Jordan Nobbs set new challenges by Joe Montemurro

Nobbs’ new challenges for the current season!

Already one of the Women’s Super-League’s leading midfielders, Jordan Nobbs, seems way out in front at the moment in terms of ability.

Arsenal Ladies head Coach Joe Montemurro though, believes that she can get even better and suggests that we have not even seen the peak to her talent yet.

Jordan has been deployed mainly on the left for this new season so far and she even managed to net her first goal of the campaign over the weekend, scoring in the 4-0 win against our North London rivals Tottenham. If there were ever a time to bag your first goal of the season, only three games in, against your rivals would be the best place to start!

But as if Jordan doesn’t do enough within the team, head coach Joe has set her some new challenges for the season and believes it will only help to improve her game even more.

Speaking to the Arsenal website, he revealed those challenges, stating:

“The main one is just her effectiveness. We just want her to be more efficient and effective. Jordan is very energetic, she likes to be involved all the time but we’ve just set her some challenges to be involved where she can be really effective. She may take up positions sometimes where other players are in positions that can be more effective. It’s a bit about her positioning, it’s a bit about her effectiveness in creating space on the ball. That will give her the physical parameters to be a bit more efficient.”

There is no doubt though that if Jordan takes his words on board and uses that as a positive in her game, she will be adding a lot more to her game and that will surely make her an even better player than what she is now, if that is even possible. Gooners?

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  1. Coming through at arsenal with senior heads like Alex Scott around has helped her game and belief. I guess at 27 shes established herself on the scene now as a senior head herself. Keep going JN!!

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