Journalist hails Arsenal for their new character and togetherness

Mikel Arteta was very keen on changing the culture of Arsenal when he first became the club’s manager.

The Spaniard knew his team had endured years of mediocrity and they needed to change that.

He has gradually phased out and sold the players that will not embrace the new culture of the club.

This means some high-profile names have left the Emirates, and it is not hard to think that Arsenal might struggle when the likes of Mesut Ozil and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang left.

However, Arteta has navigated the team through the storm to greater heights.

They are now pulling in the same direction and helping each other.

The transformation has impressed Ian Ladyman of The Daily Mail. He writes in his column:

“Character — and in particular the lack of it — has been a theme at Arsenal since the latter days of Arsene Wenger. By indulging wastrels such as Mesut Ozil, Wenger set his club on a destructive downward path.

“Arteta was brought in to change that and after spending two and a half years searching for the mental toughness his squad needs, it is interesting he has now gone out and bought some.”

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It is great to see the work Arteta has done at this club for some time now.

The ex-midfielder has moved from being a rookie boss to managing one of the most effective teams in the league.

He deserves a lot of credit and we can confidently say that more is to come from him.

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  1. Can’t we just praise in peace without having to tear down the past management.
    How did wenger set us down path at the signing of Ozil when majority of the fans was excited when we signed him then. Coming from Madrid as world class player at the time of signing.
    And definitely majority of the fans never thought we would struggle without ozil and Auba. Ozil was done during the last year of Wenger and Auba was poor for close to 2 years. Many of you just like to scapegoat ex players.
    We have move on from them, and some of these players still support the team regardless of what you see them as.

  2. It’s funny how one word can change a statement.
    Martin writes “he has sold the players who would not embrace the new culture at the club.”
    Let’s look at Bernd Leno and rewrite that statement thus :
    He has sold those players who were unable to embrace the new culture at the club.

    Leno’s style of goalkeeping was such that he was unable to adapt to the playing out from the back style that Mikel wants.

    That doesn’t make him a bad keeper, as we will find out on Saturday.

  3. Ian Ladyman nailed it. Gone are the days where a player (Ozil) can have 2 breaks during the season. Gone are the days when a player loses the ball and just stands about.

    1. The article is painful reading for those still in thrall to the legend of Wenger. A great manager who probably stayed on a little too long.

  4. I read the DAILY MAIL, so read this fine article by Ian Ladyman today I wondered if it would be used on JA, and hoped it would.
    It backs up my view of Ozil as a long standing fraud who cheated our club for most of his years here He cared nothing about busting a gut for the cause and was IMO a real harmful influence on our club.
    Were I manager, I would have paid up his contract in full the first day I arrived and NEVER have stupidly extended his contract at that obscene wage.
    Ma learned, though far too late, but better late than never.

    When we now look at the fine squad and excellent warriors we have throughout our squad, I feel more sure than ever that we are going to keep progressing under this manager.
    Esp now that all the coasters, frauds and arrogant trouble makers have , albeit very late in the day, been GOT RID OF! HURRAY!!!

    1. I didn’t know that you read a right- wing,Tory supporting paper Jon!!I would class the DM just above the Sun!!

  5. Dont say gone are the days for the likes of Ozil and Auba they also shined during their times so lets embrace new culture at the club Good luck Arteta

  6. Exactly Isaac and I can’t believe a self confessed liberal is quoting from the most right wing newspaper rag in the country… Jon, you’ll be telling us that everything they print, along with the sun, we should take as the truth…just like the way we are told the Turkish press are the icons of press honesty!!
    Before anyone asks, I read the Daily Worker 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Ken, that would be the same Turkish press that dare not go against Ozil’s best mate, the President of Turkey.

      Btw, your post was replying to the wrong person 🙄

      1. No, I replied to Isaac and then Jon Fox – that makes two people, no more, no less ✌️😂.

        I thought we should believe what the Turkish press printed, along with the Daily Mail, but not to worry.
        Ozil is long gone and enjoying his life and the same applies to Arsene Wenger.
        Now it’s Mikel’s turn and, hopefully, that elusive top four CL spot will return eh????

        1. My apologies Ken, when you mentioned the Daily Mail I thought you were replying to Saimois.

          Yes you should believe what the Turkish lipreader said, as it was right.

    2. You’re right@ Ken,there seems to be some kind of contradiction/discrepancy between what Jon preaches and the fact that he reads the DM,no??

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