Josh Kroenke shows exactly how out of touch the Kroenke family is

Little things make a difference, especially when the Arsenal fans, websites, blogs and supporters groups have registered their disaffection with clubs owners.

So when Josh Kroenke, the son of Stan Kroenke turned up at the Arsenal training session you would have thought that he would have been keen to promote affection for the club, an understanding of the culture and to show how much Arsenal football club means to the Kroenke family.

So what does he do?

He turns up in an LA Rams T-Shirt and Nike Trainers.

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Now, this may seem petty but one of the major charges laid at the Kroenke family is that they don’t get Arsenal, that the club is an investment vehicle for them and that they only care about their major American interests.

So turning up in trainers of the biggest competitors to the Arsenal kit sponsors and wearing the apparel of their biggest American sports investment is very telling of their attitude towards Arsenal football club.

I mean, how hard would it have been to turn up in the brand new Arsenal kit wearing Adidas trainers?

Or am I overreacting to this?


  1. The Kroenke’s ownership is the death of Arsenal as a competitive team. However you are massively overreacting with this.

    1. Arsenal will die slowly under Kroenke’s ownership. Cannot attract young fans while old fans pass away. If don’t stop the slide now, mid-table coming soon.

        1. I agree Usmanov should have bought out Kroenke, at least he was an Arsenal supporter who used to attend matches, whereas I can’t remember the last time Kroenke attended a match, he only seems to turn up at AGM’s. But then I blame Peter Hill-Wood for selling Arsenal to Kroenke in the first place?

        2. No way dude! Not the russian for God sake!!

          I would love a wealthy Brit to take control. It’s a shame there aren’t any 🙁

    2. Do you really think so…. this is not an over reaction, looking at Arsenals rate of decline since the Kroenke family took over tells us that if this continues and they don’t invest in the club, we won’t be seeing European club action much longer and we could well be knocking on the door of the championship….

  2. I really love Josh going to a training session.
    He was wearing a white top and red shorts so the colour scheme was ok 🙂
    And he is smiling really enjoying himself 🙂
    When did Stan go to a training session smiling?
    Everyone looks happy and are smiling. That’s a great look for our club.
    Good one Josh 🙂 🙂 🙂


      You may criticise my writing and disagree with me passionately but if you ever accuse me of being a Spurs fan again you will be banned.

    2. Yea lets all be nice to Josh he might think twice before cutting our budget next year if we come sixth

      Martin you are absolutely right in your thinking

      I know the unavailing of the new kit is on Thursday but how cool is that black/gold kit I have to get one for each of my boys, Josh would of made headlines if he wore it

      1. Totally agree. It’s about attention to detail and an opportunity missed. Just gives the impression that the Kroenkes aren’t on the ball or at worst don’t get club and its needs.

        How many billions would it take before you started acting complacent?

        1. Agree, Arsenal fans cry n cry then as soon as new kit is out they all line up out side to buy it. They keep filling up the stadium and buying club merchandise then they say Kneoenke out…wish my business had same customers as Arsenal fans.

    3. Apparently Josh is trying to demonstrate his capacity for diplomacy, in the hope that Daddy’s great mate Donald will offer him the position of Us ambassador to the UK in appreciation of his political donations.

  3. It is like our management are repeating what they have been doing for the past few years. The keep chasing dead deals until the transfer window is over and they will tell us we tried to sign. Crystal palace value Zaha at 80m but they went ahead to bid 40m. What is stopping us from going for aore realistic deal l8ke Fraser or Ziyech. Zaha is not any better than them.

    1. Even worse, we’ve identified top targets, but we still see the dithering and low-ball bidding and stupid (because they’re so unacceptable) deal conditions no different to the previous 10…20 years. No different despite handful of backroom changes.

      Now we have other teams bidding for Tierney and Saliba, so we have to pay even more to get them now and will possibly, even likely, miss out on them altogether.

      It’s utterly incompetent. For a professional business it shouldn’t be tolerated. And we’re back to questioning where the Kroenkes are focused.

      1. Totally agree with you Ozgoonerguy we will miss the boat again if we don’t get our finger out of our a**e

      1. He isn’t worth 80m to us but for palace he is, he is their main man, he could well be the difference in them staying in the league or not, relegation would probably make palace lose out on around 100m so the valuation is probably about right

  4. The guy probably does not know exactly what he is doing. Don’t be surprise if the guy does not have any Arsenal kit, especially the ones made by our current sponsors. He may not know the implication of appearing in another kit at our training ground

  5. I dont know much about the Kroenke family and how much they care. But i do know Arsenal fans which I am myself are turning totally negative. The only thing i hear is complaints. And I think it is actually the fans that are about to ruin this club more then the owners. I would never have said this 15 years ago, but now Arsenalfans look more and more like wining destruktive spoilt kids who no lenger see all the good things in life, just the bad. This negativity and pessimism will destroy the club long before Kroenke or any owners do. Stop being so negative. It makes us look like the worst kind of fans in PL. Things are improvisere. Skovly but shorly. If we just turned one loss to Victory we would have been in the CL. Get real! Be supportive and positive.

    1. Time for suffering in silence passed after decade and a half of no major trophy ambition, they promised us many times that we will be a elite club and that we can match any club in Europe so what hapend to those promise, the accounts never add up, all those years of being in the CL and not spending what hapend to the cash? We mostly paid for the stadium with seling of players

      Show me the money ?

    2. Well said Gunner from Norway.
      No matter how well the team plays these glass half empty junkies
      always find some thing bad to say about the team.
      If Arsenal won the League + CL double these “fans: would say
      but the team lost one game in September !!!

      1. Yeah, I’ve supported Arsenal for over sixty years, 24 years on the terraces and 37 years a season ticket holder and the Kroenke family are the worst owners we’ve ever had. We’ve got the right moan. Trouble is with you and your friend from Norway is your not true Arsenal fans, just a couple of TV viewers from thousands of miles away.

        1. Kenny, I’m a “TV viewer from thousands of miles away” and I, as a supporter of 57 years, agree that Stan Kroenke is the worst possible owner.
          I managed to watch a game from the North Bank in September 1977 though. Please remind me again why Arsenal left Highbury?

          1. Yeah’ I’m sorry about that Ozziegunner, came out in the heat of the moment. There’s plenty of passionate Arsenal fans from all around the globe and they don’t come more passionate than you.

    3. We are not being negative. What we shall not do is sing praise as our beloved Arsenal slumps into mid-table mediocrity.

  6. No you’re not overreacting Martin, in fact your spot on, that disrespectful piece of garbage new exactly what he was doing, telling Arsenal fans all over the world that The L A Rams come first

    1. As long as the Kroenke’s knows that 99% of all sports fans around the world know more about Arsenal and Football than a boring franchised sport like American Football which is played in just one country on the entire globe

  7. I think you’re looking into this too much. This is just what this guy wears on almost a daily basis. Hes American, and with that comes a general lack of style.

    Lets let this one go. There is more about the kroenke’s to worry about than their fashion sense.

  8. As a gooner in the US, the way of Stan handles Arsenal is similar to his handling of the then St Louis Rams. Great fans, new stadium and whisks them to the dredge of LA where is sub par teams over achieves (no investment there). He’s an American sports owner whose sole desire is selling concessions at stadiums. As long as the fans are in the seats are half full he will do nothing. Look at our MLS. Horrible football slowly becoming the NASL of old. It’s owner controlled and collectively determine which teams can buy the best ( look ar the Galaxy and NYFC). It’s stadium entertainment. Fans be damned.

    He doesn’t get it and never will. While it will never happen the best way to change is not show up en masse for a large portion of games. His shares go down in price and now it’s a bad investment. And the Brits should tax the hell out of American owners or those incapable of showing a commitment to the Premier league.

    That said I can’t wait for the season. Chelsea isn’t better than us and they can’t buy a soul, United wants to slit ea h other (and they can’t get rid of Pogba OR Sanchez) so there are bright spots. And let the younger play with their passion!

  9. @Kenny Rolfe. Do you think being an Arsenal fan for that long does not give you a sense of entitlement to be the sole endorser of who is a ‘true’ fan or who is not?

    Oh come on. Get real.

    1. @gunnerphilic

      He’s got an Arsenal heart and cares and more importantly is not deluded. Yes he does have a right to call out deluded supporters.

        1. Thanks to Sean and Sue as usual for the kind endorsements but Gunnerphilic along with Ozziegunner have a decent point. Just got a bit angry with a couple of posts saying we have to more or less except what the Kroenke’s are doing to our club

  10. Arsenal fans we always cry for nothing and i wonder if some of us are really arsenal supporters from blood, lets try to have a postive mind

  11. As long as Arsenal is in the hands of the Kroenkes we will remain where we are.Why dont they just sell us to others who are passionate about the club and want it to be where it belongs among the other top clubs.At the moment Arsenal is not trying to achieve anything higher like winning the league let alone the champions league.The Kroenkes are not concerned about where the club is heading nor are the interested in the concerns of the supporters.

  12. NO admin you definitely are not overreacting, we have every right to have a go,I just read an article from the Express saying Emery has demanded we make Celtic an offer they can’t refuse for Tierney, could it be that even he (EMERY)is getting fed up with the way we are now conducting our business and the direction we are heading in, if so how long before he does a kos on us and resigns? How much garbage was he fed on his interview by the man (Gazidis)that knew he was off anyway the minute Wenger was replaced.

    1. Tommogun58, with only this season only until his contract ends, Emery hasn’t got time to be stuffed around. He knows he needs the supporters on side and he will not be an apologist for the management or owner. As you state none of us know (until the book comes out!) what undertakings Emery was given.
      Unfortunately Kroenke and Board probably believe it costs less to churn through managers, than to address the real issues of squad quality and depth.
      Emery won’t need to stay around if not supported;at his age, with his CV he will not be short of suitors.

  13. It was a joint Rams-Arsenal training session. As for people suggesting he had a Rams shirt on to show us we are second best ffs, are you really that over sensitive or what?

  14. The Kroenkes are a deluded family. Scavengers and Parasites. It’s the job of every Arsenal supporter to get them out.

  15. IMO, it comes down to HOW MUCH do we fans, all of us , really want to escape the evil clutches of Kroenke. On the one hand you have diehard fans such as Phil, saying and perfectly reasonably too, that he will never give up his season ticket and why should he. But on the other hand most of us realise that if we TRULY wish to escape the monsters ownership , then we have to have as huge a boycott of games as can be achieved and for as long as it takes to remove him. The two views are both reasonable ones but totally incompatible and there in a nutshell , is the dilemma all diehard fans face. I gave my S/T up five full seasons ago, chiefly because I could no longer stomach the way we were being longterm misrun by owner, CEO and manager. I FELT THEN, AS NOW, THAT THIS RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN US AND THE CLUB WE ADORE WAS TOTALLY ONE SIDED AND WHILST WE FANS CONSTANTLY GAVE ALL, THE CLUB WAS ALL ABOUT TAKE, TAKE, TAKE AND I AM NOT, NOR EVER WILL BE A MASOCHIST.In short, any relationship that is to work properly and last for life, has to be two way or it fails. That is the dilemma we all have. I have said nothing that almost all of us do not fully realise is true. The solution -or lack of it-is entirely in our own hands.

    1. Jon, think about when you walking along Avernell Rd with a placard saying Billy Wright must stay, you’ve got Arsenal in your blood> Like, me, Phil, Ken1945 and several others you’ve followed the Gunners for over sixty years, it couldn’t have been easy giving up your season ticket and I’m sure there’s been many times in the past you’ve regretted it. I’ve thought about it several times over the last ten years myself but when June 1st comes round I always give in. Supporters giving up their season ticket is not the answer to get the Kroenke’s out because you will never get enough people to do it and there’s always plenty of people to take their place However giving up buying merchandise, shirts, scarves, memorabilia, in fact boycott the Arsenal shops is a much better idea. It will hurt the sponsors, Adidas has just completed one of the biggest deals of all time and a concerted organised effort around the globe from millions of Arsenal fans would have an immediate effect on Kroenke’s ownership.

  16. No,the guy is supposed to be a businessman if he can’t understand things like sponsorship,PR…how can you trust him to run the club?we all know he is not here by merit, it’s like seeing trump’s daughter at the G20 summit,she was put there by her daddy even though she was over her head!

  17. Empty emirates will drive the message home. If u care enough then stop going to games. U can’t be filling up the stadium then complain about the quality of footballers on show. Donny the shirts too. It is time for the fans to hit back and hard.

  18. I wish I could go back 30 years when there was no internet and my only joy was to get my arse to Highbury on a Saturday afternoon to watch and cheer on the arsenal.
    Those were the days.
    Now all there is is hate from the supporters towards the club.
    Going and watching the team now is abit meh, not because of the team, but all the crap you hear in the stands all the negativity is sickening.
    Stop, just stop be the 12th man on that pitch.
    I am ashamed most weekends when I travel up and down the country about how our fans behave.
    We have the most toxic fans I have ever seen, no wonder players don’t want to sign new deals, go on strike and what not, grow up and support the team.

    Look at it like this most of the top clubs around Europe restructured years ago.
    Kroenke couldn’t actually implement any of the changes he wanted to until he had full ownership, technical director etc
    You don’t go and buy a club like arsenal to see it fail, it’s just not smart business

  19. EXCELLENT arsenal funs kroenke out campaign must continue until he depart us kroenke out campaign from eritrea

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