Joel Campbell – I want to play but it’s up to Wenger

The Costa Rican forward Joel Campbell has made it clear in the past that he would rather move away from Arsenal to get first team football rather than sit on the bench at the Emirates, but Arsene Wenger refused to let him leave again this summer.

Now he has got his chance as injuries have decimated the squad yet again, and he has chances of getting a prolonged run in the team, he has spoken out, saying that he is prepared to fight for his place and wait for Wenger to decide when he is ready to play.

Campbell said yesterday: “Obviously as a player you always want to play, but we have lots of very good players here so you have to be patient and make the most of your opportunity when it comes around.

“I’m happy playing in any position. I can play centrally, but I feel comfortable on the right too and I just try to do the best job I can.”

He was then asked directly if he still wanted to leave the club. He replied: “No, I’m an Arsenal player and I’m very happy here. I’m fighting to achieve my aims and hope to stay here for a long time.

“You never know in football. I’m just focusing on playing and doing as well as I can, then it’s up to the manager to make the decisions.

Joel was then asked if Wenger had said anything specific about him joining the first team, and he replied: “Just the normal sort of thing. If I’m playing it’s because he has confidence in me so I just try to do the best job I can.

“I’m trying to take advantage of my opportunity but I know that what happens next is up to the manager. As I’ve said, I’m just focusing on playing and performing as well as possible and the rest is up to him.”

This last summer I was very surprised that Wenger kept Campbell here against his will, as I thought Joel would not have his heart set on fighting for the team, so I’m really glad that Le Prof stuck to his guns and made Campbell stick to his contract. Now it is up to the player himself to prove he is true Arsenal quality……

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  1. Campbell needs to improve baby please
    He was quite average the last two matches after a really good match against Swansea City in which he scored. I don’t expect him to play West Bromwich if Ramsey or Ox return
    Ramsey and OX have nothing to worry about

  2. Well he has showed a lot more than OX that’s for sure. But when Ramsey gets back, it might be time for Aaron to take that RM spot again.

  3. Better for him to look for a way out to any other club where he can play regularly … He is not an arsenal standard, at least for now …

  4. I don’t get fans when they say “we wont challenge for the league, we need a striker cdm bla bla blaaa”‘ yes I get what you trying to say and I understand. But for a second look at our squad if everyone is fit. This squad is fully capable of striking fear into anyone.
    I know for a fact a year or two ago, with 9 injuries, we would’ve languished at probably sixth or seventh.
    There is this determination and hunger in this squad. Even Ozil is becoming a beast of some sort, Glad his proving his critics wrong.

    I have faith in walcot being our number one striker, and giroud as an alternative in certain games. Walcot (in my opinion) makes our game flow faster and more fluid and our counters are close to unstoppable. Somehow sanchez plays better when walcot’s up top, I’m not discrediting Giroud, but I have noticed this.

    I was against playing ramsey on the wing, but now I see why le prof prefers him there. He adds another creative dimension, he has an engine, and is a goal scoring threat as well.

    I have this funny feeling wilshere will be santi’s successor, his more technical, can dribble and has abit of fiestyness to his game. Obviously he has to work on the simple things like releasing the ball earlier and not committing to rash tackles etc….But we shall see.

    Its just a pity we have this injury curse…….I think this squad has huge potential. I have full confidence in our defence as well.

    2weeks without arsenal football bleeeh:/ atleast we’ll get our injured players back……well I pray we don’t sustain more…..

    peace out


    1. “But for a second look at our squad if everyone is fit. This squad is fully capable of striking fear into anyone.” Putting fear into top teams (City, Chelsea, BM, Barca, RM, PSG), I don’t think so …

      1. Sorry Sam no intention to disrespect you but you brother you’re full of negativity and can ruin our team. if you don’t believe in the team then keep your thoughts to yourself. you’re like a girl who never gets satisfied with the efforts of her man even when he’s doing things he never did before

  5. I think the Boss has given 4 back to back game run to Campbell that included a Champions League away outing against Bayern Munich. With the new discovery we’ve seen last Sunday when the Gunners line became more potent and productive when the Boss replaced Campbell with Gibbs. Honestly, I can’t see Campbell starting another game for Arsenal soon. Save if the Boss decided to rest Sanchez, Ramsey & the Ox for the Zagreb game. For our mid-wingers & attacking mid, I will love it if the Boss repeat, @lw-Gibbs, am@-Ozil & @rw-Sanchez. I believe those 3 mids will be more dynamic and productive against WBA than the mids we had against Spurs which included Campbell. I think Campbell will have to wait to get another chance again. Well, it’s all depends on what the Boss thinks and does.

  6. Campbell is not doing bad for me..I just think he gets tired quickly cus of the way he’s always running trying to protect Debuchy. If he plays with Bellerin from the right am sure we’ll see more from him, and i wont just support playing Ramsey in every match, lets start rotating please, give Campbell some games too against lower teams and rest Ramsey sometimes (any time he gets injured we always feel it even tho he’s been wasteful with balls) or Rest Carzola and play Ramsey in CM so Campbell can play the RW..then when Campbell is not playing, Carzola CM and Ramsey RW.
    Rotating will help us a lot more, also please rest Coquelin please, that boy needs it, I know he’s very important but we’re going into his winter fixtures that’s always important. Flaminin did a good job against spuds play him against West brom and rest Le Coq, thumb me down all you want but its better we rest him before he start getting tired like Sanchez. We should’ve rest Sanchez long ago. Lets protect our players please.
    Without Coq am sure we’ll win at west brom

    1. Hooray, I thought I was going mad. I also agree with you about Campbell. He’s done some pretty decent stuff. He does seem to tire in the second half, but this has been a big step up match wise for him, and remembering that he has been farmed out most seasons, his technical ability under Wenger and decent players can only get better. Personally, I lile the fact that he is willing to take a shot, and they often have tested the keeper. Also, some of his balls into the box, like the one into Alexis in the Spurs game show he has both real technical skill and a good football brain. Sadly, it seems that he has become the target of the moment, which feels a little unfair for a young player who could still develop into a good player in a couple of years.

  7. I can understand he has only 3 games on a trot. He has done good. But has he done better ? Better than the players competing for the place i.e Ox, Ramsey, Walcott. I think not. He needs to improve. He contributes well defensively and works very hard. But in Arsenal if you want to be play wide, pace and service to the strikers are always a very important criteria which he has not shown till now. I hope he improves and give the others a real competition. And no doubt he is not going to get another golden chance to cement his place in the team. It is Now or Never for him.

    1. Campbell gets tired quickly, I think mainly because he covers Debuchy a lot. Play him with Bellerin and you will see wonders. I think he deserves another chance. Can rotate with Sanchez and let OX rotate with Ramsey

  8. i like the fact that he is not afraid to take a shot from afar but he needs to learn when to shoot or pass the ball also against the spuds it seemed to me that he lost the ball to many times inviting pressure back on the team straight away,basically he needs to improve his decision making!!

  9. also he says it,s up to WENGER to play him ,i disagree i think it,s up to him to make sure that the manager has no choice but to play him because he is performing well??

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