Journalist suggests that Arsenal ‘cut their losses’ with Mesut Ozil if woes continue

One British journalist has suggested that Arsenal should ‘cut their losses’ with Mesut Ozil if the superstar continues to be left out of the team.

The Telegraph’s Jason Burt sensationally claimed on BBC’s 5 Live Sport that Arsenal need to ‘cut their losses or try to loan out’ Mesut Ozil if the superstar’s lack of playing time continues.

Ozil has fallen out of favour since Unai Emery took charge of Arsenal last summer. The playmaker has made just two appearances across all competitions for the Gunners so far this season.

The 31-year-old was left out of Arsenal’s squad that drew 2-2 with Crystal Palace on the weekend.

BBC Sport understand that the World Cup winner is Arsenal’s highest-earner with a staggering wage of £350,000-a-week.

Given the superstar’s lack of playing time with the north London outfit, Burt suggested that Arsenal have to resolve the situation immediately by either ‘cutting their losses’ with the midfielder with a sale or ‘loaning him out’.

Check out what Burt had to say on Ozil’s situation below:

Arsenal’s decision to hand the attacking midfielder a new contract has come back to bite them. Ozil’s huge wages will make a sale and even a loan very hard to negotiate.

The club’s hierarchy either need to step in and tell Emery to give the star a chance or work tirelessly to get the former Real Madrid ace off the books.

Ozil is simply on far too big a wage to not be playing, this money could be better spent elsewhere in the squad – rather than wasting away on the bench and in the shadows.

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  1. Get him back in the team or sell. I honestly think he wants to play for us, we just need to find a way to get the best out of him again. I don’t know how, but I’m not on UE’s wages so it’s not my prob, its his. If he can’t work it out sell, or get someone in that can.

  2. As a former supporter of Mesut Ozil, I’ll say this with all honesty. I backtracked on him in Wenger’s last season. Not because he’s not a good footballer or a good man but because I know what the Ozil I fell in love with could do with the ball. I know how I loved watching him play because when he played he was like Picasso with a paint brush in his hands.
    Sadly Ozil declined early. I’m a lover of football, and I tend to really stick around to study anything I can about the game.
    I ain’t no coach, but I see myself as an intelligent influencer when it comes to football, and of cus I was a footballer for my local club years ago, a striker. I could say I wasn’t the really explosive or beast of a striker. I was a Giroud type. Aerial prowess, fair amount of speed and a good record of goals for my local home club. So my point is, I’ve been in love with football for years and from a very young age, I’m a music producer now. Music is my first love, always been my first love but I’m still and will always be attracted to football in all its ramifications.
    My point is I know this ain’t the Ozil we bought, he declined very early.
    He falls into the category of the Early peak/Early declined sets of players. Mesut doesn’t have that magic constantly in him anymore, Mesut won’t solve our creativity problem, while it might be argued that he could help stabilize the creativity problem a bit I believe it’ll be wrong to expect him solve because he won’t solve it.
    That’s why I’ve always said it, he needs to leave to the MLS.
    He needs to go own it, romance his football back there.
    Yes I can say Emery never tried helping him confidently because it’s the truth. Sue,Pat, Ken, Dan Kit and others I might not mention, I know how much y’all love and trust Mesut Ozil and believe me I do also bit I think y’all need to see that he’s not that player anymore, he has declined, it’s like saying he grown old.
    It’s totally normal for everyone to do so. Ozil needs to move on, personally I want him to because he’s a very good man outside the pitch and I think he needs to be doing what he loves every week out there where he’ll be appreciated. I think y’all need to let go and set him free.
    After all, time and time all over again, it’s been proved that Mesut Ozil’s fans will always defend and stand with him. I’m saying y’all need to agree with the best option for the club while you stand with Ozil whatever he chooses to do

    1. Eddie, the facts of the matter are that Mezut Ozil played 24 games in season 2018/2019 under Unai Emery, only two less than the 26 games he played during season 2017/2018 under Arsene Wenger.
      The real problem is the lack of physical ball winning and defensive midfielders at Arsenal to offer support to Ozil.

    2. Hi Eddie, you may well be right but I guess I want another kick at the tires with Ozil. I would like three starts to see what happens. If nothing happens, then they need to eat about $250K and move him, they still save $100K which could be used to help pay for somebody at the CB or DM spots.

      Sure it is a gamble, but I don’t think Ozil coming on the pitch is going to make this current team any poorer – they are already there. They will just be equally poor with a slightly different line up. If they get a bounce, maybe it translates into something better. The problem with the team isn’t Ozil, sure he is a distraction and right now a drain on the budget.

      I hope that the problem is Emery, in that we have the pieces (or at least most of the pieces) and it is his inability to manage that is holding us back.

      My fear is that the parts don’t work. The team doesn’t play well together right now. To me they look as rusty, if not rustier, than the beginning of the season. The number of passes that don’t quite lead is significant – they count as accurate, but people are having to dig out of feet, slow down, back track. Work rate seems to be down at front end sometimes (and I know service is an issue). And, aside from the defensive middle, which has generally been really poor, we are not able to break down a set defense to save our lives. It isn’t pretty.

      I really hope that the problem is Emery but I am a little concerned that it is much more than that, but maybe that is for another day and I gladly stand to be corrected!!!

      So to show that I am an optimist, 🙂 I want to see the three games with Ozil so that everything will be sunshine and lollipops again!

  3. @Eddie
    You just made it sound very sympathetic. We all love Ozil and I think allowing him stay in our AFC isn’t a bad reputation as well. Huh! All I think is there should still be a way to resolve the Saga concerning him and get him featured in matches.. But at the same time, my heart feels for him, And I think we should let him GO. Hmm..

    1. Sympathetic? No not at all, I only expressed how I feel about the man and that’s because I have no intentions of going into or starting another Ozil argument. Ozil won’t solve our creativity problem and yes I do want to see him play again for us but I’m just saying we should all try to understand he’s not the same player he was and we should be happy to see him leave and go enjoy his football elsewhere

        1. In other words it’s all about the money and not about professional pride.
          You can’t blame him if money is the object of his life, but I thought he would have enough by now. The final years of his playing career are fast coming to a close however.

  4. Ive read the comments above and I quietly agree with the comments that ozil alone wont solve the creative problems at hand ,, these stem from the concept our coach is trying to install in the team,,

    if you watch or gather some stats , ozil is not anymore playing or operating in between the lines, he has to drift wide because of central overloads of lacazette dropping back whenever he’z played under emery or ozil drops near the half line to pick up the rhythm of arsenal’s attack, so it comes down to the tactics of the manager,,

    Further , i also agree being a keen follower of ozil that his game has gone down a bit maybe because of a lack of motivation (since he;’z not playing international football, and is on a huge contract , so money is no more a motivation , Wenger was right on both of these accounts), partly its because of ageing and not being able to play a lot under emery …

    However it ends up , its sad to see a talented player we had ending up this way…


    “I Think the biggest problem down there is that they are not doing the obvious things correctly like they’re not playing the correct players in the correct positions…they’re not starting their best players, players like Lucas Torreira who I personally feel was one of the best players in the last World Cup and also for Arsenal playing as the base defensive midfielder, I really don’t understand this situation and also Özil…you have to understand that Mesut is not Messi or Ronaldo, he won’t carry your team single handed, he’s more of a creative genius and a creative genius is only as good as the attack in front of him, all these years at Arsenal he did not have the right players in front of him and now when he does, for some reason he is omitted entirely, people say he is lazy but they can’t be more wrong, Özil works very hard and the football for him it’s not a job like most of the players these days, football is his life, he enjoys football …In England I have got the idea that people here will prefer guys who can run and run and run for 90 minutes, so even when those guys have a bad game people will say oh atleast he gave it his all, people in England don’t welcome smart runners and Özil is a smart runner…so I think people in England will take a runner over a creative genius.[On what would be Arsenal’s best xi] I’d say Leno, Bellerin, Holding, David Luiz, Tierney, Lucas Torreira, Ceballos, Özil, Pepe, Aubameyang, Lacazette. “Why no Guendouzi?” Guendouzi is a fantastic talent but in my career I’ve seen time and time again youngsters with immense talent do nothing because they started starting regularly for their clubs and their desire to improve went with that, they became stale , I don’t want Guendouzi to end up like that, he has leadership qualities as well…I will like to say one thing that Arsenal on paper have one one of the best attacks in the league but are suffering from a lack of creativity”

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