Reports hinting that Mourinho is set to be Arsenal coach? Who wants him?

Things are looking precarious for Unai Emery as Arsenal have dropped more points at home to Wolves. We have only gained 2 points in our last 3 League games and it looks increasingly like the Spaniard has lost the dressing room completely, and our players seem more and more confused every week. It can’t help Emery’s confidence when a photo of Jose Mourinho reportedly sitting beside Raul Sanllehi at the game against Vitoria Guimaraes appeared on Friday…

The game against Wolves was covered by SkySports and after the match was over, one of their reporters posted this on Twitter, although it was later reported that this was a fake account) …

The Times are also reporting that Mourinho and Sanllehi had dinner together, which has only increased the rumours that he has practically already got the job.

So I guess that with Jose and Raul being so pally lately, and with the results under Emery going from bad to worse, then we have to consider the possibility that Mourinho could be on board in the next couple of weeks…


  1. Would Definitely take him over Unai at least until the end of the season for 3 reasons
    1. Arsenal football can’t get any worse
    2. Defense would definitely improve
    3. It might not seem so with his record but Mourinho has something to prove after his last jobs

    1. If he couldn’t make it work at United what makes you think he can do it at Arsenal? His ego is bigger than any players ffs! Noooooooooo!!

      1. Won Europa League, Won league cup, took United to second place. That is a failure most Arsenal fans would give their right arm for. Just saying

        1. Absolutely admin 👍 I’ll take mourinho all day long over Emery! The man has an incredible cv.. people will say he needs massive funds and plays boring football, well he won the champions League with Porto not spending huge amounts of money, also his Chelsea teams of 05/06 were certainly not boring. Mourinho knows the league and speaks the language let’s get him on board and say goodbye to Emery!

    1. Sue at least he’ll play our best players and our football can’t be as depressing as this.
      I believe Mourinho can do more with this team than Emery will ever do

      1. Everybody who wants Mourinjo are easily forgeting who he really is and really wants just Arsenal to win something no matter what… I was never jelous to ManCity cos they are still empty club and willnever be big as Arsenal. Mourinjo is also empty and very frustrated man…. All the worst caracters in history were frustrated. Then, I would never take a coach who was at ManUtd and made very bad vibe against the club.
        Emery should go but we have to think about Ajax coach, Viera or Alegri… there are planty of names…. but NEVER mourinjo to Arsenal.
        I hope we did not fall that low.

      2. Absolutely Eddie 👍 Emery is out of his depth in this league! Chasing a goal and subbing a left back for a left back 2 games running the man is an absolute clown

      3. With mourinho we are sure of a major trophy, our defence will improve and arsenal fear factor will increase

    2. Good morning Sue. Too late now I would guess, but always was hoping for Mikel Arteta; He sits next to Pep for good reason.

    1. I really wanted to give Unai a chance, he’s not had his first choice defence for one game this season, I just don’t think he’s our man.

      With Jose in charge it would be like the old days under George Graham, the football wouldn’t be as easy on the eye but he’s a winner.

      1. I echo them sentiments as well jon..
        But I ask my self..with all these years of playing pretty football then only thi g we lacked was that killer instinct, the winners mentality
        Right now I would take the latter two over pretty
        This team is capable of playing pretty but cant win..
        JM would probably give us that

    2. Be informed. I think the board are playing their cards well again.

      This whole mourinho rumours are just a smoke screen to keep the fans expectations low. To make majority fans think “anyone is better than that classless mourinho”

      Just like how there was Arteta becoming our manager after wenger. Just to lower our expectations from allegri,enrique etc.

  2. Hobson’s choice, this one. Never been a fan of José, but with the way Emery is bungling what choice do we have!!

  3. No no no. Even for free.
    There are better candidates.
    Let’s try an insider for the remaining 7 months.

  4. Yes over every other manager available. Let’s promote Freddy? Who has no experience what so ever? Allegri who plays like Mourinho but without half the honours? Who else Tuchel who’s happy at PSG? Wenger back? Just no. Let Mourinho have his redemption story. We are defensive now and not even good at it aleast Mourinho will sort that out.

    1. Tell me. Just as Frank. Where was Pep before he popped up at Barca? Give Freddy the remaining months while searching for a replacement.

  5. We are a proud bunch and we’ve got nothing to show off other than the past accomplishments of our forefathers i.e the invisibles it’s time we swallow our pride and do what’s needed and bring in Mourinho who will definitely bring in some needed steel and discipline in defense

  6. O.T. A report on “Untold Arsenal” involving match fixing is a real must to read for those of us (KENNY ROLFE) who have been saying our referees are subject to no one etc etc

    Admin, is it possible to reprint this on justarseanl for discussion? If not, as I suggest, go and read it please!!!

  7. Mourinho NO, NO, NO.
    Our club is in disarray at present but he would take us into oblivion. He’s a bigger egomaniac than Wenger was and if you think the football is unpalatable now then with him in charge you will be bored shitless.
    Freddie until the end of the season then jump for a “big” name if necessary. Lampard made the step up ok.
    Emery out even if we beat Leicester, which is doubtful.
    I’ve been watching The Arsenal for over 60 years and can’t remember worse times than these.

      1. Yes physical but never boring.
        Even when fans sang boring, boring, Arsenal under managers like Mee, Howe, Rioch and Graham we weren’t as bad as this.
        Mourinho? Sorry, we had class, were known for it and it’s really dipped recently but will never be mentioned again under him.
        Sometimes standards matter.

          1. Wes, we have already lowered our standards, how low do you want us to go – jose will suck us even more into the mire and wzlk away with a fortune, after agreeing a lucrative contract of course.

            Let Freddie have the reins, watch what he does for the rest of the season and, meanwhile keep an eye on Vieria’s work and the situation with Bergkamp.

            What a situation to be in at our club, never experienced anything like thix before!!!

          2. Having said what I said I do believe Mourinho will be our next manager and be appointed after we lose to Leicester.
            He was in a box with a Raul last week and had dinner with him last night.

    1. Really? Try telling that to all those Mancs who feel he put the Club back 10 years.
      I honestly feel that Freddie would at least stabilise the team.We are going BACKWARDS and don’t let anyone tell you anything different.This reminds me of 1995-96 when Rioch was appointed.The Club was too big for him.The players were too big for him.The job was too big for him.Dein saw it early and sacked him after a single season. That’s what must happen NOW.Just recognise the mistake in appointing Emery, sack him immediately and move on. Freddie can hold the reins until the right man is brought in. Luis Enrique? He’s available. Has worked with Raul. And would put the best players on the pitch and find a way to make things work.

    1. Arsene Wenger was a genius……some elements of the fanbase trested him despicably…..perspective was lost, the stadium cost a fortune and we could no longer compete financially. By the time we could the johnny come lately’s had turned the atmosphere so sour he had no chance of turning it around. Not that he didn’t make a few mistakes in latter years but even Ferguson made mistakes.

      1. I agree with you. Wenger’s ingenuity was not appreciated by the inpatient fans who did not understand his challenges.

  8. @ken1945 it is true that we have lowered our standards by hiring Emery but Freddie is a carbon copy of Wenger and he should serve as an assistant under Jose so as to learn something about defending and then he should be able to cope against better teams

    1. Wes – Please explain how Freddie is a carbon copy of Wenger – especially as he’s NOTHING REMOTELY LIKE HIM. I look forward to your reply.

  9. It’s a bad move. Seriously bad move. He does not play the arsenal way and could only be a short-term replacement. Yet if we sign him. He will want mourinho type players , which will mean less chances for the youngsters, and will move the team inabother direction. He will inevitably not last long, which means we will have a totally different team that the next manager will have to change when he’s in. I would only accept him as an interim manager until the end of the season but we know mourinho wouldn’t accept that.

  10. if we appoint mourinho, I will take a break for a while this season, minding my own business,rarely watching Leicester City football till we learn our lesson

    Damn us

  11. Okay, call me a sentimental old fool, or worse, if you want to but . . .
    the appointment of Arsene Wenger’s arch enemy Mourinho to be manager of AW’s beloved Arsenal would for me be the ultimate disgrace to our former manager and I for one don’t want to see that.

    Instead, I hope those in charge will give Freddie a chance. I don’t know about the senior players but I read a long while ago that the U23s didn’t rate Unai and have never understood his decisions, almost from the day he arrived, so the recent reports of those youngsters mocking him now is no surprise to me.

    On the other hand Freddie has always had their backing and many of them have said that he has improved them. He did a great job with them so why not give him a try with the first team? Maybe some of our senior players would also welcome the change, although they aren’t likely to come out and say so right now.

    A temporary appointment, even if only to the end of the year/season, could be the answer. So let’s give Freddie a chance and to hell with the idea of Mourinho at Arsenal.

    Just my two penn’orth.

    1. We could perhaps do worse than Freddie as an interim manager until the end of the season. He would get us playing better football but would he sort out the defence? Why not bring back Martin Keown to add some steel / determination and organisation to the defence. David Luiz was another poor signing, especially when we could have signed Cahill for free to do a similar role.
      Next manager has to meet these criteria
      1 Able to organise the defence
      2 Play good football and help the youngsters develop
      3 Unite the fans ….an Arsenal man
      Arteta / Vieira / Ljungberg with Bergkamp and Keown as assistants?
      4 Not be called Jose Mourinho!

      1. Gareth, the reason some on here didn’t want cahill was because he was a chelsea cast off – as if luiz for a reported £8,000,000 wasn’t!!!

        All you other points are spot on for me and keep this other chelsea cast off well away from our club – this time I can agree with the sentiment 100%.

        1. Ken, Watching Sunday Supplement on SKY a while ago and John Cross the chief writer in the Mirror and a real Gooner thinks we will have a new manager by Christmas most likely. The MOURINHO RUMOUR WAS RAISED AND HE WAS CONSIDERED A BUSTED FLUSH BY THE PANEL and the rumour most likely he himself advertising he is free and wants a top Prem post. The club would surely not appoint him, even though I would, RELUCTANTLY take him and almost anyone else too to replace UE. But I do not want him. CROSS FEELS THAT ONCE YOU HAVE LOST THE CROWD, AS HE AGREED EMERY HAS NOW DONE, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN THEM BACK, I AGREE AND THINK HE COULD BE SACKED AFTER THE Leicester game, if we go nine points behind them, which we well might.

  12. You guys lack something big in your thinking process:

    OG the 12th man
    Eddie Hoyte
    Viju Jacob
    Adega Olatunji

    NEVER mourinjo

  13. plssssss…. what’s all this Mourinho fuse about….is it because of the name tag(he’s a winner everywhere he goes) the press has given him which I think it’s the work of his PR machine….after leaving man utd in disarray after two and half seasons where they keep saying he his a winner…. what did he win with them….Carling cup and Europa league….is that an achievement….the same guy that told Benitez that Europa league is a shit competition now calls that an achievement after spending over £400m in just 2 seasons…. whose gonna give him that such of amount to squander with no results and still be asking for more backing at Arsenal….it seems we fans are actually fickle minded….the same Mourinho that has taunt our legendary greatest manager…taunt the club as a whole….taunt the fans saying all sort of shit….we have to be careful of not making same mistake we did with hiring emery coz this is the last chance we have to get it right or turn into a permanent mid table team….we shouldn’t let the feeling of anyone can’t be this bad we had under Wenger(I and some other fans excluded coz I always thought Wenger was always keeping us afloat despite the bad board or management we had that are not willing to spend until the rebellions from fans started cos our ambition was the top four….now we celebrate and glorify and expect that top four now with our most expensively and best assembled squad ever….how hypocritical of us….THATS JUST BY THE WAY…😀😀😀) in appointing emery and it turned worse and we are like it can’t be this worse under Mourinho again….we have to be careful….and a quick reminder for you guys….the normal slogan in football for both coach and players is you are as good as your last games….if that is anything to go by….do guys actually remember that the so called saviour Mourinho was flirting with relegation when he was sacked at Chelsea and even United which was worse of by bringing the name of the club into disrepute with all sorts of press conferences….we can always do better….I believe emery has not had it good with the Arsenal team and am part of the emery out but if given more time I wouldn’t mind but the problem he is having most with the supporters is failing to play the Arsenal way and still not getting the results….if he were to play the Arsenal way and not get results am not sure call for his sack will be this much ….and worse football is what you are going to get from Mr Mourinho with park the bus formations after just a goal lead and all sorts of negative football we don’t even have the players to execute….so think well guys before the feeling of “anything can’t be this bad” kill this club..I say again…this is our last time to get it right….we don’t have the resources like man utd to keep knocking after making wrong decisions….. PLEASE LETS NOT FORGET OUR VALUES….THINK GOONERS……once again this is dammy from Nigeria….sorry for the long text….I don’t always comment….I just read….so that should be understandably for me…..thanks guys….

  14. That Antonio Russo account is a fake news account, no one with that name seems to be employed by sky and has former presenter Andy Steggal as his avatar 🤦‍♂️

    As for the Raul and Mourinho dinner meeting – that’s been reported as bs too and apparently they haven’t spoken to each other in years 🤷‍♂️

    So thankfully it appears the Mourinho links are nothing but hot air.

  15. To all Emery’s illegitimate children other than xhaka,i never been a fan of the special one but he knows how to win and avoid giving away leads easily and how to frustrate big teams

    How many times have we come up against him even when he is poor and he still manages to win? He is what we need at the moment

  16. We are a really strange crowd of ‘fans’ during xhaka incident some people here were all for terminating his contract while loudly proclaiming that no one is bigger than the Arsenal be it the coach,player or owner but when we decide to bring Jose here some of you claim that it would be an insult to Wenger
    my question to you is are your loyalties to Wenger or Arsenal ?

    1. WES, now you are talking sir, double standards on here all the time, but only when it suits that certain few , who think they know absolutely everything about our does not need to be aged and long in the tooth to be an arsenal fanatic.that is the best question that ive seen on here in ages WES.the question relating to wenger or arsenal. fantastic .

  17. Just a few days ago we had a post about this subject, and vast majority of commennts was HELL NO!! Why do we have to repeat this again?

    The answer remains HELL NO!! Anybody BUT Mourinho. Any short term gain would be swiftly overtaken by medium term strife with board and players, and also lead to most of our youngsters coming through the ranks leaving to other clubs. You think Martinelli would play for Mourinho? Good luck.

    1. A few days ago we did not draw at home to Wolves, circumstances change very quickly. Martinelli would love to play under Mourinho, most players would, especially young ones.

      1. Even if we had LOST to Wolves and lose the next 5 games the answer is still HELL NO! There are much more acceptable alternatives, don’t you think?

        1. I cannot think of many alternatives, as an example I hear the name Allegri, he has zero Premier League experience. I am also not convinced that Emery is a lost cause.

  18. The Morinio stories are rabble rousing journalism to get the rabble rioting. Another piece of click bait journalism and people jumping on the bandwagon. Have more respect for yourselves, dont read this rubbish and definitely dont believe it.

  19. It’s strange how most of the comments here show that fans (including me) don’t want Moaninho, yet the poll shows different. Has this site been infiltrated by Sp**s and Chel***s?

    1. It’s not that we’ve been infiltrated by spuds who are busy with their own problems or chelsh*t who view themselves superior to us but it’s jxt that the fans want results and they know Jose will bring them

  20. Big pass..he destroys every club environment he goes to, plus I don’t want my team to play park the bus football.

  21. What is wrong with Arsenal fans, how can they want Mourihno he is like a disease n no class. We deserve the board we have because our fans are clueless, desperate, disrespectful n fallen to new low. If it’s only trophy you want then go an support Man city or Liverpool. We have a culture an identity I don’t want us to loose it at any cost UE has already started that process Mourihno will just finish it.

  22. Dangerous times at Arsenal. Emery needs to go but make the wrong appointment and this downward spiral gathers at pace. My worry with Freddie is that he’ll energise the squad and the Board will make an Ole type mistake. That would only be slightly more palatable than appointing Jose.

  23. It’s amazing how quickly people react to something that is probably fake news.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the powers that be at AFC have considered the prospect of hiring Mourinho but may well decide against it following the huge negative response from the fans. My own view is that Mourinho would be a short term fix because he is basically a football mercenary and rarely stays beyond 3 years. We need someone for the long term, probably 5 years plus, to completely regenerate the club starting with the awful defence we have suffered for the past decade and is still my only criticism of AW in his final years at the club.

    My own choice is, and has been for the past 2 years, Allegri whose record and pedigree is well known and would address our defensive dilemma from day one. I hate chopping and changing managers, it is not our way, but I honestly believe that the job is too big for Emery and it reminds me of Bruce Rioch over two decades ago. But I will say the man does not deserve the abuse he is getting, not unlike AW in his final two years. We have the right to criticise and cast our opinions but should let it stop there.

  24. I would definitely take him we need someone who will implement a defensive structure and influence a winning mentality into these players.

  25. No way Jose!!! This man cares nothing for our club or it’s history, as was clearly shown by the way he went way out of his way disrespect and belittle our former manager. His “park the bus” mentality wouldn’t work at the Emirates without a ridiculous amount of player movement, which would almost assuredly end with this club in tatters. We need to really do our homework this time and not just pick the least expensive well-known option. Jose is even more delusional than Arsene was in his final years, albeit somewhat rightly so due to his success on the European stage…that said, in more recent times he has become a far more divisive and caustic character, caring more about his own ego than creating any long-term success at any one club…he is clearly not the answer for this club, regardless of how poor Emery has been…this would be an unwise knee-jerk reaction based on our defensive frailties but would invariably end in heartache, leaving us in an even worse place than we currently find ourselves

  26. Absolutely not! Mourinho is as much of a football-cancer as Wenger was during his last 12 seasons at Arsenal.
    Mourinho eventually destroys every club he’s ever been at. He freezes out players because he’s a self-obsessed arrogant c**t who makes it all about him and not the football.

    Sack Emery tomorrow, put Freddie in charge until we can get a world-class coach or an up-and-comer like Arteta or Viera.

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