Journalist contests the reason why Thomas Partey joined Arsenal

Arsenal completed the deadline day signing of Thomas Partey from Atletico Madrid after a long pursuit of the Ghanaian midfielder.

The midfielder’s father claimed that his son had joined a big team when he moved to the Emirates, but those opinions aren’t shared with some fans of Spanish football or Atletico Madrid. 

José Damián González, a journalist for El Chiringuito has joined the numerous Spanish press workers who are unhappy that he left the La Liga, to claim that Atletico is a bigger team than Arsenal and that Partey only made the move for monetary reasons.

The Ghanaian was signed for 50m euros after the Gunners activated his release clause and he is expected to also earn a major upgrade from his salary in Spain and probably one of the highest at the Emirates.

Gonzalez claimed that it made no sense to think that he left to join Arsenal because he wanted to join a better team because the Gunners finished 8th on the Premier League table last season and that isn’t where a better team should finish.

He said via Instagram Live as quoted by Sport Witness: “What looks bad is the way he left in the end, and the clumsy thing his father, Jacob Partey, said, that he went to improve himself in a big team. Last year, Arsenal finished eighth, didn’t qualify for the Champions League. They’re in the Europa League group stages.

“Thomas left for the money. Everyone, in all professions, wants to earn as much as possible, but he went for the money. I’ll say it now and I’ll stick by it: Atlético are a better team than Arsenal.”

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  1. Mr José Damián González you should view the value of each club on a world rating and history. In value, Atletico is not even valued at half of what Arsenal is on the world standards. Also, the EPL is regarded as a bigger league; team ratings change Arsenal had 20 straight years in the champions league but built a new stadium with no debt and is now recovering can you say the same about Atletico. Yes, he has joined one of the elite known world wide not just in Spain.

  2. His bitterness is showing. He ignores reality to air his petty grievance. Excellent point about market value, global branding, history, and hall of fame players.
    His myopic view looks at last several years and conveniently ignores total history.
    Verdict in; muppet 1st class. Perhaps a fine cheese to pair with his spanish WHINE.

  3. The person who said Athletico is bigger than Arsenal must be drunk, he left because we needed him the most,our fans sent lost of messaged to show he is our family even when we havent activated the RC and he has been a fan of the club right from his childhood and u expect such player to turn that down. I dont think so. Welcome partey to Arsenal.

  4. The said Spanish journalist is simply jealous and frustrated. Arsenal is a bigger global brand than Athletico, has a larger market value, has a larger fan base and footballing appeal than Athletico. Partey wanted Arsenal and Arsenal wanted Partey, as simple as that. The journalist is short sighted and only looking at a couple of years and forgetting that Arsenal used to regularly make it to the CL when Athletico were not even in the reckoning. The EPL is a much tougher League, both physically and mentally, as compared to the Spanish League where only Barcelona and RM are the top teams. In the EPL any team can take on one of the top teams as seen from the latest EPL results. The said journalist should do his homework better before comparing his team to Arsenal.

  5. Amadrid can never compare to Arsenal fc cos we are far a better and bigger team than them in every front but surely I believe Party followed the money.From 47k at Athletico to 200k plus bonuses at Arsenal,damn he came for that. Even at that, that shows we are bigger team since we can pay better.

  6. How many fans does athletico madrid hv in africa compared to arsenal. It’s not even 1/10 compared to arsenal. Furthermore what did A.M win last year. People would laugh@you if u told them uar an A.M fan. Arsenal&EPL is much bigger by far.The frustration&bitterness of the journalist is so evident. Just accept tht T.Partey moved to a bigger&better club

  7. They underpaid Partey for years……dude was paid the same wage as the fringe or bench players…..the new offer to resign was not a significant change…he would be professionally stupid had he not left …..higher profile team ……better contract and a new challenge…..

  8. I am in the deep jungles of Africa and I wear my Arsenal shirt with pride. Hardly anyone knows about Athletico. That journo smokes pot

  9. Perhaps the journo ought to hop on a few planes( when COVID ends) & take a trip around the world.zI can guarantee him he’ll find Arsenal shirts from the north to th South Pole & from the Far East to the furthest west.100%.One of the worlds great/ biggest clubs & that’s withoubt having won the European cup.yet.They are bitter because despite these diff times Arsenal came up with the dosh.Refused to negotiate se weren’t expecting fee to be met.should have paid don’t mess with The Arsenal.

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