Journalist reckons Arsenal will not be spending £250m this summer

Arsenal is not spending as much as £250m to revamp their squad this summer, Football London journalist, Chris Wheatley, has claimed.

90 Mins had reported earlier in the month that Arsenal is set for a major summer overhaul that would see them spend as much as the above figure.

This is because they are looking to build a squad that can break back into the top four next season.

Wheatley accepts that there would be changes at the Emirates and the Gunners will certainly spend a decent amount of money on their squad, but he says that figure is certainly not correct and they won’t spend that much.

He says he has heard the rumours and has spoken with some journalists who also cover Arsenal and none can confirm that the Gunners would be on such a spending spree in this transfer window.

“I saw those reports as well and it’s a very difficult question to answer. We know that Arsenal do have money to spend, I think the £250m report is perhaps a little bit inaccurate. I haven’t heard that, and I’ve spoken with other journalists who cover Arsenal and we haven’t heard that,” Wheatley said on YouTube.

Arsenal fans would have enjoyed reading the 90 Mins report, but they have to always remember the reality of things at their club.

Stan Kroenke has never been one to spend too much money and we shouldn’t expect him to act too differently all of a sudden.

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  1. why would a club spend 250m on players?

    even City doesnt spend that much in a season these days…

    We have been spending 100m each in the last 3 seasons….

    Its all about good scouting and signing the right players

    Bayern, Leicester and Co doesnt spend more than 100m but they are successful

    shouldn’t the funds be used to build hospitals, medical research and help the poor and needy?

    1. ” why would a club spend 250m on players?”

      Well, maybe because a club can recoup 125m on sales… And perhaps, with the way things are concerning the relationship in between the fans and the owners, the owners are willing to cough up the remaining 125m from their pockets” through a recent loan arrangements…

      If one put 2 and 2 together, no such question as,
      “why would a club spend 250m on players?”,
      would ever cross the mind of a true Arsenal fan.

      Which leaves me to ponder the following:
      what kind of a true Arsenal fan are you?

    2. I fully agree with you John. The unfortunate bit about some of our fans is that they do not analyse issues and do not appreciate financial issues and the current global trends. Can anyone run a football club on a loss? Why would any investor sink money down the drain? The reality today is against spending big sums of money because of the corona epidemic which has prevented fans from attending live matches. Furthermore, Arsenal’s current situation where there is no European football limits our spending power. Thus only day dreamers can expect us to spend such an astronomical figure when our revenue sources have dwindled.

    3. Silly analysis, are we in a different league from Chelsea, man city and even Aston villa? Where will you get 2m good player today? How can a big club like arsenal lose a player to a team like Aston villa. Nonsense nonsense nonsense. Arsenal must be run by an investor who love the team not this blood rubbish Kronkes

  2. I never believed the report in the first place. This is a ludicrous amount for any Club right now in the pandemic and global economic scenario. I agree that proper scouting can get in the right players at the right positions for a lesser price.

  3. Whilst probably no truth in the figure of £250m, I feel we could all be underestimating how much is lost in no European football. Not from competition money but the commercial revenue, this could be costing Arsenal £100m’s every season they are out of it and we all know Stan is a man about profits.

    £50m being spent on a defender at a team that had the 3rd best defence record last season and has 7 CBs already shows they are in fact doing a complete rebuild, reminds me of the 89′ season when GG revamped the whole squad.

    1. 👍 Great comment.. With almost all of our youngsters tied down, I [finally] like where we’re heading!

  4. And so, if this article is true, Arteta could be blowing a highly significant part of our transfer budget (50M) on one player, the inexperienced and green Ben White – a player we don’t really need.
    This will be a re-run of the 30M Willian fiasco of last year. The chaotic reign of the Arteta continues.

    1. “This will be a re-run of the 30M Willian fiasco….”
      You certainly do not know this. White is a quality player already And will massively improve our team. Do we really trust Holding as a regular player or is there any quarantee that a 20 year old Saliba who’s slow and inexperience in our league is the answer?

      We have been crying for the owners to spend some money on quality epl proven players and now we have done so with White and we still complain. I must confess we are paying a little bit over the odd but isn’t that what big clubs do?

      You we were the 3rd best defence in the league but one thing you fail to realise is that we were mostly on a low blow. That was why our build up was slow. Now in white we have a good pressor, a good tackler, a good ball progress or and transitioner who can player multiple positions. I use to think we never needed a CB but after looking at it critically, comparing it to city getting Diaz, I come to the conclusion that this will massively help not only our defence but our attacking play.

      I will say we should all be patient and enjoy the rumour mills linking us with players. If we sign Ben White for 50 million, it can mean one of 2 things;

      first it could mean we are stupidly spending 50 million on a players no at the top of our priority because everyone knows our most pressing needs are midfielders. Also this is the one I choose to believe, that we have enough money to address the pressing areas too knowing that Arteta and Edu and not fools.

  5. If arsenal want to spend £250m it’s not unreasonable. We have a lot of players we could let go for a decent fee and with extra fund we could have a fee around that amount to spend.
    My actual concern is our obsession with Ben white, another £42m bid +add on rejected by Brighton, it’s would have been a joy if the bid were for Madison or Bissoum but a Ben white. I really don’t know what Edu and Arteta plans are

    1. Don’t fret just yet, Adajim! Still 2 months of the window left…plenty of time for Bissouma and Maddison bids 😉

      1. Sue I hope you are right, I hope our big business isn’t Ben white . As history tell we have been buying 1 marque players per season, Partey last season, Pepe and so on, I don’t even want Ben white, give Saliba and Holding a chance, I admit he is afraid of relying on a 20yo all season but we got Holding and chamber to help out if Saliba didn’t go down well

  6. Until we sell,we will be unable to buy, given the horrendous losses we have incurred during the past 2/3 years..

    1. Grandad, then Arsenal should look “in house” for solutions, with selective transfers in to upgrade the positions of greatest need.

  7. I would think we sell Rob Holding and bring Saliba back to fight for his position for at least a year b4 we decide on him. And we could add two more mid-fielders since we are on the verge of losing 3 or 4 of them then we add one more striker which Isak would be the best.

  8. I have watched many games played by BW and I think he’s the sort of defender we need, in the mould of bould, Adams and keown, a proper English defender, man u has got Maguire, man city stones even Spurs Alderweild, Chelsea Rudiger/Silva what have we got? BW will fill the void, a pressor, destruptor that’s what we are getting in white. Let’s be patient, we don’t have to sell Holdings or Salina. Let’s see what Salina will do then we can judge, we’ve got left footed CB in Gabriel and pablo. Chambers can be right back backup bc spares will eventually leave by end of next season when is contract is up. Whether we have that m250k to spend or not time will tell but someone said Arteta and Edu are not stupid so let’s see. Everyone has been clamouring for Bisouma OMG that guy is what we need in the middle of the pack, I don’t know what Edu and Arteta are thinking but they better think right, he’s young and experience,he can comfortably give us a good 4yrs and he’s not reach his prime,he kept getting better all the time and from what we’ve heard his heart is at arsenal, not a bad deal at 30m and why not lamptey? When city raided us and took clichy, nasri,adebayor,sagna etc no one raised high brow so WTF let’s do this and move the club forward, this guys can only get better and I am sure they will deliver. We don’t need a 100m player that won’t deliver or will have injury and won’t play for 6month. We have to get back into top 4 by all means or Arteta and Edu should go. Even if we can get a decent no10 we have decent one already in lacazete and Emile we can get isak while we move lacazete to no 10 to create more space.

  9. Three players could have given Arsenal at least an additional 12 points, totally renergising the side. For me they were Buendia, Bissouma and an all action fullback. I don’t think the three needed to have cost more than 150 million if the club had been serious. Obviously there are other options out there but does it have to be White and how far can we trust Arteta and Edu to get it right. I don’t think anyone in charge at Arsenal have the luxury of another transfer window beyond this one.

  10. I reckon we will spend around £150M(£80m net) but I would love to see:
    In: onana(£7m) Sergio romero(free) Tyler adams(£18m) white(£50m) van aanholt(free+HG) bissouma(£40m) lokonga(17m) maddison(60m) eduoard(20m)

    Adams White Gabriel Tierney
    Bissouma Partey
    Saka auba Pepe

    Subs: romero chambers saliba mari van aanholt lokonga Smith Rowe Martinelli Edouard

    1. That Auba is finished, it wld be better if we get Chelsea’s out of favour but very good Tammy Abrahams

      1. Don’t give up on Aubameyang yet, given one poor season given his mother and malaria.

  11. If Arsenal had a transfer kitty of £250 million, would they be offering £14 million (Anderlecht want £17 million) for Lokonga, when Sevilla and other clubs are interested? While Arsenal barter another club will step in and do the deal.

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