Josh Kroenke arrives to complete Arsenal’s new management team

The total overhaul of the Arsenal management team is now coming together as Stan Kroenke’s son Josh has arrived at the Emirates to oversee the reorganisation. It is certain that Stan is going to hand over his empire to Josh at some point in the future so basically he is coming to make sure that his investment will stay secure in the eventual event of Arsene Wenger relinquishing his post.

Josh has already been appointed as president and governor of the family’s Denver Nuggets basketball team and Colorado Avalanche ice hockey team and is very experienced in high level sports management. It is being reported that he has come over to do a complete review of the clubs heirarchy, and to see how Ivan Gazidi and his new team members are preparing for the future. Raul Sanllehi has arrived as director of football relations. Sven Mislintat is the new head of recruitment, Huss Fahmy, contract negotiator, and Darren Burgess, who is head of high performance. All of these arrivals have appeared in the last eight months and they have to be seen to be improving the club.

It is unlikely that Arsene Wenger will be happy with the changes to the set-up as his power is being devolved to this team, who will now handle many aspects of the club that were previously in Wenger’s domain.

Could this finally be the beginning of the end for Arsene?

Darren N


  1. Let’s not kid ourselves Wenger will be here for at least another 3 years ( two year extension).

    Let’s just support the team!

      1. We will finish sixth.
        We were knocked out of the FA cup in the 3rd round.
        We will NOT win the Europa League
        We will NOT win the mickey mouse cup.
        We will not qualify for any European football next season.
        How on Earth can they justify rewarding that old fool with a new contract?
        How on f**king earth?
        If results are the barometer of success then he will leave.
        If making money is the barometer of his success then they will have to fire him because the big sponsors do NOT want their product to be associated with a struggling club and an old fossil in charge.
        I cannot see him surviving this – he is bloody awful.
        Even taking on a new manager with little or not experience such as Henry or Bergkamp would do no harm – finish sixth place or finish tenth there is no difference really.
        I hope the decent thing is done and he is moved on…
        Not up because he will influence and interfere too much.

  2. Heirarchy review.
    High performance.
    Contract negotiator.
    Football relations.
    Head of recruitment.
    Indeed. Yes modern scientific measures are called for.
    All we need now then is some one to teach the players how to apply kinetic energy
    (i:e the work needed to accelerate a body of given mass from rest to its stated velocity)
    with directional control resulting in the ball entering the opponents goal
    on a quantitative frequency greater than the opponents propensity
    to apply such laws of physics in the proximity of our goal.
    Otherwise the good old size ten boot up the Kyber will probably do the trick 🙂

  3. Wenger can have NO complaints.His outdated and tired ideals have caught up with him and at last The Board are putting right the many many wrongs that have been allowed to slowly allow our club to be found wanting at the highest level.The recent appointments were long overdue and welcome.It confirms the “Catylist For Change” Ivan Gazidis told us was coming and we have to respect and applaud him for taking Wenger on to implement the structural reorganising that were so obviously and desperately required.
    If Josh Kroenke is serious in bringing the club forward he must be guided and advised by the vastly experienced and talented professionals that have been tasked with implementing the positive changes to the club.
    There is no doubt Wengers days are numbered.
    The signs are looking positive AT LONG LAST

    1. Is it possible that his days are numbered simply because at his age retirement is obviously unavoidable. The guy has done great for the club. A little respect is due.

      1. Really?HAS done a great job,but not for the last decade he hasn’t and he certainly has lost any respect I had for him over these last 10 years.
        In regards his age,Wenger is on record saying he would continue in management at the end of his contract if it was not renewed last season when it expired.My regret is he isn’t manage of another club now.

  4. Believe me, Wenger won’t go down without a fight, the stubborn side of him will carry on. As far as Wenger’s concerned he’ll see it as”water off a duck back”. He’ll start off by insulting new arrivals and then he’ll come out with the same old comment he’s been using for years,”I was wanted by the biggest clubs in Europe but chose to honour my contract” in an attempt of emotional blackmail to get the board to at least let him see out his contract until 2019.

    1. Yeah Ken – you just know what is coming don’t you.
      We are in the here and now.He is responsible.He demanded total control so the buck stops with him.
      Arsenal are starting to take this serious.Lets hope so

  5. I’m just watching arsenal v Chelsea ( best goals) on sky boy have we had some good players
    But I notice that players like Flamini arteta song
    Would all walk in this side
    Yet in those days they were water carriers

    And it doesn’t matter( as the rock says) unless wenger is gone

  6. The cavalry has arrived. Josh must have turned his Dads other ventures fortunes around for him to be given the keys to a football club. My guess is he’s just eyes and ears, not having any power to make calls that bring change. Must be nice being born into that type of wealth. I wouldn’t know, me I once wrestled some mice for an easy single.

  7. Its not a managerial change, he his coming to learn the ropes, as he will take charge of hiring a new manager whether Wenger leaves or not. I have a felling if Wenger doesn’t do well in the Europa and at least a Top 6 finish, he will be relieved.
    Nothing to do with Kroenke, i believe its part of the 2 year deal he signed.

  8. ..there’s not a fan here who in their heart (of hearts) harbours the belief that we won’t contest the [*europa league final] whether we win it OR not we all expect to be actively involved, after all we are a big club aren’t we – or else why be an arsenal fanatic? as with countless others on this site i think wenger would serve us best by stepping away and thereby opening the door for a.n.other.

    And as for josh taking some more interest in arsenal as a business i’m not sure – either way all iv seen or more to the point, all i’m aware of is there are pictures of the lad in kit getting circulated from time to time (and nothing more). hence, its difficult to be objective from a fan’s view point.

    even with new “bods” in official role(s) they’re likely (for the most part) to seek wenger’s approval and his endorsement before making any monumental changes. i expect the most they “new bods” can do is communicate changes and administration matters *quicker than the old man does, using modern internet tools and IT Solutions, but other than this technical expertise and wherewithal i don’t think we will see anything that can be held as a catalyst for change – not while wenger’s still steering the ship.

    1. The “Catylist for Change” Ivan G announced was for life after Wenger and was clearly intended to motivate the divided fan base who were aiming their frustrations above the Manager and directly at the Board.Ivan Gazidi deserves great credit for being the first to break free of Wengers stranglehold on the club and demand the changes so obviously needed.

      1. @Phil: with the greatest respect i do recall members of arsenal fan tv attending a meet with Ivan G and it was at that time he tried to offset the uproar around the decline of the club and the fact the fans concerns were (are) not only being overlooked but we’ve been expected to accept being appeased with empty promises and treated like sh**

        and so to the “Catylist for Change” …in other words its a statement of intent (something of a promise to do this, that or the other after the old fella’s departure?) when in real terms things should’v be in place as a matter of great great urgency rather than tomorrow – particularly as we’ve been in a state of free-fall for longer than wenger and many others care to think.

        1. @Wall2Wall
          But surely it’s there for all to see that it’s happening,that’s the important issue.Im not saying Gazidis did not deserve the criticism he was getting at the time,but that “Catylis For Change” statement was a bold and gutsy thing to say as he was putting his own neck on the line,which is something the management and board of this club have never been prepared to do in the past.
          That comment alone would have infuriated Wenger as his whole reign was being openly challenged by the CEO and he was personally challenged as to performances and results hat were his responsibility.
          Let’s not forget Gazidis has only been at the club for a few years and if he has used that time to understand the Values of Arsenal Football Club and the frustration and anger from the fans to the decline Wenger has overseen it was time well spent.
          Final point to consider-Would Wenger have ever appeared on AFTV?

          1. @Phil – its difficult to endorse Ivan G (just yet) given as he endorsed also at the time how much our circumstances would change blah blah and yet we still sell off players to man utd, just as was done in the past. i would wait some before being taken in by all the soothe-sayers (Ivan G included). Thanks for your response Phil.

            1. I wonder if the whole “life after wenger” thing that Gazidis referred to means when he actually falls off the perch.
              My god, if that happened the oldest and most unambitious football board of directors would have to show some ambition.
              But I suspect when the time comes Wenger would still find a way to cling on – perhaps through cloning or have his brain implanted into an indestructible cyborg like Darth Vader – Darth Wenger, no wait Daft Wenger…

    2. That’s a good call, I know I expect us to take part in the finals, against either Dortmund or Atletico.
      I just hope we don’t get Atletico in a semi or quarter final.

  9. pause and ponder! Wenger is still needed? I would want Henry or Berkamp to succeed Wenger; they are younger and full of sap.

  10. Hi, When wenger goes so should Bould make a new team of Henry and Arteta, and see what they can do with the dross we have . Saying that we havent really given the new boys much of a chance , lets see what they can magic up for us Play some of the new kids and get them blooded we are not going to win anything so why not get them involved Nelson and Willock are waiting .If yu dont play them they will be off and the talent gone to another club .Lets be bold and play the kids cant do us any harm now

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