Jose Mourinho urges Granit Xhaka to get vaccinated and gets three-word response

Swiss international manager Murat Yakin has confirmed that Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka was the only player in his squad not vaccinated for Coronavirus, and Jose Mourinho has urged him to get the jab.

The midfielder was called up to play for his country over the international break, but is now forced to miss the three fixtures having tested as positive for Covid-19.

This was quickly followed by Yakin to name Xhaka as the only unvaccinated player within his squad, leading to an outcry from a number of people, and one who popped up on Instagram to tell him to get the vaccine was Jose Mourinho, who was believed to be keen on signing him from Arsenal during the summer.

On a three-day old Instagram post of Xhaka’s (as found quoted at Football.London), where had posted about his excitement of joining up with his international squad, Jose replied with: ‘Get the jab Granit and be safe’.

The Arsenal star simply replied with: ‘Thank you mister’.

I can’t help but feel that the reply was a little dry, although it could be that the midfielder simply was responding to Mourinho telling him to ‘be safe’.

Did Xhaka’s reply seem odd to anybody else? Could there be some love lost over his failed move this summer?


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  1. you mean because Xhaka was acting in such a weaselly thirsty manner, in the hopes of “helping” to facilitate a move elsewhere, only to realize that Roma was in “like” with him and weren’t willing to go the extra monetary mile to get him??? must have been a real knock to his obviously overinflated ego, considering the way in which Roma attempted to nickel and dime their way through the negotiating process…why we constantly pander to this underwhelming midfielder is so baffling

  2. As so often Patrick, you ask completely the wrong questions!

    Your two questions are irrelevant,when compared with what really matters. THAT IS that Xhaka is a headstrong, foolish, stupidly macho idiot who should be nowhere near AFC.

    What matters now is how long we are we stuck with him into the future and how can we fans force his exit? THOSE are the sort of relevant questions you need to be asking, instead!

  3. Second post on same subject. Will both now appear at once? Or neither? Who can tell? Not me for sure! Whats going on Ad PAT?

  4. The whole vax or anti vax scenario is just too much.
    It’s fine for Xhaka to take a view solely based on how he thinks it will affect him. It depends whether he is concerned that his views could have severe consequences for anyone catching it from him. I thought we were all in it together

    1. Well said!also people are calling the covid mini outbreak in our camp bad luck,well I’m not so sure,which other team was recently “decimated”by positive tests?if you don’t think that getting vaxxed is necessary,what about respecting protocols in place,bubbles..?lastly,we are being told that Xhaka is a leader,role model to our young players,I wonder what his advice was concerning the covid jab?

  5. Why do guys have to be so critical of everything. It doesn’t make you different from the journos out there most of ya claim are biased against Arsenal.
    There is absolutely nothing there to make out of this exchange.
    COYG stop being petty.

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