Journalists, pundits and statisticians react to magnificent Dani Ceballos display

One player caught the imagination on Saturday and that was Arsenal’s Dani Ceballos, who put in a magnificent performance against Burnley at the Emirates in a game where he played a pivotal role.

Obviously, Arsenal fans are in meltdown over the Spaniard’s scintillating home debut and rightfully so, but they were not the only ones, pundits, journalists and anyone else that watched the game are all universally acclaiming the 23-year-old.

Paul Hayward, the chief sports writer at the Telegraph hits the nail right on the head.

Alex Richards from Mirror Football cannot be accused of fake news with this tweet

Respected journalist Henry Winter knows a diamond when he sees one

Gary Lineker asks a damn good question

James Benge the senior football writer at Football London ready to contribute to Ceballos staying permanently at The Emirates.

Opta sums Ceballos up nicely with statistics

I could easily list hundreds of tweets applauding Ceballos but that would have been repetitive and the truth is, there is no need, anyone that follows football could not have missed the reaction to the midfielders antics yesterday, he was simply beautiful.

Ceballos simply has to be a starter against Liverpool next Saturday, it is inconceivable that Unai Emery would leave him out of the starting eleven. The Spanish international is one player that can really take the game to Jurgen Klopp’s men and I for one cannot wait to see him in action at Anfield.


  1. Ceballos made me mesmerized and I cried tears of joy for his display.

    It’s been long we had a skillful player like this now we have Ceballos and Pepe better days ahead. Once this team gel there will be no stopping us. Mancity, Liverpool, Spurs should beware of us

      1. So what’s your point?
        Are you hoping they also flop?
        S.J said Once the team gel”
        At least try to refrain from negativity John.

        1. He’s calling for a bit of caution, that’s all. I remember only last week Admin Martin gave Ceballos a 5 rating calling it “an average rating for an average performance”. Not trying to be a rain cloud but Torreira started off with a bang and by the end of the season some of us felt he was still a bang..only just a different kind, a bang average midfielder.

      2. So what ? What on earth has a completely separate player got to do with Ceballos? Weird and rather sinister commment!

  2. We better enjoy him this season because he may not be here next season

    Cellabos made as many assists in 1 match as Ozil made all last season lol

    Cellabos, Pepe, Torreira need to start against Liverpool if we want any chance of getting points

    Keep the same defence
    Midfield: Torreira, Ceballos, Pepe, Nelson/Ozil, Aubameyang
    Striker: Lacazette

    Or play Torreira, Guendozi at the back of central midfield and Cellabos as CAM

  3. Cabellos has been lauded as a wonder kid for quite a while. This prompted Madrid to buy him and send him out on loan to different clubs. It great to see him finally begin to start fulfilling his immense potential.
    Today he was Fearless, calm under pressure and unafraid to take risks.
    We really should have had a first refusal clause inserted into his loan contract.

      1. Arsenal wanted to have an option to buy, but Madrid refused

        I suspect they would replace Modric with Ceballos next season

  4. Madrid lacks midfielders, and Dani surely will go back, except if he likes it here and wants stay. If Arsenal competes for title this year, or shows huge progress at least with a top 3 finish, he might get tempted to stay!
    If Madrid dont buy a mid fielder this year, they are thin in the middle. If they buy, still Dani has qialities to replace Modric next year

    1. Unfortunately it won’t matter if he likes the red and white or not. I am guessing if he has a stellar year Madrid will recall him back to there squad. I am sure there will be other suiters as well. Would be nice if there was an option to buy clasue in his loan contract, but I don’t think that was the case.

    2. Maybe.

      But they will still have Kroos, Casemiro + Isco for the 3 midfield positions, meaning even if Dani excells for us, he’s likely going to be a a backup to Kroos whom Zidane prefers (although Zidane may be gone by next year).

      On top of that, if they get Pogba next year, they may be willing to sell Dani as his price will greatly increase if he proves a success in the EPL.

      Alternatively, we should have no problem finding a permanent replacement. Spain has at least 5 or 6 midfielders as good as Dani playing for smaller teams than Arsenal.

      Then get another top winger from Ligue 1 for 40 – 50 M. and we can fight for EPL (if City have a mediocre season that is).

  5. He would most likely return to Real Madrid, hence Arsenal had better look for his replacement from now

    His debut reminds me of Fabregas’ debut. Fabregas was also electric and worked very hard in his first few games, then his work rate was subsequently lowered after he seized a regular spot in the starting line-up

    If Ceballos can keep his motivation, physical condition and keep playing fearlessly, I believe he would be better than Fabregas

    1. If Zidane is still there he will likely try to sign Pogba again. When Zindane doesn’t favor a player he generally treats them like crap (James and Bale). Even if Dani does well I still think we would have a shot at keeping him.

      1. Finger crossed, the likes of Andre Gomez and Y. Tielemans ended up signing permanently after their succesfull loan spell. So it’s not like we have no chance.

      2. If someone is not part of the managers plan than they are always cast aside…zizu is not doing anything different. Plus James is over rated that’s what you get when you sign a player on de back if one good tournament n Bale oh my oh my…always injured and he is not madrid standard at all. It’s not zizu no one in madrid likes Bale. Zizu is good with giving youngsters chances n I bet he has ceballos in his long term plans only at de moment de midfield he has there is no room for him.

    2. “Fabregas work load subsequently lowered after he seized a regular spot in the starting line-up”.What an absolutely ridiculous and nonsense remark.You PAL are an expert at making yourself look the like the village idiot.Nobody has ever called Cesc out for workrate.Why do you keep coming out with these statements.”Inverted wingers with dead legs who can’t dribble” what is that all about.Now this.Perhaps the blame goes to his school team coach who dropped him from the under 5’s after 4 games which prevented him starting the 5 games you say every player needs.A player who has won World Cup,Euro,Champions League,EPL,La Ligue,YEAH RIGHT-Win that lot for being in s yeah with a reduced work rate

    3. @gotanidea
      Fabregas work rate subsequently lowered?
      What the flip are you talking about?
      If you mean injuries started to scamper is performances then I might agree.

      Cesc was the go to man for us for all the time he was here. I remember we were struggling against Bolton at home in the FA cup and Cesc had to come on for about 15 minutes to win the game for us even if he was unfit.

      Same as in the CL against Barcelona. Was injured but decided to play, aggravated his injury when he took that penalty as well.

      The guy played as a CM and Attacking Mid and always owned those positions.

      That is why our rivals and pundits used to say “Arsenal are a one man team.”
      “No wonder Cesc is now injury prone. All he has ever done was carrying the Arsenal squad on his own back”.

  6. I think Ceballos is a modern playmaker, noy only technical but also fast, like De Bruyne.
    The problem with the old playmakers (Ozil, Mikhitaryan, Juan Mata, etc) are their lack of speed. They just cannot cope with the speed of Premier League.
    Maybe Ozil will be utilized in European League and Ceballos in PL.

  7. With the way things are going,
    Ceballos and Willock are going to be a permanent fixture in that central and attacking Midfield role…….

    Finally We are coming to the end of Ozil Arsenal Career…
    Even if he was 120% fit today, he would even struggle to make the bench…..

    Ceballos Willock Emile Smith Rowe and Guendouzi are the best midfielders we have now…

    Ceballos is the perfect Attacking Midfielder we all have been crying out for, except those Ozil Fanboys….

    We have never had a Ball carrying midfielder Ever since Fabregas Rosicky, Cazorla and Wilshere all left…

    A midfielder that is good in tight spaces
    A midfielder that is very comfortable on the ball and that knows how to keep the ball under little or intense pressure from the opponents…..

    Thank God for having Ceballos
    I love you Ceballos

  8. My problem is, how are we going to keep him permanently? People were asking of the rationale of paying RM for him to be on loan with us. My regret is that there was no clause for us to buy him permanently. We should prepare a £80m bid by January.

    1. Real rejected it i assume..most loan usually have buy option

      80m would not be sufficient to sign Cabellos if he perform well…..

      its likely Real would want 120m and above

  9. I hope he lives up to the hype! He does possess some tricky feet and ability to draw players and get out of tight spaces. I haven’t seen that from an Arsenal midfielder since the little magician, Santi, left. However, I did notice he at times holds onto the ball a bit too long and trys to do elaborate tricks in the box instead of just shooting or passing.

  10. We are like this because of the level our mf have turn, we were used to having very talented players, Cesc, Nasri, Hleb, to name a few,sudenly we began to recruit sideway passers, and the emergerce of Ceballos remind us of what we have been missing, lets not get carried away, still early day but Pepe and Ceballos really show class, even Guedoz was very confident on the ball. I will only replace Nelson and willock with Pepe and Torr/xhaka in our next game.
    OT: i have been reading here that Auba was ineffective on the wing yesterday but i dont understand those comment because it contradict the game i saw, he scored the winning goal fron the wing, isnt it? Maybe some1 should enlight me better

    1. No your right ,he also scored a load from the left wing last season but you still get the same on here say we don’t have anyone as good as Iwobi on the left ,don’t think they watched games last season .

  11. From yesterday’s game it is evident that
    1.our midfield looks better without many back or misplaced passes did we see yesterday? None. The midfield of guendozi,willock,and ceballos was quick, aggressive and athletic. I know that ceballos stole the show but guendozi needs mention.he is just 20 and can only get better.
    2. Is it me or that monreal has started this season like a man on a mission, what a healthy competition that is gonna be when tierny is fit.
    3.i think our defence can only get bettre, the first time Luiz and sokratis are playing. I also feel Luiz is a good signing he is a man brimming with confidence, he played effortlessly. I’m confident in this team.
    4. Pepe what a player and I believe once he settles down he is gonna be one hell of a player.
    5.willock how old is he again? He plays without fear I only wish nelson can emulate him.
    6. I know it’s too early but Nelson needs to take his chances now because when everyone is fit he won’t make the bench, I say let’s try martinelli over him.
    7. What I like about this team was last season our heads would have dropped after their goal but they kept on pushing and eventually got the winner. From the interviews it shows they believed in themselves, that’s a good sign.
    Upward and onwards Gunner…

      1. I thought we looked quite balanced Sue. Only weak link to me was Nelson. Cabbellos was outstanding and ran the show. Very impressed with the Pepe cameo.
        We actually looked as if we wanted to fight for the 3points something that was lacking last season.
        Sue did you hear The Ashburon Army? I’m in block 113 in the east stand upper. I didn’t hear too much from that section (26) of the clock end and I certainly didn’t hear the drum. Saying that I thought the overall atmosphere was quite good yesterday.

        1. A brilliant team performance, Tony! Was so impressed with Ceballos, I didn’t want him to go off ? Things are gelling nicely!
          Obviously I saw the band outside playing… but inside i didn’t hear the drum. I was in NB upper, block 104. Was a great seat & really lively! Loved it! Sore hands today ?

  12. It is already easy to see, on the one hand, mass Gooner excitement over Ceballos and, on the other hand, a growing fear that THIS season will be his only one with us. He is clearly a rare player with enormous talent and also commitment and, as such, a surefire star in the Prem. BUT, where will he be plying his trade NEXT season? Who, among the section of Gooner realists and pragmatists can honestly HOPE he will still be here? I have to seriously doubt that he will! Money or more realistically LACK OF IT FROM KROENKE, talks!

  13. The Arsenal fans need to make this kid feel like the second coming. I love what this kid is about, he has that drive that Ramsey had, and grit, but he is so silky on the ball and dangerous. I’m sure he could play all over midfield but I’d prefer to allow him to play in his favorite position, which is just where he played yesterday would be my guess, he revelled in it.

  14. Yeah I think we shouldn’t get too carried away yet, it was a good win against a tricky side with some good performances thrown in,but I must admit I haven’t felt this good about the team for a while now.

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