Arsenal on alert as Manchester City ready to sell first-teamer this summer

Arsenal are interested in pouncing for John Stones.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is reportedly ready to hand John Stones an escape route from Manchester City as Pep Guardiola gives up on the player.

According to 90min, the Gunners could be keen to take advantage of Stones’ situation as he struggles for as much playing time at City this season than in previous years.

It’s fair to say the England international has not lived up to expectations in his time at the Etihad Stadium and this signing might be a tad risky for Arsenal.

However, we can’t really afford not to take a bit of a gamble right now as our defence is in urgent need of strengthening this summer, and if an experienced Premier League and international player like Stones is available, he’s the calibre of player we should be going after.

Still only 25, Stones looked a huge prospect at former club Everton and surely still has time to turn his career around and fulfil that potential.

Arteta worked with Stones when he was on Guardiola’s coaching team at City, so 90min’s report suggests he must still rate him highly enough that this signing could be worth a go.


  1. Siamois says:

    I hope it’s true but we’re going to have to move few defenders.

  2. Reggie says:

    I hope they are not, im sure Arteta seeing Stones at close quarters can see he is a walking disaster. Make mustaffi look safe as far as mistakes go. Im sure this is the media putting 3 and 3 together and winding the Arsenal fans up as usual.

  3. RSH says:

    Another errorprone defender. still better than what we have but that should not be the benchmark. Also, we need to get rid of half of the current defenders we have at the club before we can even buy another.

  4. jon fox says:

    JOHN STONES? NO THANKS! Just a constant mistake on taller legs than Mustafi and less fuzzy hair than Luiz, who are also both “mistakes on legs.” AND NOT AS SUITED TO PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING AS SOKRATIS. DESPITE THESE THREE CLOWNS WE HAVE NOW, I DO NOT WANT STONES.

    1. Phil says:

      I disagree JF- look at the improvement MA4 has drilled into Mustafi who is at this moment our most consistent CB. With Mari and Stones as our first choice CB pairing, and Salibas,Holding and Chambers as back-up, the Manager will build his defence around these and they could be there.for years.
      Tierney will prove to be a fantastic buy, and if Bellerin dosent buck up then Soures could easily take his place.Good coaching of these players from MA4 will give us a solid unit at the back with players who I’m sure will buy into the coaching and the way the manager wants to play. But let’s not forget the CDM is just as vital and that’s where I see the manager improving on what he has already done

      1. jon fox says:

        Well Phil we will have to disgree on Stones then. I note that neither PEP nor ARTETA managed to coach those mistakes out of him, so why do you think Arteta can now achieve what NEITHER of those talented coaches managed to achieve when both worked together at City? Care to answer that PERTINENT question, Phil?
        I do concur with the vital need for a proper CDM. Torreira, even when recovered from his fracture, is too small and constantly being bowled over and getting hurt. We need a physical monster, not a titch in that role.

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