Jose Mourinho defends Wenger for a change

Now that Arsene Wenger is set to leave Arsenal, his biggest present-day rival Jose Mourinho has actually got some nice things to say about Le Prof for a change. Normally the United boss would be winding up Wenger before a game and is famous for calling the Gunners boss “a specialist in failure”, but he has now said that he regrets some of things he has said or done in the past. “There were little things where it would obviously be better without them – some gestures, some words.” Mourinho said in the Man United website.

“I feel better now without it, no doubts about it, but again when I arrived in England in 2004, Arsenal was the champion and was the famous champion of The Invincibles. I arrive and for the next couple of years was with them – [Dennis] Bergkamp, Thierry [Henry] and [Sol] Campbell – an amazing team, so again, thank you very much for that. They pushed us to the limit, the two matches we played, not at the Emirates [Stadium], but at the amazing old stadium [Highbury], unforgettable. We had big matches, big fights, so thank you, thank you so much for that. Regret, little negative episodes, yes I do and probably [Wenger] also does.”

Last year United were down in sixth, like Arsenal right now, and Mourinho decided to concentrate on trying to win the Europa League and Jose defended Wenger again, saying how hard is what to combine European games with the Premier League. “The Gunners’ season has been similar to our last season [in 2016/17].” Jose continued. “I think when you fight to try to win in Europe, you are a bit punished in the league. Probably, without the ambition to win the Europa League, they would have a few more points and they would be fighting more for the fourth position. But, in the same way we did last season, I think they put everything in the Europa League to try to win it and that’s why they are in the semi-final and still have a second leg to fight for [against Atletico Madrid].”


  1. Sue says:

    I can’t stand Maureen!! What a bell end

  2. tletico will says:

    He’s talking himself up there, how when he arrived the Invincibles couldn’t stop him. Am still amazed by that phrase, Invincible, no other team just ours has that and am still amazed with it. Our team was being dismantled not long after that season while Che seemed to target AFC targets sometimes just so we didn’t get them. We wanted Drogba Essien, they would’ve been good replacements for the players we were selling but teams became wise to Arsenal strategies so we lost out on too many first choice replacements. Also too many players followed the money but you can’t really blame them, then we went straight down the youth project into oblivion. A decent strategy for keeping your head above water but too much of a gamble in the end for it to pay off against Chelsea city etc , and Chelsea for me were/are the best prem team other than the Invincibles.

  3. John Ibrahim says:

    Its Mourinho choice to defend or slam Wenger

    Everyone has a choice and their opinion

  4. John Legend says:

    We have heard, thank you Mourninho.
    It would have been nice to defeat him but I fear a reverse of last year’s occurrence where we beat them as they were in European battle.

  5. sameoldexcuses says:

    This is soccer, not war. No enemies, only opponents

  6. Break-on-through says:

    Mourinho is paying himself compliments. He’s basically saying that his Chelsea team bettered the Invincibles, even though we began selling off our best players before replacing them with teenagers. Also they stole some of our first choice targets, Essien, Drogba, Galas, Hazard, before we went fully down into the youth project arriving at oblivion.

  7. jon fox says:

    This is supposed to be an article about Arsenal? Well, you could have fooled me. Personally I am getting fed up reading articles that say nothing , give no news , new angles or thoughts ON OUR CLUB. I will reduce my time on this site accordingly since , frankly, much of it is boring and rhetoric for rhetorics sake. Over to you Mr Admin!

    1. Admin says:

      It’s alright for you. I have to read all these boring abusive comments. Over to you Mr Fox!

    2. jon fox says:

      To back up my above comment, I note the paucity of people posting compared to a while back. A site with nothing to say dies of boredom eventually. Up to you Mr Admin but I bet many also think like me but just don’t bother telling you so. Hence the lack of posts!

      1. Ted-Esi Samson says:

        it’s so boring listening to some always bitter Arsenal fans. I actually hate the negativity from the fans, Spurs haven’t won jack shit in years but their fan base isn’t as toxic as ours. Support the club!!!

      2. jon fox says:

        Further still, Mr Admin, I am not moaning for moaning’s sake but am trying to give advice , whcih I did a few weeks ago and got shot down by you and others. I said then and again now, that fewer but more substantive articles actually saying something will reduce all the boring non comments. There has been and probably still is a substantial readership but most have no wish to post on such boring topics. The likes of KEN 1945, with whom I have often disagreed with over a long period on here, is though, an intelligent and thoughtful man who when he posts, actually SAYS something. There are many others like him but few of this standard now post regularly. I will offer a topic soon, which may interest when I have the time to compose it properly and have been too busy elsewhere this last ten days . But I repeat, constant recycling of the virtually same articles saying nothing much will kill your site. I mean to help, if you would only believe me but it is your site , not mine, so it is your call.

      3. Admin says:

        We have a meaningless match today but the site still had 210 comments yesterday. Is that a “paucity?”
        And that doesn’t include the abusive ones I deleted!
        That’s enough for me to read thanks…

        1. jon fox says:

          Depends whether , as you yourself admit, many of them are worth reading. Well I tried to help. Clearly you have made your choice so I will now butt out and mind my own business.

        2. sameoldexcuses says:

          Admin, why don’t you publish my comments? What did I do wrong?

  8. jon fox says:

    Souness and Henry on TV rightfully slaughtering that clown, Xhaka, and his total lack of discipline. But of course Wenger “did not see it” and for almost two seasons too! Most of us have been saying all season (and last) that this twerp is nowhere near the quality needed. I look forward to the new man turfing him out the door ASAP.That apart, I have been pleasantly surprised at much of our football and but for Xhaka we could well be level and deservedly so Now its halftime.

  9. arsenal fc says:

    Mourhinho plays the gentile guy with wenger …silly hypocrite…inside he is so happy

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