Journalist reckons Arteta is making referees job more difficult

Mikel Arteta was unhappy at some of the refereeing decisions during Arsenal’s ill-tempered 3-0 loss to Tottenham.

The Spaniard hinted after the game that some calls in the fixture were questionable and they contributed to his team’s defeat at the hands of their rivals.

The ex-midfielder is preparing his team to face Newcastle United in another Premier League game tonight, but Sports Mail’s Ian Ladyman is unimpressed by his comments after the Tottenham game.

The journalist discussed it in his latest column on the website and suggested that managers like Arteta make the referee’s job much harder.

He writes: “His post-match comments were embarrassing. ‘A beautiful game has been destroyed,’ he said. ‘But if I speak about it, I will be suspended.’

“Arteta will doubtless have forgotten about it all by now. His team play another big game at Newcastle on Monday night. But things like this matter because they add to the difficulty and complexity of the environment in which our referees have to work.

“It is an environment already made hazardous by the fact players cheat constantly and by the way modern television coverage exposes every single mistake they make. VAR has helped them in some ways, but not in others.”

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The referees have one of the hardest jobs in the world and they are also humans, but we can complain when they don’t make the right decisions.

The introduction of VAR has made it even more important for them to always get the decisions right, but it hasn’t been the case and Arteta should be allowed to speak his mind.

However, what we need the most now is to focus on our remaining matches and get the maximum points.

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  1. Arteta was totally wrong with his comments.
    He should worry how players totally lost it.
    Holding should have been off before he actually was.

  2. Referees should be hold to account, this referee word is final, is nonsense. They are not consistent.

  3. to be fair the referees are making their job more difficult, as they are becoming under pressure for one thing only.. being INCOMPETENT. Don’t blame the athletes or managers for complaining at the awful job u are doing, because it is truly atrocious on a daily basis. VAR was supposed to help but if anything, refs hide behind it. Why so SO many times do we have to get ex refs out to EXPLAIN the VAR decision? Also, why does it have to be a “clear and obvious” error.. any error is enough, look at the flippin replay and amend any error. WHy can it only be penalty area or red card offences.. there are throwins incorrectly awarded that lead to goals that lead to different results.. its not even difficult to figure out how to use it.. just use it to make CORRECT DECISIONS. on a slightly lesser but still important note.. the rules need looked at .. some of the handball offences awarded are ridiculous, like the SPurs vs Burnley when the guy is literally one foot away from the ball as it is kicked up onto his arm at full force. Arms were outstretched but that does not mean unnatural position.. sometimes us human beings use our arms to balance, did u know that? Seriously there is just SO SO much wrong with officiating in EPL its hard to know where to start, but now we have articles blaming managers for putting pressure on refs? U are kidding, right? well u got ur clicks.. wp

  4. Give me a break with this ludicrous, the refs hate us crap. Arteta made himself look foolish after the game because the game was lost by the tactics and the players, not the ref. I will ask again.

      1. They are less incompetent now and more supported than they have ever been and my reply wasn’t directed at your post personally.

        1. well fair enough regarding not being aimed at my post.. but tbh they really are incompetent mate.. like REALLLLY bad .. every single game

    1. It not about being pay paid England ref are given much opportunity to victimise any team of their choice season in and out some teams are given bias goal, penalties and certain players are being much protected at all cost ( Salas penalties ,Harry Kane’s awarded goals to granite xhaka yellow for 3 fouls he did not commit) boss cut the slake on arteta . England ref lack credibility

    2. Mr. Reggie or whatever….stats don’t lie, consider yellow card challenges that go Scott free for other clubs and in Arsenal’s case, look at the appointment of Tireney and Mike dean, remember the game between man city at home to Arsenal? Remember the signatures against Mike dean by Arsenal funds in England? Don’t be so miopic at things that should concern you the most.

      1. Stats do lie, they dont tell you how stupid your yellow and red cards are. Your stats might not lie because you make them up to suit the myth we are persecuted by refs.

  5. Referees in England in particular are really causing the beautiful game to be meaningless. There’s a perception that Arteta’s squad can not challenge the so called big coaches and clubs because they are young from top to bottom. So shameful.

    1. And i have no problem with the referees compared to say 10 years ago and beyond. It is a fact decisions are more correct now than ever before.

      1. reggie I don’t know where u are getting that piece of info from (a link would be nice to the data if we really trying to be fair and objective), if its from your eyes id just have to say I disagree massively and im flabbergasted u think that way.. the refereeing is SOO bad I’ve never seen it this bad 10 years ago 20 years ago.. 30 years ago… its NEVER been this bad in the EPL.

        1. No it isnt, you are wrong. Every statistic and analysis shows more decisions are correct now.

          1. you cant just say “you are wrong”, when I even asked u for a link to the evidence and u havent got one.. my eyes tell me something very different but im at least open minded to see the stats if u can provide them, but u cant, so don’t be so arrogant to say “you are wrong”.. its not a coincidence that the debate about refereeing standard in EPL goes on EVERY.SINGLE.MATCHDAY… your opinion is the one in the minority tbh mate, very much so also. read the room and take a hint from that, OR provide this statistical evidence you are talking about.. otherwise don’t be rude

            1. Sco, you are the one being rude and childish, i dont get personal, i state my case and you call me!!!!!!!! All the stas are out there to tell you decisions are about 15 to 20% more correct now than before VAR.

  6. The problem in not so much incompetence its more consistency. We saw it with the Fa Cup final and Everton v Brentford, Rondon made a very similar tackle as Thiago, 2 footed of the ground, one was given a red the other wasn’t. The Martinelli v Wolves red, the same ref 3 days later should have sent off Joeliton v Leeds for the same if not worse succession of fouls but he didn’t. There are too many examples of terribly inconsistent refereeing. Against spurs we were weakened and poor at the same time. Okay the penalty was never a pen in a million years, also maybe Son should have gone for throwing an elbow, but Holding should have done a Son and made more of it.

    I don’t believe the referees are incompetent I honestly believe they are to an extent corrupt along with the PGMOL. 95% of referees in the prem are from the North mainly the Liverpool and Manchester areas. This is where the bias comes in for me we’ve all seen Utd, Liverpool and inparticular City get incredible decisions given in their favour. Yes we all know Spurs get the rub of the green as media darlings especially at home. But we can’t get drawn into it

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