Journalist singles out this fringe player for praise after Arsenal’s win

Arsenal had a brilliant afternoon with several of their players impressing in a 2-0 win over Leicester City.

The win was the 9th consecutive game they have played without a defeat and moves them up to fifth on the league table before other clubs play their match.

While the likes Aaron Ramsdale, Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Magalhaes stole the show with their performances, The Evening Standard’s Simon Collings focused on Nuno Tavares.

The summer signing from Benfica deputised at left-back for Kieran Tierney again, and he did well.

Tierney has been one of the most important players at Arsenal and the Gunners previously struggled in his absence.

However, Arsenal has won their last two league matches with Tavares playing and the team still looks balanced.

Collings is happy that there is a player who can fill in for the former Celtic man and it wouldn’t look like Arsenal is in a crisis.

He admits it is still early days, but insists Tavares has made a fine start to life at the Emirates.

He tweeted: “Early days, but it is nice to feel like it isn’t a crisis now for Arsenal when Tierney isn’t fit. 

“Nuno started very well and been a breath of fresh air. £8.5m looks good value.”

Finding a suitable cover for Tierney has been tough. If Tavares continues getting better, Arsenal would have solved the left-back problem at the club for the long term.

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    1. Spot on Declan. I’ve been really impressed with the players we brought in over the summer. Something tells me we will cash on in Tierney in the near future

      1. Lol tierney was captain material few months ago. Fan favorite and first name on the teamsheet with saka. And arsenal would cash in so soon ?? I cant imagine that anytime soon.

  1. I think Tavares for me is THE most impressive of summer signings. There is a player in there and the kid has an engine. He is a beast!!!!

    1. Agreed…think we need to consider load management with Tierney so that we can have Nuno on the pitch more regularly while still maintaining or likely elevating their respective market valuations…frankly I wouldn’t be surprised whatsoever if he could take on a variety of positional roles at an exceedingly high level

      1. TRVL, he is a proper athlete and i think like you, left side midfield, center midfield, i am so impressed with him and his engine, boy can he run. We are very lucky to have two athletes on the left, im a Tierney fan but this kid looks special.

        1. No doubt, he has a sneaky second gear, like a Deion Sanders, where it kicks in and he appears infinitely faster than everyone else on the pitch…key question is how one bests harnesses this unteachable skill

  2. I’d like to know why a young player with clear talent who has just played two excellent games is called “a fringe player”.

    IMO, such as Chambers, Nketiah and perhaps the dismal Kolasinac, are REALLY FRINGE PLAYERS.

    But NOT the young and already clearly talented TAVARES

    1. He was perceived as behind Tierney and for obvious reasons but, he has took his chance in the absence of Tierney and some. Not fringe now Jon.

    1. Not seeing it yet with Tomiasu, he doesnt look anywhere near as good as Tavares to me. Im still out on Tomi.

  3. Tavares has the potential to develop into a powerful, athletic left central midfielder.A bit like Xhaka but with legs.An excellent acquisition like Ramsdale, Tomi, Lokonga and White.

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