Journalist reckons Mikel Arteta has this Wenger-like attribute

The Sun’s Charlie Wyett has praised Mikel Arteta for his ability to get himself out of a tight corner, just like Arsene Wenger would.

The Spaniard was made the manager of Arsenal towards the end of 2019, and he helped the club win the FA Cup in August.

They had started this campaign with the hope of building on their success in that month to end inside the top four.

However, things quickly began to unravel with the Gunners going winless in ten domestic games.

They lost to the likes of Aston Villa and Leicester City at home and were stuck in 15th position on the league table.

Arteta began to work under pressure and there were calls for the club to replace him as it seemed his luck had run out.

But the club backed him, and he has now turned their poor form around. The Gunners have won their last three league games, and they have kept a clean sheet in the last two.

Wyett thinks that their current run of form just shows that Arteta also can bounce back like Wenger.

He writes in The Sun: “Arsene Wenger had this canny knack of getting some big results when he really needed them.

“And Mikel Arteta, it appears, looks to have a similar ability to get himself out of a tight situation just when Arsenal’s fans are beginning to lose the plot.

“Wenger was in charge at the club for 22 years and there were a few occasions, particularly in the final few seasons when things were in danger of getting really sticky. And then the Frenchman sorted things out.

“A run of seven Premier League games without a win, along with unrest in the dressing room, has seen things turn sour for Arteta – and resulted in many of the club’s supporters scream for a new manager.

“But what a remarkable week Arteta has enjoyed. Three games, nine points, two clean sheets and eight goals. For the time being at least, Arteta has shut some of the moaners up.”

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  1. Reggie says:

    Arteta has had a great week off the back of 7 pretty awful ones, a bit early to start comparing him to anyone let alone AW. We are still way below where we expect to be, so the truth is lets just wait and see if we first can have a run of 7 weeks like this one to help make up for the seven before. Getting us back in the top 6 to start and then top four. Not getting all goo ga over beating a poor WBA but getting excited that we are achieving what this squad should be achieving, then we can get excited. A bit of perspective and reality needed. Lets first see what January brings then February etc. We have now set a standard to be achieved every week.

    1. Reggie says:

      And please, do we have to use anything or anyone to do with The Sun, its a disgrace of a tabloid.

  2. Havyn says:

    He hasn’t compared MA with AW, just referring to a specific situation please

    We’re all aware that we’re not out of the woods yet but those 9 points gained cannot be swept away

  3. Wayne says:

    I just hope Arteta keep Willian out of the starting line-up for the rest of the season. Total waste of scarce funds. Willian does not have the passion for Arsenal and his commitment is very telling. His body language and lackluster performances on the field of play is well below par, just not good enough. He should be sold asap, as Arsenal is well stocked with younger promising wingers, with better quality, who needs their chances to blossom. Arsenal must stop being the Dump yard for these old players that have passed their best and are just looking for a pension contract.

  4. jon fox says:

    Two separate matters: Firstly The Sun should be called the rain, as either it is relentlessly depressing about any good news – OR ELSE IT WAY OVERHYPES DECENT NEWS AS THE GREATEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED IN WORLD HISTORY.

    Context, perspective and truth are alien to it. Just ask the relatives of those killed in the Hillsborough tragedy whose lives have been blighted by the wicked cruelty of The Rain, I mean the Sun!
    Secondly, and a LONG way SECOND in importance to THAT, even to devoted Gooners like all of us – it is so very obvious that hungry younger players who care and amply show that care they have for our and their club , are the present and the future. The olde, lazy ones who think they are doing the club a favour by agreeing to turn out on wintry days, despite huge and obscene wages. need to be got rid of asap.
    This goes for all players of ANY age and ANY reputation, who do not care and show that care they have for the club they profess to love, like those shining examples in Saka, Tierney and ESR, among certain others too, obviously do love the club.

    Pepe, Willian and ANY player who plainly could not care less and cannot be bothered to try 100% should all be drummed out of OUR club and ASAP.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      And jon, don’t forget Lacazette “the Postman” who is now delivering through rain and snow. Three goals in his first three games and then dropped; back in the side and he continues to contribute.

  5. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

    This article fails to see just how detrimental this ability to find timely results ultimately was to this club, as it allowed Wenger to remain at the club for far too long…it so frustrates me to hear such nonsensical blather because it was during this time that I first contemplated the ludicrous notion that I wanted my team to lose so we would move on from Wenger, especially during those periods when it was clear that Pep and Klopp were planning to come to England…of course, this also became a common refrain around transfer window time, as most figured the only way we would properly address obvious concerns would be if we had a bad run of games during December…I always hating myself for even thinking such thoughts, but this club has a strange way of frustrating you to such an extent that you’re willing to contemplate these sorts of desperate measures

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Never, ever in my darkest moments did I want the Arsenal to lose a football match! ⚽

      1. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

        do you think I enjoyed revealing such personally troubling information…I’m certainly not the only person who felt like this during some of those difficult and frustrating times…of course, I wasn’t mad if we won, I just felt that this organization was in such a shambolic state that if there wasn’t a sense of utter desperation in the air, nothing would be done to change what appeared to be an untenable situation moving forward…I guess you’re a much better person than I or just someone who doesn’t mind lying to themselves, just like this club did to us for the better part of a decade

        1. Ebony Sly says:


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