Joe Cole warns Arsenal about what lies ahead for them

Former Chelsea man Joe Cole watched as Arsenal struggled in their loss to PSV yesterday and admits the Gunners must know there is still a long way to go.

Arsenal has started this term well and remains at the top of the league table after eleven matches.

They had a 100 per cent record in Europe until their defeat in the Netherlands yesterday.

That loss was only their second of the entire season, meaning they need to pick themselves up and go on another winning run.

These are early days and there are many more games to play. Cole wants them to be better prepared for the task ahead.

He said via The Daily Mail:

‘When Mikel shows that to his players and the details and the fundamentals – if they nailed that down they come away with a point or three. There’s more questions than answers tonight. 

‘I don’t want to be too critical to this group of players because they’ve been very enjoyable but today is a reminder that there’s still work to do and a way to go.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

That loss to PSV will teach our players an important lesson and we expect them to get back to form in their next game in the league.

If they cannot beat Nottingham Forest, then it really is time to be worried.

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  1. Selection will be a headache now.

    With Zurich now a must-win game instead of game for the U23s, playing Forest, Zurich, then Chelsea in 8 days is looking like a very tough schedule with the main players already being less effective than they were.

    Rotation is a risk, playing the same players is a risk. A lot may depend on how referees decide to do their job.

    Someone mentioned that they were looking into the refereeing decisions in recent matches (Ken I think?), let’s hope that review sees refs being less tolerant of the wrestling match style some teams are adopting against us.

  2. I sure hope so, but talk from the FA has been cheap. I watched a video on Mike Riley’s performance in the game our invincible run ended and was absolutely disgusted. To my knowledge, no punishment given for blatant refereeing corruption. While VAR is rightly criticized, rewatching that does lend some support for VAR in my mind.

    I’d also like to see weekly investigations into violent conduct gone unnoticed in games. For example, how Lyanco is not suspended retroactively for his violent conduct last week is beyond me.

    1. There is no doubt that referees get decisions wrong and sometimes their approach to games disadvantages a team. However, to state that the referees are corrupt is highly inappropriate.
      Unfortunately, these kinds of views are all too common amongst fans and feed into the generally poor behavior of footballers when disputing decisions that go against them.
      Unless you have evidence of corruption you need to withdraw this ridiculous allegation.

      1. Where did I state that the referees are corrupt? I gave ONE example that, when viewed objectively, was so blatantly obvious to any reasonable viewer that Mike Riley was not being honest in that ONE GAME that saw the invincible run end. Go watch it, and then we can debate if you still think otherwise. But for now, don’t put words in my mouth.

        Also, my post was in reply to the post before it discussing protecting our players from wrestling style tactics, which if you did see the match I am referring to, or choose to go watch it, you will see no such protection offered to a certain Jose Antonio Reyes, who was practically assaulted on the pitch that day.

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