Jorge Mendes could be the key man for Arsenal as they seek Unai Emery replacement

Jorge Mendes could play a pivotal role in finding the next Arsenal manager.

Because of the way information is quickly spread nowadays, one would think that naming a new manager for a club like Arsenal would have been very easy, but that hasn’t proven to be true.

The Gunners have been underperforming for some time now and Unai Emery has been close to getting the sack, however, nothing has changed.

Reports in the Daily Mail claim that Unai Emery’s days could be near the very end and the Gunners already have a replacement lined up.

According to the report, Arsenal has made Wolves manager, Nuno Espirito Santo their new number one target to become their manager.

It further claims that bringing the former FC Porto boss to the Emirates may not be very complicated as Arsenal’s Head of Football, Raul Sanllehi has a close relationship with Santo’s agent, Jorge Mendes.

Mendes is also the agent of Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo and remains one of the most reputable agents in the world right now.

The same report claims that Arsenal apparently believes Santo, who led Wolves back to the Premier League and into the Europa League, is the man to lead them back inside the top four.

It is certainly a change at Arsenal regarding Mendes, he was not popular with Arsene Wenger and got nowhere near the club. Whether this change of strategy regarding agents is a good thing or a bad thing is yet to be seen.


  1. I’m sure I’ve said nuno would be a good candidate recently before all the fan fare. I’m very clever with a crystal ball!

      1. MOST of our scouts need to be replaced, gotanidea.
        Our scouting these last 10 years has consisted mostly of ‘scouts’ watching match highlights or various charts, it seems. No other explanation for us missing virtually every player before he gets top quality (Martinelli the exception after a LOOOOONG time).

        On topic: Arsene was right about Mendes in a way. But in another, dealing with a few of these scumbag type of ‘super-agents’ like Mendes or Raiola can be useful if you can forget about principles. (not saying all or even most agents are scumbags, but some of the bigger ones clearly are).

    1. Totally agree Dan.

      Been watching Nuno’s work for a while now.

      Was at the last 3 games v Wolves .

      Two fortunate home draws, and a hammering away against very good Wolves sides.

      Organised, pacy and very direct with each player knowing their role in the side.

      Wolves set up and play in a style very reminiscent of what we were, and should be.

      Also, at least a couple of Wolves players would improve us immediately namely Cody & Nevas.

      Suffice to say, Wolves mate at work now panicking….they love him – cult status.

      GET NUNO IN !!!!!

  2. The Wolves’ playing style is not pretty though. Nuno might be able to get instant results like Mourinho, but don’t expect beautiful football

    I like the way he utilizes Neves’ long shots from midfield and Jimenez’s height to win the ball upfront. I just hope he wouldn’t blow it up like when he was at Valencia

    1. Yea right on that tho. His style of football is the only thing that worries me, it ain’t really pretty either

      1. We need a steady hand right now. It was always a tough ask for any manager coming in after Arsene but emery hasn’t been it. I’d say we will have to go through a few more managers until one truly fits for more than a few years but nuno would start the improvement at least. He has very good footballing contacts as well, I think it will stop the rot and start the actual forward progress. He has set a team up to its strengths and keeps it simple

    2. Not pretty ?

      And similar to Emery ?

      The Portuguese delivered in style. 1st place in the Championship with 99 points, going up as Champions. The brand of football they played was a joy to watch. Exciting, energetic and full of goals. 82 to be precise.

      Nuno Espirito Santo has brilliantly constructed an amalgamation of tactical nous and sheer hard graft for his Wolves side to stray away from the norm of promoted teams that simply focus on survival by executing archaic approaches that promise no long-term sustainability. To stand toe to toe with not only the division’s finest but also Europe’s top dogs on their day is why this class of 2018 is different gravy. As Phil Neville succinctly summarized their exploits this season, they might well be “the best side that has ever come up from the Championship.”

    3. ‘blow it up like when he was at Valencia’??

      He was 4th in his only full season and was chosen La Liga manager of the month 3 times out of 14 maximum possible that he was there.

      Not bad, competing with Barca, Real, and Simeone’s Atletico.

  3. Very similar to Emery not the man to lead us forward. With good backing in the transfer market,I feel with the right squad either Arteta or Bielsa would do fantastic job. Bielsa does prefer a 3 at the back formation which would be an issue for us at this moment in time. However he gets his teams playing fast attractive football with all intents on getting 3 points from every game. Unfortuently I live in the North West so I know alot of Leeds fans and they would have given him a ten year new contract on the day he lost the play off final and that speaks volumes.

  4. Very surprised at comments re’ the style in which Nino has Wolves playing.

    The following from a report of our last game at the Emirates ;

    “In true ‘Nuno’ style, Wolves got the ball down and went for the jugular immediately“

    The key words being “Nuno style “

    Wolves play on the deck .

    As soon as possession is gained at the back, the ball goes wide. Pace to burn then gets in behind you, and you are in trouble.

    Each to their own, but I very much like the way Wolves play – and the Mendes / Raul link aside I think our people can see a Arsenal manager here.

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