Journalist predicts what Arteta might think about Aubameyang’s latest predicament

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang posted an image on social media yesterday about him and his Gabon teammates being forced to sleep on the floor at a Gambian airport in Banjul.

Gabon is visiting the African nation in preparation for the Nations Cup qualifying match.

The international break gave players the chance to represent their countries and Aubameyang will have been happy to represent Gabon once again.

But this treatment by their opponents will not be good memories for him to look back on.

Clubs always want the best for their players when they send them out with their countries, and Arsenal will be no different.

Speculating what Arteta’s response will be when he sees the post made by Aubameyang, Charles Watts claims that the Spaniard will certainly not be happy.

He said as quoted by Thisisfutbol: “Mikel Arteta will be looking at that and thinking, ‘oh my god, our captain, our top scorer at the end of the season, has been spending the entire night on the floor of the airport getting no sleep and now he’s got to play for his country in ten hours’ time.’ Arsenal certainly won’t be happy with the situation.”

Aubameyang has suffered for poor form in front of goal for much of this season and the national team assignment will help him forget about Arsenal’s 3-0 loss at home to Aston Villa before the break.

However, fans will hope that he returns with his scoring boots when the international break is over.

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  1. I think it’s a complicated situation, from what i read, the gambians requested for their covid 19 clearance , the gabonese had none insisting they are all negative having done the test, their passports where seized and they detained awaiting further instruction from their requisite ministry.

    In all, the blame goes to caf and not gambia

    1. Mish. Total crap. How can you blame one and not the other? CAF too is at fault yes but how can you try to make Gambia appear clean? Was it CAF that seized their passports? Was it CAF that left them to sleep on the floor? Was it CAF that kept them hostage for 6 hours. Gambia finally got the result they wanted. You are the only source I’ve heard say it was due to Covid 19. All other sources are saying administrative problems. Don’t you dare defend a savage act. What is bad is bad. Even if your story is true, even if they all tested positive which they were not, the situation could have been handled better. They were left to sleep on the floor for six good hours, 6 hours not 6 minutes. What a shame to Gambia, CAF and you too trying to defend bullshit. It was clearly a hostage tactics. I don’t want to hear your BS no more. I don’t like it when someone tries to sound rational but is only actually defending an inhuman act. I don’t like what I hate.

  2. Very unfortunate and clearly a situation which was totally avoidable. As usual total mismanagement and the players have to suffer the consequences. HopeAuba comes back in good form, we really need him.

    1. Auba score in the first leg in his country, (2-1). The Gambians replied the same score line back to them yesterday. Still a lot to play for. Good news is that no injury to Auba. But Elneny test positive for covid 19

  3. The Ministry of Youth and Sports has said it has learnt with ‘shock’ and ‘disbelief’ the attitude of the Gabonese delegation upon their arrival at the Banjul International Airport last night.

    “Despite 20:00hrs [arrival time] was [the] communication to the officials in The Gambia, the Gabonese delegation arrival in The Gambia around 12midnight,” the ministry in a statement on Monday said.

    The statement added: “We learnt that upon their arrival at Banjul International Airport, the delegation refused to surrender their Covid-19 test certificates to the public health officials; equally they refused to be tested at the airport and put up with unfavourable behaviours [sic].

    “The public health officials on duty did not allow them to leave the airport without being tested until 05:30am after the matter was reported to the Match Commissioner by Mr. Lamin Jassey, General Secretary together with GFF President Mr . Lamin Kaba Bajo to CAF Medical Officer by Dr. Omar Sey , who is designated as CAF medical officer for this match.

    “The public health officials were given assurance by the Gabonese sports minister and the ambassador that tests will be conducted on each member of the delegation at their Hotel. It was after this assurance the delegation was allowed to leave the airport.

    “The matter is currently under discussion at the Technical/ coordination meeting at Football house spearheaded by the match commissioner.

    “The public would kept posted about the reaction of CAF regarding this very unpleasant behaviour of the Gabonese delegation.

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