Journalist insists no cause for alarm after first Arsenal bid for Declan Rice rejected

Reporter Dean Jones has urged Arsenal fans to remain calm and patient following the rejection of their initial bid for Declan Rice by West Ham.

Rice is reported to be Arsenal’s primary target for the summer transfer window as they prepare for the upcoming season. While other clubs, including Bayern Munich, have also expressed interest in the English midfielder, Rice is believed to favour a move to the Emirates.

Although Arsenal’s first offer was turned down, Jones emphasises that this does not necessarily signify a failed transfer.

Negotiations in the transfer market often involve multiple bids and counteroffers before an agreement is reached. It is common for clubs to reject initial offers as part of the negotiation process.

Therefore, fans should not be overly concerned at this stage and should remain patient as the transfer window progresses.

He tells Give Me Sport:

“It probably feels like a bit of a setback on the surface that a first bid has been rejected, but it’s pretty normal that this happens, especially in such a high-profile transfer.

“I’m sure Arsenal fans are panicking a little bit, but I’m told that a second bid is likely to follow pretty quickly. I think there’s still confidence that Declan Rice will become an Arsenal player.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Rice wants to join us, which is a major victory we have already scored in our bid to sign him.

We now have to work on our transfer plans to ensure we make the right bid when we return with a second offer.

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  1. Looks like we have missed out on caicedo
    100 million for Declan Rice 😂talk about putting all your eggs into one basket ,football world gone mad .

    1. Then again, if Rice has been identified as THE player we need, unlike in the past, we need to pay to get the best, not second or third best. That has always been Arsenals problem.

      1. Is he the best though Reggie ,he’s certainly not at parteys lvl and probably won’t ever be .

        1. Arsenal have identified him as the best, he has been their no1 for months. It has nothing to do with our opinions, it has to do with getting your no1 targets, not 3rd or 4th.

  2. Arsenal have just got to be serious with this transfer market. Otherwise, we come up as second best next season. Good things are never gonna be cheap. They’ve got to learn how man city dropped Halland with figures and and won treble. For what Rice is gonna deliver, arsenal gotta be ruthless and pay.

  3. This one looks in the bag not even David Moise can determine where the lads go.

    Not losing a minute sleep on this one

  4. So the first round goes to the Hammers.

    Is it really worth fighting for plain Rice? Don’t think so. Perfect time to just throw in the towel.

    Rice isn’t worth it. Let him go to City. Kalvin Phillips needs his company on the bench.

    1. You’re right with the bench warming issue. Rice will never shift Rodri, and do you think Pep will play 2 defensive mids? I don’t think so. Its crazy that players do not think about their long term career: remember Anelka and Fabregas sitting on the bench and ruining their careers when they went to the bigger clubs. I think at times these players think they were bought because they are better than everyone else.

  5. Rice is not £100m, but unfortunately that’s what Westham want, and there are clubs willing to pay stupid money for him. They will get a very good player but not world class. Rice being English also makes him expensive. I dare say Caicedo might be better than him, and certainly stronger. The same way Arteta earlier thought Saliba was not good enough and bought a weaker ben White instead (still needed him though but in a different position). He loves his weak players hence our silly bid for Kai Harvetz. £70m for a player not better than Eddie Nketiah – what is Arsenal doing!

    1. @Joe71, i agree 100% Rice nor Caicedo is worth the fees, but to say Arteta didn’t rate Saliba ,is wrong, no big team would leave the heart of their defence in hands of an 18yr old, he needed more exposure,span of control,it takes more than just kicking the ball to be a midfielder or defender,

      That being said, I wish we would go for Szobozlai, Zubimendi not Rice and Caicedo

  6. I find AFCs transfer policy of trying to negotiate a lower price with any selling club they deal with very frustrating.
    Afc waste time putting deals togeather that selling clubs refuse while other interested clubs just watch then come in give the selling club whatvthey ask for and the deals done while AFC sit there watching another top player snapped up by Chelsea,City,Liverpool or whoever !
    Then AFC go and waste money on good players who may or may not turn out to be proven players for example we buy Vierra for 34 million,Lokonga for over 20 million both given ample chances nether one good enough thats 54 million wasted weve offered 90 million for a proven outstanding player in Declan Rice and West Ham want 100million thats 10 million difference for gods sake GIVE IT TO THEM,Chelsea have now come in and stolen Caicedo from under our noses for the same reason.
    FFS Edu or whoever decides on these tactics AFC are improving in so many ways CAN YOU PLEASE STOP MONEY PINCHING AND TAKE THE NEXT STEP to making AFC a top club again.

    1. “To Man City AND Arsenal”?. I think not somehow! CARE TO RETHINK WHAT YOU MEANT TO SAY AND WRITE IT AGAIN!?

  7. I would take Camavinga ,Szobozlai and Havertz anyways over Caicedo and Rice,
    Rice and Caicedo don’t have good visions, no shot accuracy, just good tacklers,

  8. Funny JA hasnt informed us that we are on verge on gifting chelsea 70 m, yes 70m for havertz for them to go a buy a top striker or our original target Caicedo ,when we should be getting one,same thing happened in january we free up their dud and they swoop for our nr 1 target ,i swear this board must be getting paid by bohly not kronke ,all i know is if that happens and we dont get rice (i dont think he worth that much) but its about getting your targets showing intent show you mean business ,and if this happens which knowing our board it will happen,we can kiss goodbye CL for next season maybe another decade we will scrap though group stages and the dumped out ,call me what you want i dont care but i do believe thats whatsgoing to happen and if it does dont tell me i didnt call it first

    1. Have you watched Caicedo play or Rice, they are more of defenders than midfielders, poor vision, poor shot accuracy, well I hope I’m wrong, but I feel we are only sign one of the 2, I believe we’ll get Zubimendi, Havertz and a fullback.

  9. It’s easy to believe everything that’s reported but until agreements are reached then the story can change and often does.

    Rightly or wrongly, it appears that Arteta wants Rice – hopefully not at any price. I can’t read his or Edu’s minds in terms of how both see their strategy for next season but they clearly know what they think they need to move the club forward. It’s their vision for a new Arsenal season ahead and Arteta’s function is to implement it. Time will tell.

    Still early on in the transfer window and none of us yet know who is leaving either. Is it Tierney? Partey? Xhaka? Since the end of the season theories abound about who is coming or going. It’s currently as clear as mud and reporters are scratching around for any nuggets of hearsay. It won’t be long before we hear of such and such player looking to buy a house in Hampstead or Highgate such are the nature of rumours.

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