Journalist says West Ham has added a twist to the Declan Rice transfer talks

West Ham and Arsenal have reportedly reached an agreement for the transfer of Declan Rice in the current transfer window. However, finalising the deal for the English midfielder’s signature has been a time-consuming process.

While Rice is eager to make the move, the negotiations have been delayed due to discussions surrounding the payment structure that Arsenal will use to fulfil the agreed-upon fee between the two clubs.

Journalist Paul Brown has provided an update on the ongoing talks, indicating that West Ham has introduced new demands that were not part of the original agreement. These additional demands include the inclusion of a sell-on clause, which could further complicate the negotiations between the two sides.

He tells Give Me Sport:

“West Ham have kind of dug their heels in a little bit in negotiations, and they still haven’t agreed the payment structure and all the add-ons. I think there are several things that still need to be negotiated. 

“Both parties seem pretty confident that they won’t turn into a sort of stumbling block that could affect this transfer going through. But I do think that West Ham have a few demands that Arsenal are yet to meet. 

“There’s even talk that they want a sell-on fee included in the deal, which I don’t think was part of the original negotiation at all.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Rice will become an Arsenal player and it is just a matter of time before that happens, but West Ham needs to be sensible and allow the transfer to go through without giving us problems.

While we will not change our minds about the move, it could spoil the relationship between both clubs.

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  1. It’s time to walk away if this sell on fee nonsense is true. You can sell a player for over a hundred million pounds and still want a sell on fee. Edu give them the middle finger and walk away.

  2. The the relationship is already spoiled. I lost respect for West Ham. I’m Rice too.

  3. LoL! A sell-on clause on a £105mil. ???
    It’s unlikely to ever happen, so is an empty promise.
    Give them a sell-on clause,
    Just pay the money or move on.

  4. West Ham should be sensible and allow the transfer to go through??? Why should they move their stance just because Arsenal haven’t the ready funds. He’s their player and they have stated their terms of sale. Arsenal can agree to that, or either side has the option to walk away. Simple really.

  5. If this is true the ball is in Rice’s court. Let him give West Ham an ultimatum or make a transfer request. Declan Rice needs the transfer as much as Arsenal. West Ham is now in a tight corner because I don’t see any other club agreeing to such madness. If Arsenal walked away West Ham would be stuck with a disgruntled player. This is why I believe West Ham will back down from any unreasonable demands. I don’t expect Arsenal to be blackmailed when they are in a strong position. There are many good and cheaper options which Arsenal could turn to if this whole issue becomes a joke. Perhaps Man city forsaw this and decided to opt out. Let’s wait and see how this saga pans out.

  6. Seems West Ham have gotten very greedy in their demands. Over priced already and want more from sell-on fees? They are taking thr p*ss and wasting our time. I hope we have a.plan B because it’s time to initiate it!

  7. It doesn’t sound too me like this is a done deal as many had been assuming, including myself.

  8. Err Geoffrey think you ought to reserve your thoughts for a spammer blog.West Ham at trying to make this as difficult as they can.They didn’t want him to go to Arsenal,end of.This is their way to console themselves.
    Don’t walk away,play their little games & show him off to the world in an Arsenalnshirt.Just the thought of the unhappiness that creates in in the media & fans of West Ham,Liverpool,manure,chavs,spuds & barcodes.That’s all you need to know.Arsenal are back & have their ‘ big boy pants’ on now.

  9. I’ve been saying its not a done deal since people started saying it was weeks ago!!!
    One learns that, with The Arsenal, nothing is a done deal until it’s on the official website and that goes for Saliba, Timber and Xhaka as well.

    I believe that, if there are any added clauses, we should just walk away and let west ham sort out Rice, as is their perogative of course.

  10. After all this desperation from Arsenal on this Rice matter, what if he turns out a flop? I think Arsenal should just walk away and allow Westham keep their prize.

  11. This is nonsense from West harm,arsenal should back off and let them keep rice try another midfielder else where, perhaps we have parte and kai
    I dont think they should add more money to it

  12. So if in the future we want to try and regain some of our money back Wham want a piece of that too, ridiculous. We should give them a signing-on clause that stipulates if we receive above 105 mil then they can have every single penny that goes over that number

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