Joel Campbell happy to work hard for his next Arsenal chance?

There have been many Arsenal rumours saying that Joel Campbell is unhappy spending all his time on the bench since he finally arrived at the Emirates this summer, and that he was looking for permission to go on loan in January to get more first team action, but after playing in the Gunners 4-1 win at Galatasary he seems happy to carry on waiting a while longer.

“It was an important victory for us,” Joel told “Although there wasn’t all that much riding on the match, it was a chance for us to try and get first place in the group. We didn’t manage that, but we did get a good win.

“I always try and take advantage of the chances that come my way and play as well as I can. I know that I can give more, so I’m working hard day in, day out to improve as a player.

“The Champions League is a big competition for any player. In a team like Arsenal, it’s easier to play well because you’re surrounded by good players. I just try to do the best I can so that I might be involved in future games.

“We need to be fighting for the trophy. We’re in there and any team still in the competition at this point has a chance of winning the cup. We’ll be working very hard to try and achieve that.”

I guess you never know. If Arsenal draw either Porto or Monaco in the next round – and get all our injured players back before the quarter-finals – then perhaps we really will go all the way, but if that happens I imagine it is unlikely that Campbell will be involved in any more Champions League matches this season. Maybe he’ll get a few League games under his belt?

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  1. ronniec says:

    Unless our injury problem keeps going on, otherwise I can’t see Joel will get enough playing time to improves as a player. How many players can play wide at Arsenal? Alexis, Ozil, Cazorla, Ox, Theo, Welbeck, and Poldi (and there is Gnabry also).
    I would seriously consider a loan move if I were him.

    1. ArnSam says:

      The boy loves the club irrespective of the managers continuous frustrations

  2. Greg says:

    Would really like joel campbell and thomas “little mozart” rosicky to get some game time against newcastle at the emirates! Coyg!

  3. habsgunner says:

    I feel sorry for you Joel ” Podolski and Rosicky also”, you will never have another chance to prove yourself as long as Wenger is at the helm. He will favored the likes of Giroud, Sonogoal… even if they are not 100% fit until they go back to the treatment table again and again. you will be considered as a FLOP by the AKB’s fans, just like Arshavin, Gerviho (who is playing top football at Roma). Wenger will only put you in a game at the 80th mins or even worst 92nd mins. Go play for a manager who want you.You are here in Arsenal because of the fans…

    1. fred cowardly says:

      Giroud is a better Goal scorer than Campbell
      In last 2 seasons both players played full seasons for their respective clubs: Giroud scored 40 goals and Campbell scored 12 goals

      Campbell is fast so better on the Wing

      1. habsgunner says:

        @Fred I’m not saying who is a better player. Giroud and Campbell are 2 different players. Giiroud just came back from injury, he is not 100% fit, Wenger choose to play him too fast, now he is back injured. Same goes for Ramsey, he is injured again instead of playing Rosicky. that goes for Songoal over Podolski.

    2. ArseneIsYourDaddy says:

      What a bunch of horse manure. Arsenals fans were screaming weeping for Gervinho to be gone! PLEASE STOP THE NONSENSE, that Wenger put Gervinho in at the last minute. Gervinho got every chance to succeed at Arsenal. Arshavin got lazy and even lazier when he went back to Russia.

      No Arsenal fans picked Campbell. Wenger picked Campbell from the obscurity of Costa Rica. Many Arsenals started bawling “Costa Rica, WTF is Wenger doing?” Which Arsenal fan said “Go bring Campbell from Costa Rica”. Which?

      Lucas is still out best impact sub. He can come off the bench and do something instantly.
      Maybe you forgot Sanago scored in Dortmund.

      Joel Campbell is not a striker; he is a winger. He is competing with Theo, Sanchez and Poldoski for a place.
      Ox is a midfielder and becoming the best we have right now.

      1. habsgunner says:

        How do you know that he cannot performed as a striker, he hasn’t played at all. He has done magic in the world cup. He could have played a few games instead of Sanogoal.On top of that I guess that you must agree with Mr Wenger that Montreal is a CB, Ozil is a LW, Arteta is a DM, and that wilshire is our number 10. Glad I’m not an AKB, cause I’m not blind.

  4. davidnz says:

    Campbell is a very lucky man
    22 living in London.
    Paid 55,000 pounds a week.
    He has a two year contract.
    So he gets paid 5.5 mill pound
    even if he does not kick another
    ball for the club. He can just learn at
    a big club like Arsenal then decide in 2016
    what to do. In the meantime relax and become
    a multi millionaire 🙂

  5. Brada b says:

    My boi #JOELCAMPBELL if i were u i’d run out the emirates faster than #Usainbolt #aw doesn’t like u bringing u on in the 80 & 90 minutes iz embarrassing half of the team iz hanging out in injury room & ur still not gettin any playing time what will happen wen they’re all fit again Listen to me… #FreeJoelCampbell #brainless #aw!!

    1. ArseneIsYourDaddy says:

      Wenger sees him play everyday in practice. You think he has better knowledge of than Campbell than you or I?
      I am the biggest Campbell fan, but he has to lift his head and pick a better final ball.

      When he is ready, he will play.

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