Joe Willock discusses his relationship with his two other football-playing brothers

Having a footballer brother is something of a rarity nowadays and having two football brothers is even rarer, but that is exactly what Arsenal ace, Joe Willock enjoys.

The youngster, who has recently broken into the Arsenal first team has two brothers, Chris, who was on the books of Arsenal until recently and Matty who is building a career for himself at Gillingham.

The three brothers have a long history together and Willock recently revealed that he and his siblings have been in love with the games since they were kids.

He told the official Arsenal website about how the three of them would sleep on the same bed and talk about the game all night long and how much they shared the same dreams of making it as top-class footballers.

“Me and my brothers are so, so close, we grew up in a house in Walthamstow, a place called Priory Court. 

“It wasn’t a very big house, so me and my brothers would sleep in the same bed. We had two beds and we used to put them together so that we could all sleep in the same one. 

“Every night we would talk about what we’re going to achieve and where we’re going to live when we become footballers. We’d just tell our dreams to each other all night. Those moments, you never get them back.
“But I keep them with me in my heart and mind so much, and when we have those trials and tribulations, we can always think back to those moments. We’ll be so close for the rest of our lives.”

Willock has broken into the Arsenal first team this season and Mikel Arteta seems to also trust him. The Spaniard has given chances to a number of youngsters and Willock has an opportunity to become an Arsenal regular.

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