Jonas Eidevall on team rotation & injuries as Arsenal Women face Juventus

Jonas Eidevall on team rotation & injuries as Arsenal Women face Juventus   by Michelle

Eidevall spoke to the press ahead of Arsenal’s next Women’s Champions League group stage challenge against Juventus at the Allianz Stadium tonight.

The boss answered questions on team rotation, injuries and how the squad are readying themselves ahead of tonight.

Did a lack of rotation contribute to Beth Mead’s injury on Saturday.

It’s a good question. It’s hard to answer of course because you don’t know all the variables. Player loading and fatigue are obviously things that we constantly monitor and we’re concerned about, so if that had been obvious to us leading up to this game, we wouldn’t have played her.

But then it still can happen which makes it so difficult for us. When you see the player’s schedule of games, especially for players playing tournaments, it doesn’t help the injury situation.

On how the club is supporting Beth.

The team and all the people around the club have been so supportive. We will care for her and do the best for her during a tough time like this.

on whether Beth’s injury adds more pressure to the rest of the squad.

The responsibility in the team is always shared. In a team sport, it’s never an individual’s output that is measured. It’s always the team that will have an output. I obviously need to select the team that can create as good an output as possible together. That’s the challenge that we have in front of us here.

On Lina Hurtig missing the return to her former club.

Great talent, Lina. I think her injury came at a really bad time – if an injury ever can come at a good time. This was a really bad time because I felt like Lina consistently was starting to put together some really good performances in training. And when you see that, you know it’s only a matter of time before you can see them shine through in matches as well.

So I felt that momentum was building and I was really looking forward to seeing her play more for us. Then the injury came and now we hope she can get back as quickly as possible again, to start building again.

Interview courtesy of Arsenal.

Arsenal currently hold top position in Group C, with Juventus in 2nd – there is no way this will be a walk in the park for our Gunners.  See my predicted line-up ahead of the confirmed team being published closer to match kick-off.  Jonas really has got his work cut out for him, in choosing his starting XI for tonight’s clash.  Juventus have been in great form all season, and they won a lot of silverware last season.  Arsenal’s form in the WSL had been second to none, until Saturday’s unfortunate defeat by Man Utd at Emirates Stadium.  However, Arsenal are plagued with injuries and Jonas has a real juggling act on his hands to manage the rest of the team through that to give them their best chance against Juventus tonight.

Full Match Preview will follow shortly.  How to watch the match:

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