Jose Mourinho WILL NOT let Cech join Arsenal

There have been thousands of Arsenal transfer rumours linking Chelsea’s Petr Cech with a move to the Emirates, but now Jose Mourinho has come out and admitted that he personally would not allow the Czech international to move to any Premiership club, in fact he would rather that he stayed at Stamford Bridge next season!

“One thing is Jose Mourinho and another is Mr Abramovich and another thing is the board because the board includes a little bit of me, a little bit of other people,” The Chelsea Boss lamented. “But if it was me, if it was my decision, my decision is Petr to stay. That’s it. It would be my decision for Petr to stay.”

“I think that the club is more important than the players and, as was proved this season, the club needs two very good goalkeepers,”

“Without Petr this season I don’t think the club would be champions because he played six important matches in the Premier League and without these points we probably wouldn’t be champions.

“So for me, decision number one: Petr will stay. After that, second point to go but not in England. The option I don’t want is for him to go to an English club.

“But, I repeat, I am just the manager and he means so much for this club and what he did in this club I think he deserves everything from this club.

“If the club decision is different to mine, I will accept with all the respect.”

I think it highly unlikely that the Chelsea board or Abramovich would go against Mourinho on player policy, even if it meant letting him go abroad for a cheaper price. But I do believe that he will let Cech leave, but only if he can get hold of a top quality replacement willing to sit on the Chelsea bench for his chance.

But one thing’s for sure. Petr Cech will NOT be coming to Arsenal….


    1. on 2nd thought!……… I would have cech come over to the Arsenal only if he’s willing to play as 2nd choice……… Hehehe! But that’s not so easy and i knw he won’t want that….. So he goes elsewhere then

      1. Glad Jose said that. Stop you dreamers thinking that Cech will ever be a Gooner.

    2. For the fools that dumb my comments down when i said Sonogo will not even make the squad for Crystal Palace against United Today go F.urselves. Sonogo is not good enough for a championship team.
      Ospina is fine!!!! I keep saying when Degea went to united is was the worst keeper in the league now he is one Of the best. I think Ospina just needs to be a little more Assertive in the box and thats something you learn overtime. Again Sonogo has no hope.

  1. I think hes trying to make Cech feel guily about even contemplating Arsenal switch. Sneaky bolox.

  2. hehehe! And the LLORIS against stoke city’s now showing us that big name keeper don’t mean world class keeper……..don’t get ur hopes up on Cech………stick to OSPINAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ……He deserves his chance as the 1st choice

    1. Good idea to judge goalies on one game, especially when you have a defence in front of u that’s as mediocre as Sp*rs. I don’t really think we need a new goalie until the point we know for sure that Szczesny is leaving. Personally I would aim to sign Bernd Leno because Lloris and Cech won’t be sold to Arsenal.

      1. @skandalouz…..and you think cheLski’s defence haven’t been aiding Cech , making him look classic over the years?

        1. Thats why they say its much more difficult at a big club because you may see little action for eighty minutes then suddenly you have three shots in which to deal with. Must be switched on for ninety minutes.. ay Szczez.

  3. Cech was only goalkeeper to bring in that I would consider (because of his experience and reasonable price) so now that is over can we just look at rumours on positions that actually need improving?

    Can I just point out that Ospina has the best saving percentage of the PL (10 games+). That isn’t just team form, that actual SAVES compared to shots.

  4. Oh come on, no one ever actually believed Mourinho would even contemplate selling Cech to us did they?

      1. If you had of actually read his comments more clearly you would have noticed him saying it is not in his hands and he is just pointing out what would be the case if it where.

  5. Yet people say he has not been tested.

    Ridiculous, keep Ospina he has been good and will surely improve.

  6. Damn! I was hoping we could sign him. I’ve been watching Arsenal a lot, and Ospina has been awful! Definitely the weak link at the moment, the press, and the pundits are spot on with their criticism of our goalkeepers. I also think we should get rid of Cazorla. Hardly any goals of late, I just don’t understand what he even does on the pitch.

    1. If your not a board troll than I suggest you watch a little Arsenal futbol in the next few weeks. Your comment might be the most ignorant Ive read in a long while

      1. Haha, it’s actually called sarcasm.

        I’m a massive Arsenal fan, and I’ve written many articles on here. The reason I made the sarcastic comment was because of the article. Why even have an article about Cech or any other keeper for that matter when you consider how good Ospina has been.

    2. you may need an extra pair of eyes and a brain when watching Arsenal play……otherwise, quit watching football completely

  7. Just so you knw……. We have been managing a shaky defence,plagued with injuries for a very Long time…..can we judge our keepers by this criteria?

  8. So Arsenal U18 finish last of tier 3.

    Played 29
    Win 7
    Draw 6
    Lost 16

    What has happened to the academy, no wonder we steal from Barca and Southampton

    1. Academy players get promoted from time to time so the performance of academy teams is rarely a yard stick to judge the success of the academy. Chelsea’s under something have won the youth FA cup for the second year running yet there has not been a single player promoted to the senior team for the past five years, except of their third choice goalkeeper Blackman. The success of an academy should be measured by the number of players that end up in the senior team, and I think on that score Arsenal is on top of all the top four teams.

  9. OT: Does anyone remember when Spurs had that big summer spending spree, and pundits were predicted them to challenge for the title?!

  10. cech won champion league with chelsea but time changes,let us not suggest we need him to win cl.As it is the whole premier teams can not assemble the best that can win champion league or beat even barca.Sanchez highest scorer on the wings,fabrigas top in assist,Ozil,dimaria could not fit in teams playing champion league semis.Untill messsi and cr7 retires should England teams dream of cl

  11. If arsenal really want to compete for the cl next season lets sign kondogbia/sneichderling, a world class striker like lacazette/benezema/dybala (not world class but ya know) and one player to really push for the title e.g reus/isco/

  12. I don’t know why we are talking about a new keeper,
    Which keeper was world class in his first season in BPL? De Gea wasn’t good in his first season, he cost Utd 18 million. Ospina hasn’t done bad for his first season in a strong league. We should stick with him for another season I think.

  13. If u wer Morinho, would u sell to a team dat has been playing like Arsenal lately? c’mon guys Jose might be an arrogant Pr*ck but he’s not dumb!

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