Jose Mourinho begins mind games against Arsenal ahead of the North London derby

One of Arsenal’s game before the end of this season is the North London derby against Tottenham.

The Gunners would have some days off before facing Mourinho’s side, but their rivals would have to play four games in 11 days including the match against Mikel Arteta’s team and the Portuguese manager seems to be suggesting that the Gunners will have the advantage.

Because Mourinho’s team won’t be playing in the FA Cup having been eliminated, they face not playing a game in nine days before embarking on the marathon run of four games in 11 days.

The Portuguese manager was asked if he liked the idea of not playing for nine days and he claimed that he would have preferred to play every three days rather than have a long break before playing so many games in a few days.

Mourinho said at his Zoom pre-match press conference before taking on West Ham, as quoted by the Metro: ‘Look to be honest, I don’t like the nine days until Sheffield.

‘But I also don’t like to play three matches in six days, which is going to happen in the week where we play Arsenal.

‘And Arsenal is going to have I believe six days from the previous game to that one and we are going to play six days, three matches.

‘So I don’t like both. I like the balance. I like three days in between matches. I like a balanced situation. These nine days are of course not good for us at all.’

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  1. It’s actually 5 days from our previous game. I’m pumped for this game already! We have to spank them!!
    Thinking about it, we have some horrible fixtures left… Liverpool on my eldest daughter’s birthday 😩
    Maureen is still as vile as ever….

    1. Sue – he might be as vile as ever but maybe he isn’t really showing it in this instance. If we ignore the ridiculous clickbait headline we find that he wasn’t actually having a go at Arsenal but simply answering a question which any manager would have answered the same way:
      “Want 9 days off and then play – or play every 3 days?” Common sense dictates the answer and it’s officialdom who’ve screwed up – again!
      BTW what did you think of their new guy, Steven Bergwijn? Seems fast and direct – just like the new, improved Traore in fact. Don’t think we have anyone like those two. I was worrying about him after only his first game, vs Man C, and now he’s franked that form vs Man U. How our leaden footed bunch of non-tacklers will cope with him is anybody’s guess.
      The lay off also allowed Kane, Son and Sissoko to regain fitness so for me it’s not looking too good for us I’m afraid unless drastic improvement is forthcoming and I’ve seen no sign of that. Other sides have gone forwards – we seem to have gone backwards.
      Sorry to strike a note of despondency in a game we all want to win – probably you even more than others 🙂 – but just trying to be reasonably level headed about our chances.

      1. I said that by just looking at the picture, without even reading the article 🤣🤣 I just don’t like him, period!
        I must admit, I am really worried about our remaining games… we haven’t started at all well and if we lose anyone else to a serious injury on Thursday I will have the mother of all meltdowns 🤣
        I know we’ll be up for the NLD.. I just hope we show that same fight in all the other games!
        Yeah that Bergwijn looked really lively! Good goal, helped by De Gea, of course 🤣
        I don’t rate Sissoko… I’m hoping for once, Kane doesn’t score against us..
        Don’t worry about that, GJ, I’ve been nothing but pessimistic since Saturday 🤪 it’s becoming the norm… and I don’t like it!

        1. Uh-oh – looks like I’d better put a fiver on Sissoko to score two! Just after Kane, Son and Bergwijn have put them 3 – 0 up. 🙂
          There – now you can’t feel any worse so you might as well cheer up . . . at least until after the match!

      2. Valid points Gunner Jack as Mourinho’s response was reasonable given the question.
        It will be interesting to see if the current Arsenal players can lift themselves to the level expected by the supporters for a match of this importance. Recent performances don’t lead to optimism.

  2. Even though its the NLD, I just cannot see our players getting up for it. No fight, no heart, no mentality at all!

  3. Mind games…Like Pep talking about not being fit enough! Always some truth, to state it is mind game. Don’t have to go there…He want to get us mad, players then play with pressure.

    Good thing if they tired indeed! He already has an excuse for a beat down!

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