Jorginho admits he was open to Arsenal move

Every non-negotiation has a silver lining!

Throughout the recent transfer window, as always Arsenal were linked with a number of players yet again. Some close to joining, some on the list of targets and some just utterly absurd who were not even looking to move to the club and whom we were not even targeting.

As Arsenal fans though we are used to all that transfer talk and more often than not 90% of the players we are linked to are just all talk and rumours as nothing really comes out of it in the end.

But as recent confirmation from the player himself has shown, Jorginho was open to holding talks for him to switch from Chelsea to Arsenal, which may come as a surprise to both Arsenal and Chelsea fans, but then again anything should be expected especially after we nabbed Luiz and Willian from Chelsea over previous windows.

Although Jorginho is a talented player who can bag himself a number of penalties each season, what remains to be seen is that if we had had the talks for him and it was agreed he would make the switch, would we have signed Partey as well or would we have been happy with the signing of Jorginho and left it at that.

Speaking to ESPN Brazil, Jorginho himself has spoken out on the talks stating:

“I believe that every player is open to negotiations. So I believe there was something they talked about. And in the end it was decided that I remain here.”

Although talks never really went anywhere with Jorginho, we finally went on to sign Thomas Partey on deadline day, and what a signing it was. I know who I would rather have in our ranks anyway and it isn’t Jorginho.

But who knows, maybe in the future if we do not sign Aouar or any other midfielder, then maybe we will go back in and finalise those talks to make Jorginho an Arsenal player. Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. We need a creative midfielder who is also a team player to help us. Ozil type, no no because he won’t be the team player we want. Good we have Party now, once we get a team player and also with ability to create then we’ll be off.

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