and Takehiro Tomiyasu’s frequent injuries may have irritated the Gunners, who are now looking to sign another top fullback.

However, while Arsenal fans eagerly await the dynamic fullback’s arrival, journalist Sam Dean has revealed why a Joao Cancelo swoop may not happen.

On the Telegraph, the journalist claims Manchester City believes they played a role in Arsenal’s return to prominence. He claims that the Cityzens recognize that the Oleksander Zinchenko and Gabriel Jesus deals in 2022 strengthened Arsenal’s ability to compete for the EPL crown.

With Arsenal looking to repeat the 2022 Etihad raid, Pep Guardiola’s team is on high alert and ready to turn down any contact from the North Londoners for any of its players.

According to the Telegraph, Arsenal attempted to sign Cancelo in the summer of 2023 but were unable to clinch the deal. It appears that the Citizens did not consider their transfer proposals, and they are unlikely to entertain them this summer.

It’s reassuring to see the defending champions concerned about Arsenal becoming better than them. What a moment to be a gooner! Mikel Arteta has done an excellent job as Arsenal manager.

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  1. Cancelo is a Mustafi 2.0. Gunners shouldn’t buy misfits. What isn’t good enough for Man City, isn’t good enough for Arsenal FC.

  2. I dont think we really need him and anyway he has had disciplinary issues so doubt he will be a right fit for the team. There are quite a few good quality full backs available in the PL if we are really pursuing a full back this summer.

  3. I wouldn’t say our Man city purchases have been instrumental in our return to the top.

    Just compare the impact of Jesus and Zinchenko with that of Magalhaes, Saliba, Rice, Partey, Ramsdale and other non Man City players.

    I can confidently say that Man city purchases have been better than Havertz only compared to others.

    1. I think BOTH ex City players were bought as stop gaps only, in the MA relentless process of making us better each year that passes

      NeIther was even intended IMO to be a long term stayer. Moreover, I will be very surprised if even one of them is still here after the summer of 2025 and MAY WELL BE LEAVING EVEN SOONER

      1. Jon
        One can even say some players have been more productive in their positions.

        Havertz actually scores as a striker, something Jesus and Nketiah struggle to do.

        Kiwior defends, something Zinchenko struggles to do.

        I think Timber will prove more effective at LB than Zinchenko when he retuns.

        I would not be upset if Zinchenko moved on this Summer, and Jesus should only be a backup option if we get a new striker.

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