Jose blasted – Arsenal play fantastic football, Chelsea the opposite!

As Chelsea coasted to the Premier League title last season, Jose Mourinho never missed a chance to insult the Gunners boss Arsene Wenger. This season the tables have turned but Wenger has resisted the chance to put the boot into the Portugese bus conductor even though he has been as obnoxious as ever.

But that doesn’t mean that other Premiership bosses can’t do the job for him, and today it is being reported that the Southampton boss Ronald Koeman has basically blamed Chelsea’s defeat to the Saints on Mourinho’s tactical defending, rather than the Arsenal way of going for the jugular even if they take the lead.

“Chelsea prefer to defend when attacking is also an option,” Koeman said in today’s Mirror.

“Mourinho always chooses to defend. Even if his team goes 1-0 up, they would rather defend their lead than try to score more goals.

“Yet Arsenal can kill an opponent. That is why their victory against Manchester United was so impressive.

“Attacking-wise, they completely destroyed United. For 20 minutes, they played the most fantastic football, while Chelsea do the opposite thing.

“By defending, Chelsea give their opponent a chance to come back in the game. It was a shame that Mourinho was putting attention on the referee after we beat them.

“He wanted to have a penalty in the first half. But, in the first half at Stamford Bridge, Southampton should have had two penalties.”

Chelsea looked a shadow of last season’s team in that game against Southampton, while the Saints pressed them all over the pitch. That could have been the final nail in Mourinho’s coffin, with rumours that Abramovich is now trying to secure a top class replacement very quickly.

Boring Boring Maureen!

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  1. This is quality well said Ronald! I hope abramovich doesn’t Fire him and they keep slipping so we can hear the dumb one make more ridiculous excuses

  2. Mourinho needs to stop worrying about us and other clubs, what he should be concerned about is his own job! Reality check mourinho: THE AXE MAY FALL SOON!

  3. Ronald Koeman or Bergkamp those are the kind of people i would like to see manage arsenal after about 10 more years 😀
    i know many of you always say thierry henry blabla but i dont really think that he is that intelligent to manage a team like arsenal.. he should first prove it by managing a team like swansea,southampton or ajax etc. but i think that henry will never be a great manager ^^

    1. Was just about to ask that question about Ronald potentially being Wengers replacement in the future? Agree also with Bergkamp let Henry focus on the youth and training our strikers, walcott praising him already hes only in a few weeks!

      Koeman (Manager)
      Bergkamp (No2) he hates flying so Henry can go to european away games?

        1. @Koss the Boss
          No way. Pep is a bluff, more suited for the likes of City or Chelsea. We need a Dutchman to replace AW to maintain our style of play.

          1. I reckon Pep would be more likely to take over one of Manchester clubs or move to Italy and take charge of Juventus ..leaning with Juve.

            Could your Dutchman be none other than Bergkamp.

  4. i don’t think chlsea will sack moren. at least he have this season. anyways it would be a good ‘good vs evil’ ending to the story if sacked.

    1. Mou is scared of Tony Pulis.
      Never says anything bad about Pulis.
      Pulis would kick his butt if mou said anything bad about him. Mou only picks on Wenger, he is jealous of Wenger’s success at Arsenal.

  5. Something that only the best managers can do is churn out team after team at the right times, but mours signings of late have been led baloons. He is still a great manager but the fact he cannot bring through youth players and create entirely his own teams or leave a lasting brand of exciting football on a club will hinder somewhat. When a club like Arsenal or a club that hits the skids financially looks for a top manager to save or keep them competitive I think Mourinho would be low down on that list.

    Glad to hear both Koeman and Sir Alex speak highly of Arsene. I respect both these guys.

  6. Only manager I don’t want to be sacked and I want them too bounce back from the bottom,is Tim Sherwood. I might get thumbs down for this but he is a Arsenal fan.

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