Jose Mourinho is not the short or long-term answer for Arsenal

Jose Mourinho is far too disruptive to be an Arsenal manager.

Arsenal has been linked with a move for Jose Mourinho as Unai Emery continues to struggle to make an impression.
Some Arsenal fans have been calling for the sacking of Emery and many fans view Mourinho as a quick fix. Just check out some of the comments on this site for confirmation.

Mourinho is arguably one of the best managers in the world. But the Portuguese manager comes with his own problems as evidenced by his last two spells at Chelsea and Manchester United.

As Chelsea boss, he won trophies but quickly fell out with virtually everyone from his players to the FA. For a club facing a tough time and in an environment getting increasingly toxic, Mourinho is the last manager that Arsenal needs.

Arsenal fans have been complaining that Unai Emery’s team haven’t been creative enough and that will only get worse under the former Real Madrid manager. Mourinho may have won lots of trophies, but he doesn’t play attractive football.

The Portuguese manager also has a tendency to have a bad season after his first two, so if he fails to win the Premier League in his first season with Arsenal, his team may become worse than that of Emery.

Mourinho’s time at United ended when his defence couldn’t stop conceding goals, sound familiar? He will also likely put an end to Arsenal’s culture of promoting youngsters to the first team.

It is easy to understand why some fans want Mourinho but for me, it is purely an emotional reaction.

Arsenal can and should do better than Jose Mourinho.


  1. Not interested

    1. The way he insulted Wenger, I will never forget
    2. He lost the dressing room at United and didn’t succeed there so it’s a gamble
    3. He’s too controversial with things he says and does. Affects team performance
    4. I prefer Allegri, Sarri, Enrique, Ancelloti, Simione

    I think Kroenke will go after a former Gunner next as Manager. That would be bad idea (ala Solskjaer @ United) but I think he will

    1. Allegri, Sarri, Enrique, Ancelloti and Simone?

      typical big name big tag managers

      apart from Enrique the rest are pretty defensive

  2. I think that there are 3 coaches that will “fix” our defensive problems but because of theirs style or brand of football will ruin the Arsenal philosophy they should never be approached to come to this club.They are : Pullis,Mourino and Simeone.

    1. And what is the Arsenal Philosophy? A Philosophy that has not won us the EPL since 2004. Over 15 years. As it stands, can we dominate Man City? I don’t mind us hiring Mou. He will fix our defence. Allegri was a failure at AC Milan. The fans wanted him out at all cost. And he went to Juve and achieved success. Mou is the safest option for now because he knows the league. He knows our players. He will get the best out of Ozil. I will recommend him with Ljumberg as assistant Coach. The problem with out team is our defending. Mou will fix it. I am very sure. As per the controversy, he has matured over the years. He is calm now. He does not need to adapt to the league. We can learn a thing or two from Mou. That win at all cost mentality.

      1. Allegri was a failure at AC Milan? You’re deluded! He won the Serie A with them and was second behind Juve in the next season where the ref for their game against Juve was responsible for them losing the league! Allegri cannot be blamed for Milan’s misfortunes afterwards as all the starting eleven of the team were sold/retired/contracts expired! You cannot expect someone to do good when they loose all their starting eleven in a single window! It’s clear you have no idea what you’re talking about!

  3. I agree with the majority that was said, but we at the absolute rock bottom defensively. Our poor defending has cost for over a decade now. For me, that’s why Mourinho is an option to be considered.

    I would love Simeone, but he isn’t available right now, and there’s no guarantee we could get him in the summer. I mention him, because there is no one better suited to fixing our problems.

  4. The massive contradiction of ‘our style of football’… what’s our style? What Wenger played? When we were winning under him or losing under him? During his reign football changed but he never so don’t refer to a style that clearly doesn’t work in theorem anymore. The game has moved on…

    As mentioned in every negative and justified comment ‘our defense is the problem’ so let’s fix that and go from there. If Mourinho came to Arsenal, fixed our defense and then left where’s the problem?
    The days of managers staying as long as Wenger or Ferguson are over. 5 years and the very top ones will move on. That’s the modern game. The managers have the same ambition as players.
    Even when Mourinho failed at United he won two trophies. How many years has Pochettino been trying to do that?
    Get him in and Emery out and let’s see what happens in 12 months. Keeping Emery because you’re scared in case it could get worse is a bit like avoiding medicine when you’re not well in case you might get one of the listed side effects.

  5. Mourinho can do a fantastic job because of his winning mentality but he can also lose it just as it happened to united. He couldn’t fix d defense despite him getting buying most of them and he’s just a short term manager for me.

  6. We need to switch back to 3-4-1-2 and play one-touch football using our fastest players overall from defense to attack and stick with them as our first 11. We need a team of runners with stamina. This holding on to the ball for too long by the Arsenal players is not going to work in the EPL again. The modern footballer these days are very fit giving the advancement in fitness technology and diet. The way we play is too slow for my liking and we waste too much time on the ball giving the opponents time to re-group and keep their shape. If we are to achieve results, we need to be faster than our opponents both in mobility and passing. That’s why Liverpool and Man City are looking untouchable in almost all of their games.






    Our Motto for every match which must be recited by all the players together should be:

    Pace For Pace
    Stamina For Stamina
    Energy For Energy
    Strength For Strength
    Beat Them With Our Quality

    This philosophy and mindset should always be in the minds of all the players on the pitch. It will give them belief and make them give 110% every game.

    1. Your points are really valid with the actual modern football.Watching Leicester you can find many answers to our problematic.Just a clever coach and a disciplined,balanced regular squad.With a better squad for sure they will compete with the “top two”.The next weekend will probably will be the ultimate test for Emery;swim or drown.

    1. I have my reservation about Eddie Howe. I chose Mou because he is the safest option. We have the squad. Emery is too conservative. I would suggest we play Chambers, Torrera and Ozil in midfield. Bellerin at right back. Front 3 of Pepe Aubameyang and Martinelli. Lacazette as a sub.


      Bellerin Sokratis Luiz Tierney

      Chambers Torrera


      Pepe. Martinelli. Aubameyang

      That is a very balanced squad.

      Lacazette as a sub.

      I would play Martinelli as a central forward because of this aggression. Very good in the air. He can always rotate with Aubameyang.

      Guendouzi, Ceballos, willock and Xhaka as substitute. Chambers in DM is a no brainer. We need that height and steel in midfield.

  7. We have been saying this since the rumour first appeared, HELL NO! Now it’s a big deal that deserves a post?

  8. All the idiots who want moronino, want to remember how he leaves a club, how he plays anti arsenal football and how he doesn’t give youth a chance. And that last one is so massive, we have a great load of youth prospects coming through. Dont give this moron air time.

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