Journalist reveals advantages that Gabriel will bring to Arsenal

Arsenal is reportedly on the verge of landing Brazilian defender, Gabriel from Lille.

The defender had been one of the finest young defenders in Europe in the just-concluded season and several teams have been looking to sign him.

Lille have already signed a replacement for him and made it clear that he was free to leave them.

They had accepted offers from three teams for his signature including Arsenal and Napoli (The Metro).

The Gunners seem to have beaten the Italians to his signature and Mail Online’s Nathan Salt has run the rule over the impressive defender and he revealed some interesting details that Arsenal fans will like to hear about their potential recruit.

He spoke among other things, about the player’s impressive height and how his composure had made sure that he didn’t give away any penalty in the just-concluded French league season.

Nathan writes: “What he brings most to Arsenal are traits that no other player in the squad has, making it a seriously sound investment by Mikel Arteta and the club’s hierarchy. 

“Data shows that Magalhaes, who stands at 6ft 3in, did not give away a single penalty in the shortened Ligue 1 season. 

“He also did not make a single mistake which led to a shot by an opponent. Both are key as they are errors which have blighted compatriot and future Arsenal team-mate David Luiz when he is having an off-day. 

“His height will also make him a key asset in both attacking and defending set-piece scenarios. ”

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  1. The latest news is he now wants to think it over during the weekend to consider the offer from Man U.
    Fingers crossed he picks us over them 🤞🤞

    1. We should be called dragging foot FC. Imagine if we had gotten him signed within 2 days of being linked with him. We dragged it for weeks till another club stepped in. I fear the same would happen with Partey. We’re so sluggish. See how many years it’s taking to announce auba’s contract.? Why are we like this? Would it kill them to execute deals on time and announce?

      1. Unfortunately, Mstix, Arsenal keeps proving the old adage: “he who hesitates is lost” true over and over again.
        Hopefully the Brazilian connection, London versus Manchester (as long as he is not overly worried by housing prices) and Arteta’s project will win him over.
        From what I have heard, the fly in the ointment is again greedy agents, looking to line their pockets.

    2. I think He will choose Arsenal because of Edu. He is not a full international for Brazil yet and we all know Edu’s Connection and influence in the national team.

  2. We needed a defender like him for a long time. Hope he signs up soon and his partnership with Saliba could be the highlight of Arsenal’s success next season. Of course, Louis’s presence is a must for mentorship and big match mentality.

  3. If he’s not keen on The Arsenal project, he can do one.
    I hate deaks that drag long with twists abd turns. It always points to one thing: Greedy player or agent!

  4. Arteta, Edu and agent Luiz must work this out at all cost. Can’t wait to see Gabriel in our original red and white colours apart from the fake one from Manchester.

  5. It could be difficult to pursued Gabriel now because Utd have much more money to offer and Champions League also which could be Killer Punch to AFC

    1. It is very worrying but it doesn’t always follow that going to Utd is the best career move – as Sanchez found out!

      Hopefully the Brazilian takeover at Arsenal will persuade him that North London is best

    2. At the end of the day, I think it’s about who pay him more. That shouldn’t be his priority at the age.

  6. Edu and this guy who took over from Sanhelli are to be blamed for this they aren’t pushing enough.Such a sign will show how our business will be carried out.I doubt if partey comes maybe wll end up getting someone else.AFC has no transfer experts.

  7. Oh my gosh, where’s Raul when you need him! This transfer would’ve been done long ago, with some change in the back pocket just to grease the wheels a bit. Call him what you want but he got things done

  8. Lille President Lopez has already said that’s it’s just between AFC & Napoli, we’re the only clubs to have bids accepted & no other clubs will be allowed to enter the negotiations now, he said that Mon/Tue this week, so hopefully just paper talk & click bait stuff about Man U & PSG coming in last minute, Man U are trying to get Sancho so I doubt these rumours

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