Jose Mourinho mentions Arsenal but not Man Utd when discussing top-four

Jose Mourinho includes Arsenal among the teams in contention for top-four but leaves out Man Utd.

As the race for the Champions League continues to intensify it seems that Arsenal can still get in through the door and finish inside the top four, according to Jose Mourinho.

The Tottenham manager was recently asked about his opinion of the top four race and he listed a number of teams that he believes can challenge for the Champions League places and added the Gunners.

Arsenal is currently far from the top four places and a more realistic target would be a top-six finish.

However, teams above the Gunners have been very inconsistent and that keeps the door open for Arsenal to gatecrash the top four-party, Jose Mourinho thinks that could happen.

The former Manchester United boss also claimed that the likes of Wolves and Sheffield United cannot be ruled out as well.

He said per the Sun: “Wolves and Sheffield United are fighting for the top four, [the managers] they can say no, and I understand if they say no but the reality is that they are.

“Not just because of the position that they are in the table, but because of the power and quality,

“They arrive in this situation where in the eyes of everybody they should be more than happy, they are not more than happy.

“Wolves bought an important player [Daniel Podence for £16.6m] to try to improve their situation.

“Sheffield bought an important player [Sander Berge for £22m], they beat their record in the market to try to improve their team.

“So it’s not just about Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea and Everton.

“It’s not just about us. ‘It’s also about these two clubs who I have to say [are] fantastic.”

This is classic Mourinho, he knows exactly what he was doing with regards to omitting United. Give it time and he will soon start his little mind games with Arsenal, for now, he is not wrapped up in the North London rivalry and so does not feel the need to spout his rubbish, but he will.


    1. Haha! Gives writer chance to do an article on how we can all hope for top4 and justify it… Hey, if Jose said so! Lol!

      Defenetly good laughs, we need just that! I’m already scared for next EPL game.

      Im scared of formation Arteta will pick, because he always picks wrong one and when he got it right for once in first half of last cup game; he went back to wrong in second,
      total panic and almostt a draw in result!

      He just took it from that wrong formation to next game without ever noticing the shocking change between two halves where we fly and dominant attacking in first and defending, under pressure throughout all second half!

      That was a joke brainer to realise that, it happened before his and our eyes! Shows a lack of brain and vision!

      1. Seems you are scared of Arteta altogether and would prefer that “genius” Emery back. I read your comments and wonder if you are for real, TBH.!

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