Jorginho puts Arsenal’s success down to “working hard” and “having fun”

Our little Brazilian Jorginho has come in for a lot of praise from Arsenal fans recently, with Mikel Arteta even calling him world-class after our demolition of Newcastle.

Arsenal were on a bit of a blip over Christmas and we were struggling to put the ball in the back of the net, but after returning from our warm weather break in Dubai, everything seemed to come together at once and now we are scoring goals for fun in the Premier league, and now have the best Goal Difference figures in the division.

Jorginho was asked why he thought that the Dubai trip made such a difference to the squad: “It’s a secret – only joking!” he said on “I think we just kept working hard because in the end, we were creating but we maybe weren’t finishing the chances that we were creating.

“Then something clicked – the connection between the players, with the staff, with the fans – it’s just an amazing feeling all together and then things turn your way. The atmosphere at the Emirates, and it’s just a pleasure to be here. We go out there and we give our best. We work hard and then we are really enjoying this journey together.”

But the thing that stoood out for me was that he emphasised that it was not all down to simple hard work, it could be explained by the enjoyment that the squad feels when they play, and there is no better tonic than having fun while you work.

“All I do is try to make things easier for my team,” the Italian international said. “When I go out there and I can do that, I’m really happy because to see the team pushing and scoring goals and having fun, enjoying being together on the pitch with these fans, it’s just incredible.

“I think you could see today, the team was really hungry, and we showed out there that we wanted to go hard and that’s what we did. I’m very happy for the team, because we worked so hard, everyone, and I think we fully deserved it. We are all just very happy.”

Things are going very well for the Gunners, there is no doubt about that. All they ne to do is carry on smiling until the end of the season!

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  1. At 5’11” , I would not describe Jorginho as “little” when I am 5’7″ .That aside, he did very well yesterday, as did ESR in his 20 mins on the field.What might he achieve with more game time?

  2. Man of the match for me yesterday but did Arteta call him world class or just a top player as I haven’t managed catch the interview he gave where it is alleged he said that?

      1. Thanks AdPat but I did see this earlier article on here but couldn’t find the reference to world class on as couldn’t access site for some reason, that’s the only reason I asked.

  3. Jorginho really has had a great match against Newcastle, he along with Rice and Odegaard commanded the midfield. Hopefully, we have much more of such performances.

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