Journalist poses the Arsenal question that has to be asked

TV Journalist Dan Walker has seen enough of this Arsenal team to now ask the question are Arsenal title contenders?

He posed the question after watching the Gunners end Tottenham’s unbeaten start to the season with a 3-1 win this afternoon.

Mikel Arteta’s side is the early pacesetters in the league, but there were doubts in some quarters before this game commenced.

This is because Spurs were unbeaten and United defeated the Gunners in their first game against a fellow top-six side.

Arsenal rose to the occasion and shocked their doubters with a commanding performance.

Walker admits this team is showing something they have lacked in the past and then asked that question.

He tweeted: “This Arsenal team are decent and definitely have something they’ve lacked in the past. Martinelli is a little maestro too. Are they title contenders?”

Just Arsenal Opinion

No doubt some will continue to underestimate Arsenal and make excuses for the wins we have racked up this season but the fact is, that after eight games, we are top.

How much longer do we have to remain top before we are taken more seriously?

The time has come for that question to be asked in a respectful and serious manner.

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    1. Does it matter if everyone doubts us? The underdog and “lucky” tag suits us. I will rather be doubted and win the title, than being lauded and come 10th.

  1. I actually like that we are still being questioned. Makes it all the sweeter when we continue to beat teams.

  2. Believe me, the unbelievers will continue to seeing GUNNERS beat their supporting teams consider as title contenders


    1. We are the real deal.
      Arteta the man..
      This is 2 and a half years in the making.
      Think if we’d gone Mikel before Unai where we would be.
      No disrespect to Unai

  3. Solving the Partey cover equation is the answer to this question. Once he’s absent, we begin to struggle

  4. Still too early in the season to have this debate. Arsenal have not been a serious contender for years and there are stronger squads in the PL. It will be important to see performances and results against the other recent main contenders i.e. top 4 teams.

      1. There’s only one team out of the top four where Arsenal needs to prove tat they are contenders, if we can beat Man city, we are done wilh all the team then I’ll say we will be number 1 or 2 in the league, I know one can easily say it’s too early to say that but I believe in the boys that they can do it and this means it’s not early to say this

    1. Better said, plus, we haven’t forgotten the recent disappointments. So, The only way to convince fans is either run unbeaten for more 15 -20 games or simply win it when there are some games to go

  5. I think it may be too early to insinuate anything as to “Title Contenders” IMO! But no one can deny the fact that Arsenal is beginning to tick the boxes that says Title Contenders! Truth is, if Liverpool were the ones with Arsenal’s exact results, pundits would have stated that it is a “2-horse race” between them and ManCity!

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