Journalist discusses possible solutions for Arsenal in their bid to land Bissouma

In the absence of European football, Arsenal will be short of cash and that will almost certainly affect their transfer budget.

The Gunners will need to add new players to their squad when the opportunity arises after having yet another underwhelming campaign.

They backed Mikel Arteta with some key signings at the start of this season, but his team still didn’t meet expectations.

He wants more players and one name that has been linked with a move to the Emirates is Yves Bissouma.

The Malian has been in fine form for Brighton in the Premier League and is reportedly interested in joining Arsenal.

His fine form has helped him gain many admirers and the Gunners will face serious competition for his signature.

With that in mind, Brighton is set to demand top dollar for his sale.

The Athletic says he would cost a new team at least £40m, a fee that Arsenal might struggle to pay.

Charles Watts has discussed some possible solutions for Arsenal.

He said, in the latest edition of his show on Youtube: “You do wonder with Arsenal if there’s something they could potentially do with Bissouma that’s going to help them because £40m is a lot of money, especially when you haven’t got European football for Arsenal.

“And then you look at maybe Ainsley Maitland Miles, the player who Brighton have looked at in the past. Could Brighton be tempted into something with Ainsley? Probably looking at about £20m-£25m player there with Ainsley Maitland Niles. Can you do something with him and then give Brighton a little bit more money.

“Joe Willock – is he one that you could potentially tempt Brighton into doing business with? Even Reiss Nelson as well, Eddie Nketiah, Brighton certainly looking for a striker this summer.

“You know there’s lots of players that Arsenal are going to move on and look to move on, and you do wonder if sort of swap deals can come into that and certainly the one with Bissouma of all the potential deals that you look at, you do think that is a possibility with that one.”

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  1. Maybe the pandemic will change the way transfers are done but right now, trades like this are as scarce as hen’s teeth in football.

    Yet so called expert pundits keep on suggesting them. For what it’s worth, I’d love to see them become more common place as it would be a good way for smaller teams to get value for their players when they move on

  2. It’s always astounding me that European football is the only major sporting realm that hasn’t embraced trading as a means for player movement…my guess is that teams and specifically agents depend so much on the transfer fee based system that it’s just not considered as a viable and/or desirable alternative

    that said, I can still see how a like-for-like trade could work under certain circumstances, like whenever you have managerial changes where tactics have changed so a particular player no longer makes sense but without the possibility of a trade would be difficult to move on from

    take for example a team like Real or Barca, who both appear to be retooling, that have several players on considerable wage packages that no longer fit the scheme moving forward…would it not be wise for them to seek out trading partners who also have some players on similar wages who might be facing a similar set of circumstances

    likewise for two teams who have depth in two differing positions, that the other team might covet, where a trade might make considerably more sense than trying to make multiple moves to achieve the same ends

    not to mention, the notion of trading a more experienced “finished product” player for a couple of prospects for two teams who are either at different stages in their respective “process” or simply have completely contrarian views on team building

    hopefully the present financial crisis will force teams to adopt different approaches to player movement because we could really use a lifeline of sorts as we’ll never get our sh** together if we’re solely relying on a self-sustaining model to bring new blood into the Emirates…just think about it, even if we sell off a bevy of players come the summer, then reinvest poorly, which we’ve been known to do, how will we recover with no European football and no ownership investment…ultimately if that were to occur we would need to sell the future of our team to stay afloat and that would be a terribly tragic set of circumstances, which realistically could happen

  3. There is a problem with the african comp next year Thomas partey Mohamed elnney and yves bissouma, all defensive midfielders.comp lasts 6 weeks?

  4. We should NEVER do the mistake of moving Maitland-Niles to Brighton Fc in our Purchase of Bissouma!!
    It will be a Real Coup for Them!! Shrewd Business move!!
    Bcos AMN might prove to be a Better Midfielder in the 2021/2022 season than Bissouma.
    and we end up Wailing n Crying as usual..
    Just like d Emiliano Martinez and Leno case..
    Not valuing ur Property n gives it to ur Neighbour who turns it into Sth beautiful..
    then you shed silent tears..😒🙂

  5. Very much the type of deal we should be looking to achieve, and would represent excellent business.

    Time for a reality check, before it’s simply too late.

    Unfortunately, players such as AMN represent the very mid table mediocrity we should be aspiring to leave behind.

    A move for both player and club is the obvious route to take in this case., and is in the interests of both parties.

    In each deal we try to achieve, the club must ask themselves “is the perspective signing an UPGRADE – an increase in QUALITY” (seems a very obvious point doesn’t it- but I don’t always see evidence of this).

    Bissouma for M-N (and of course a cash balance) is a blindingly obvious upgrade, and an essential step in strengthening our midfield department.

    A long road, but we MUST STEP ON – and this type of deal would represent going in the right direction.

    In my humble opinion Vinnie2000 must have been watching a different player throughout his (Ainsley’s) Arsenal career.

    1. Lolsss..
      Most Arsenal fans here don’t rate AMN highly!!
      But Boy’s true football Talent!!
      Just we have average coaches( Emery n Arteta) who can’t mould him to become a top class Midfielder!!
      Remember how Alex song was sh*t@some point in Arsenal but Rose to become one of the best Midfielders in the EPL!!
      With proper guidance, AMN can be better dan lots of central midfielders Id EPL,, including Bissouma!!

      1. So THREE consecutive managers AMN has worked under have been wrong in not playing him to any large degree, culminating in him going to WBA on loan ??

        AMN is clearly not up to standard.

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