Journalist reckons Leno remains better than Ramsdale and Raya

Arsenal’s decision to part ways with Bernd Leno was largely influenced by Aaron Ramsdale’s impressive start, with the latter now facing a sense of déjà vu as he realises his position could be challenged by the addition of David Raya to the squad. This situation mirrors Ramsdale’s own rise to the starting lineup at the expense of Leno.

Leno’s departure has led him to Fulham, where he has established himself as the preferred choice, a development that brings contentment to the German goalkeeper. However, Ramsdale now finds himself in a competitive environment, raising questions about the wisdom of letting go of Leno following Ramsdale’s arrival.

The Sun’s Dave Kidd has given his opinion on the players’ performances and surprising to some, suggests that Leno has been the standout performer among the trio so far.

He writes in his column:

“There’s intrigue at Arsenal over whether Aaron Ramsdale will be replaced by David Raya as Mikel Arteta’s first-choice goalie.

“Although, if you’ve been watching closely enough, it’s clear that Fulham’s Bernd Leno, replaced by Ramsdale as Arsenal’s No 1, is actually a better keeper than either of them.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Leno was error-strewn when we replaced him in the team and it was absolutely the right decision to make at the time, so we have no reason to regret it.

However, Ramsdale has not really put a foot wrong and adding Raya to the squad is very questionable.

But we cannot be bothered too much about that because Ramsdale should be able to fight for his place in the team no matter what happens.

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  1. It’s not true – Leno quite possibly is the best shot stopper of the three, but that’s about it. Put him under pressure, either with his feet or from crosses, and the picture changes dramatically.

  2. Welcome to Arsenal David Raya.

    Sincerely hope there are Saudi interests in Aaron Ramsdale; He could soon be joining the long list of players deemed surplus to requirements.

    If we are prepared to cut ties with quality players, such a Tierney, I expect the same treatment for the inconsistent and unpredictable Ramsdale. Real talk.

    One has to wonder why the game is littered with so many quality Arsenal keepers who were sold for peanuts but still performing at the highest level at other Clubs. Martinez, Leno, Szczesny – just three examples. Oh well.

    1. If there is a single top class player anywhere in the PREM, LESS LIKELY to go to SAUDI, than Ramsdale, I would be surprised. Not going to happen .

  3. One left field opinion, which hardly any Gooner seems to share, including myself, is of little concern to us, as it has no bearing whatsoever on what will happen.

    Leno is history and though a top shot stopper, is representative of those old style keepers who are inadequate, now that keepers in general are expected to be good with their feet as well as their hands.

    Plainly LENO is not good , nor even adequate, at our required level, with his feet. Which is why he was let go.

  4. 8f you go online,there is the PL GK’s’s based on every stats possible,involved in goalkeeping.Leno is 3rd and Ramsdale 13/14th.

  5. Water under the bridge really
    Ramsdale’s gone off the boil a bit however, Leno gave me the screaming ab-dabs when expected to play out from the back.

    1. Sue, I doubt any of us has ever come across an hab dab that is non screaming!! Thats all ab or hab(take your pick) dabs can ever do. Not to be used in a library then!


  6. Screaming ab-dabs 😂😂, haven’t heard that saying in decades SueP 😂.

    As for Leno, he gave me the heebie jeebies every time he went for a cross.

  7. I don’t really see a problem with Raya coming in.

    1. Don’t we want the best?
    2. Arsenal more important or an individual?
    3. Why should Ramsdale be immune from competition? All our players should earn their minutes and opportunities.

    If Ramsdale is better, he will win out. If not, he will have to wait and earn his chances.

    We have to change, adapt, and improve to reach the next level; PL title and winning the CL.

    Saliba is a far better CB than White, so White has adapted as RB and one of our best defenders and players. Isn’t that how it should be?

    Players get replaced or benched for the betterment of the whole team. Can’t want ruthlessness and then protect personal favorites.

    Objectivism through competition, cream rises to the top. So either improve or get passed over and benched.

  8. Leno is world class when it comes to pure shot stopping and could well be the best in the PL. However, he still has some limitations when it comes to other facets of his game. He is still not as good as the other two with the ball at his feet although he has looked better at Fulham.

  9. Leno to me was the best of the three in other areas such as discipline and shotstopping did not deserve to be sold for peanuts. I still miss him to date. I don’t trust, neither do I like twice relegated, overpriced and overrated for nothing shotstoper in Ramsdale.

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