Jose Mourinho getting salty over hilarious Arsenal social media post

The rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham is one of the fiercest in English football and Jose Mourinho has had to adopt it after becoming the manager of the Lilywhites.

The Portuguese manager is one that doesn’t shy away from a battle or speaking his mind when it concerns him and his team.

The Lilywhites have been struggling in their bid to end this season in a European place with just a few more games left to play.

They suffered a major setback when they were beaten 3-1 by Sheffield United in a recent league game.

Arsenal had just beaten the Blades at Bramall Lane in the FA Cup, and they appeared to mock Tottenham’s failings.

The Gunners social media admin posted a clip of Arsenal’s win at Bramall Lane and captioned it “Here’s a reminder of how you win at Bramall Lane” with eyes and laughing emoji.

The post seemed to trigger Mourinho who hit back claiming that the Gunners only have time for such a post because they are also in a similar position to his team in their struggles this season.

He said, as quoted by Sun Sports: said: “I think if they were top of the League or fighting for top four and in a really good moment they wouldn’t enjoy the problems of the others.

“You only enjoy the problems of the others when you are also in trouble. So I think in the end it’s a little more about that.

“They don’t have much to celebrate – so they have to take any opportunity to do it.

“They are in a very similar situation to what we are in the table.”

Poor Jose, he really has been triggered and one can only hope that whoever posted up that post continues doing so. The more salty Mourinho gets the better.

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  1. We had this article earlier admin, have you spent too long in the pub on super Saturday 🤣. I wondered where all the comments had gone but then saw the previous identical article.

    1. Declan Why call out only THIS article as a repeat? Surely you know that almost all articles are multi repeats. This site is clled Just Arsenal News and since actual news, as oposed to false and made up rumours, hardly ever happens, without constant rehashes and “new” articles which are virtually word for word identical to ones gone before, sometimes many times, there could be NO Just Arsenal NEWS. If you have a beef with this site, it should be the name of the site, which is of course a ridiculous falsehood. As a truth lover, I would rename it Just Arsenal Fan Discussions. THAT name would be true!

      1. Jon, there are so many articles on here I have trouble reading them all let alone commenting.

  2. I remember being at the NLD at White Heart Lane when Danny Rose scored that screamer. Spurs fans were happier that they “f@#ked our season up” then they were in their team winning. I remember thinking (admittedly bitterly) “that’s why you’ll always be in our shadow”

    I’ve got some sympathy for Jose on this one. Arsenal media should be focused on our good play, not the Spurs poor play.

  3. What can we expect from tonight? Everton are winless in their last 14 pl meetings with the spuds (D7 L7). Safe to say they’re a bogey team. Will Ancelotti turn the tide? I bloody well hope so! Come on you Toffees!

  4. He is just trying to gee up his squad before the derby game. Has anyone ever seen a more miserable sod?☹️

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