Join up with Arsenal and Liverpool fans to protest about ticket prices!

There is a rally being organized at Noon today, bringing together Arsenal and Liverpool fans groups, to protest about the way top clubs milk their supporters by charging astronomical ticket prices.

Arsenal currently have the most expensive tickets in Europe and that doesn’t look set to change anytime soon, despite the MASSIVE increase in TV revenue to fund the running of our clubs.

If you are interested in joining the protest then everyone is meeting up at the Bear Roundabout opposite the Armoury. Here are the details as released by the Fans’ Groups:
AFC v LFC Ticket Prices

This is an open invitation to supporters of other clubs, including Liverpool, as ALL football fans are affected by these outlandish prices. Get up to the Emirates and make your feelings known!

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  1. Forget doing anything with them theiving little Scouse rats they rob you clean COYG lets pull away from the Scousers and continue this great run were on oh arsenal we love u

  2. We the fans have a right to make our feelings known! Silent stan & the board most know that we are not second class, we are proud gooners supporters who wear our hearts on our sleeves with “passion” week in week out for arsenal fc! We are there at the emirates to show support, love, and passion for our beloved arsenal, not like him who thinks arsenal fc is a “cash cow” for his own personal selfish reasons! Lets make a stand and show “we the fans” deserve better! Because without us the clubs wont prosper!

  3. Can’t get to the game today had ad a recent knee op, and it’s on fecking BT sport, anyone know an easy steaming site that I don’t have to jump through hoops and then cancel a monthlater, that I can see the game pls

    1. I got 3 apps on my phone that you can watch football on and luckily I’ve been watching the 3pm Saturday games as well and they both got bt sports on it 1 is world tv and the other is pak India and u stream and they work with the wire from the phone to tv so u can see it on the tv hope this helps cause trying to stream football online is quite annoying COYG

    2. is usually good quality and reliable.
      Great idea for both sets of fans to get together. Grass roots is where it begins. Fu#k The Begrudgers!

  4. When Im on here I see AFC fans saying buy this guy he is only 30mill, or he only wants £150k wages.
    Its because of us the fans that ticket prices continue to soar, we want the best players but then go crazy when ticket prices go up. Football has changed people, and football clubs are a business these days and like it or not we are consumers, unless ur a saudi or russian billionare the fans are going to have to pay at the end of the day.
    On to the game today, Im always nervous but i love the way big Ollie is talking about winning the title, he is in brilliant form and now seems happy again and he seems to have gotten over the affair he had with that slut bag last year.
    Mesut got slated on here for saying he wanted to win the ballon dor, I actually saw this statement as a sign of growing confidence and Mesut actually begining to feel at home and buy into the Arsenal ways. I say go for it Mesut if you really want it, you have the skills required.

  5. It’s all about supply and demand.

    Supply is limited, yet demand is great so they can get away with it, just like any well run organisation.

    I am glad the club can be run this way, it shows Arsenal is successful.

    Protests won’t help, you need to limit demand (boycott), but we all know that’s not going to happen.

  6. Going for a 2-0 win for the scourers today.

    Thumb me down, we still ain’t got big game mojo

  7. No thanks. l personally cannot stand up for anything that will disrupt the mood and atmosphere of the game. This is a very crucial game, we need to give our undivided energy and attention to it. Think of protesting another time

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